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During the treehouse live at E3 2016, when asked about Zelda spin offs Eiji Aonuma briefly mentioned talk among his staff about a Sheik game. 

So I lost my fuckin marbles and thought it’d be interesting to conceptualize a story about where the title of Sheik came from and what it means. Perhaps a story that takes place just at the tail end of the sheikah people’s mass genocide.

This is SUUUUPER self indulgent.

Guys guys guys! Like imagine if Peridot asked Steven for ‘spare’ tablets. Acting like she needs them just in case hers breaks. But then she uses her metal powers to levitate them all, operating like 2, heck 4+ tablets at the same time. She could watch Camp Pining Hearts, make charts, play neko atsume, and tell off clods all at once.

A long time ago in a Kingdom Bleach existed and flourished the first of the greatest houses - house IchiHime. The honor and pride of this kind allowed him to remain in his greatness to the present day. House rules most of the Kingdom’s land, and it serves only to he Ruler Tite of the house Kubo, the First of His Name, King of the Souls and the First Men, Lord of the Bleach Kingdom and Protector of the Realm.

Sigil - Ichigo’s Substitute Shinigami badge and Orihime’s hairpins Shun Shun Rikka
Words - Sword and Shield

(The sigil by amazing Yama! Thank you ~)

Capturing the Euros with Photographer PA Mulier

To see more of his sports photography, follow @ahtlaqdmm on Instagram.

Twenty-four-year-old photographer PA Mulier’s (@ahtlaqdmm) life changed when he won a contest on Instagram, taking him out of the stands and onto the sidelines as a credentialed soccer photographer. “To be one or two meters from the game is crazy,” he says. “I can see the emotion on the faces of the players.” The key to getting the best shots of all the action happening on the field is to never stop moving. “I’m always trying to be as close as possible to the action,” PA says. The Paris native is excited to capture the UEFA European Championship in his hometown. “The ambiance in Paris will be different during the Euros,” he says.


AND THE CRAZE CONTINUES: The weirdest IRL stuff that has happened ‘cause of Pokémon GO

Turns out augmented reality can affect our IRL realities. Check out more of this ridiculousness in our full video on the weirdest things to happen while people are playing Pokémon GO.

Illbleed, developed by Crazy Games in 2001, starts out as a not so well functioning survival horror where half-way through the designers just said “Ehh F**k it” and made the weirdest, funniest, most poorly translated horror game I’ve ever seen.

Super Great Friend’s Let’s Play of Illbleed is fantastic and you should watch it at least once (or 17 times in my case as it were)

There is so much to talk about Illbleed that I am going to have to make several posts about this (as well as basing the url and title of this blog on the game), and several of the amazing and sometimes terrible references the game makes. More to come!
Super Mario Flash

Retro platform adventure Super Mario, a Flash game from CrazyGames is cute classic game fun.  A Mario platformer is pretty hard to review — every one knows what a classic Mario platformer has.  When I was younger this is pretty much what “videogame” meant. Super Mario Flash has all the platforms, dangers to avoid and points to gain, and the dramatic tension from falling off or not falling off, all the things you’d expect from a Mario game. All the stars, mushrooms, coins, colorful brick textures and giant pipes. And all the jumping!

Polygon has a piece up today, The Rise of the Jump, that discusses the evolution of the platformer, and how jumping is an expression of joy and playfulness that makes its way into games, when we are feeling most playful. I’ve always seen Super Mario Brothers as a puzzle of hand-eye coordination challenge, but, yeah, I did enter the colorful, nostalgic game and immediately jump happily in place. Crazy Games’ Super Mario Brothers is classic game fun, and there are several other retro Mario and Nintendo games too.

There’s a level editor, which allows you to place blocks to make your own level. The blend of arrow keys and mouse here isn’t really intuitive, but it’s so much easier that drawing in a notebook to either design an evil, almost-impossible platforming challenge or lay out a cute and happy world.

One day when I was testing on Grumpy Goats, one of my coworkers mentioned that they’d considered doing a level editor and implementing shared game levels, and turns out that part wasn’t as hard as moderating the user-generated content. I asked what he meant, because while I’d spent a fair amount of time moderating F-bombs and personal attacks in player communities, I couldn’t think of how you could use the farm items that made up our levels to offend others. Maybe you could slowly place haybales to spell out an insult, if you were really determined?

 My other coworker laughed, and spent 3 seconds making an extremely rude image with two round stones and a log. Apparently I wasn’t thinking along the right lines.

(That’s not what I did with the level editor, though. I did what my students do, and made lava parkour.)

 Anyway, Mario Flash is here for you to play and make levels too!

[Here comes the game]

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Super Mario Flash

“Hogwarts should definitely offer some classes on art,” Scorpius shook his head, “Wait, wait, just hear me out. Okay, while, I’m aware it’s a talent that some people are born with. People who aren’t born with that talent should be able to learn how to draw more things than a stick figure, I mean honestly. I’m trying to draw a very detailed snake for the upcoming Quidditch game, and it looks more like a Flobberworm. Well, I suppose it’s better than the portrait of Salazar Slytherin I attempted to draw.”