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Prompt for ya: Marichat where Marinette knows it's Adrien but he doesn't know she knows, and he comes by her balcony late at night, #marichat tropes Also, Adrien doesn't know she's Ladybug

There was a light thump behind her. Part of Marinette’s instincts told her to whirl around and threaten the intruder with hot chocolate thrown in his face…but she suppressed the urge. After all, there was only one person who would come calling this late at night…

“Hello, Chat,” Marinette said, turning to greet the cat boy as he prowled forward, a familiar grin in place. “What brings you by tonight?”

“I smell chocolate,” he said, not even bothering to hide his need for sweets. Rolling her eyes good-naturedly, Marinette turned to the table beside her and poured him a mug of hot chocolate from the thermos she had waiting beside her. After all, she had a funny feeling he’d be stopping by tonight, if his face in school today was any indication…

Marinette passed the mug over, watching as Chat practically purred in satisfaction as he took a sip. If she squinted, and tilted her head juuust a bit…she could see the boy behind the mask: the boy with blonde hair, green eyes, and a shy, sweet smile…

It had been an accident, the way she had discovered Adrien’s identity. All she did was round a corner at the wrong moment, searching for a place to transform…only to see Adrien there, transforming into Chat Noir right before her very eyes.

He hadn’t seen her, and had sped off right after, leaving Marinette reeling as she stared at the spot where he had disappeared, her whole world shifting on its axis as she tried to process what her mind was half-convinced she had not seen…

Since then, however, Marinette slowly began to wonder how she hadn’t realized that Adrien was Chat Noir. She began to notice it more and more: the cheesy jokes he made to Nino, his sudden and coincidental disappearances when akumas attacked, his blatant swooning whenever Ladybug was brought up–

Marinette tried not to think about that part too hard. It was hard enough for her to still act normal around him, without considering the implications of his admiration of Ladybug, and how deep they might be…

Marinette realized she had been staring too long when Chat’s gaze cut to her, and he smirked.

“I know I’m amazing, Princess,” he teased with a wink and a pose, “but you don’t have to stare at me like that. Well, I mean, it’s understandable if you can’t help yourself–”

“Chat,” Marinette interrupted him, tilting her head to the side as she watched him carefully, “we’re friends, right?”

That made Chat pause, blinking in surprise as he looked at her. He mimicked her head tilt, appearing to muse over something for a moment.

“…Of course,” he replied, as if that much should be obvious.

“And you know you can tell me anything…right?” Marinette pressed. Chat blinked again, beginning to frown.

“…Is something wrong, Marinette?”

“No,” Marinette assured him with a shake of her head, forcing a smile. “Just…I’ve noticed that you usually come here when you’re upset about something.”

“…” Chat lowered his gaze to his mug, the slight pout on his lips confirming Marinette’s suspicions. “…You’re sharp, Princess.”

“Only when my friends seem to be feeling down,” she said, gently nudging him as she rested her arms on the railing of her balcony. “I won’t push you if you don’t want to talk about it, promise. Your business is your business.”

Marinette glanced over, waiting until Chat returned her gaze before she spoke again.

“But if you need someone to talk to…I’m here.”

She couldn’t be sure, because Chat–Adrien–Chat ducked his head too fast, but she rather thought his cheeks had turned pink. The thought of Adrien blushing around her threatened to fluster her as well, but Marinette made herself keep her grip on things. After all, it didn’t matter that Chat also happened to be the boy she’d had a crush on for ages–no matter who he was under that mask, Chat was Chat. And (though he didn’t know it) Marinette was Ladybug, and she was his partner, so if he needed her…

There was a brush of soft hair, and Marinette paused, registering the weight that leaned on her head, the breath that ghosted across her hair.

“…Thank you, Marinette,” Chat said softly, and now Marinette did blush. Oh well–he couldn’t see her face from this angle anyway, so…

“No problem,” Marinette told him, swallowing. “What are friends for…?”

Not currently accepting prompts; just finishing the ones I have!

ARMY, please be supportive of each other, each other’s opinions and work. Please, be respectful towards one another and each other’s personal choices. Please, don’t call another ARMY ‘fake’ if their opinions are different than yours. Please, don’t make other fans regret joining the fandom. Please, don’t make ARMY ashamed of being an ARMY. Please, don’t try to divide the fandom to ‘true’ and ‘fake’ stans. Please, remember that everyone is different and people’s decisions and choices are made only by themselves and often can’t be changed, because they made it themselves basing on what makes them happy. Remember, that no one is obligated to please anyone, but themselves if it comes to something as simple and pure as being a fan. Please, let’s support each other and respect each other the same way we support and respect BTS. No matter how much our opinions and choices may differ, we are all one Family. Please, don’t forget that. 

..and so a new season begins.

                                         So Here’s The Deal:

for the past couple of weeks, and even months - I’ve been going through a rut. This idea came to me almost a week ago, and I put it on the shelf. Just because I lost confidence in who I was as a writer. But I’m kicking that self doubt in the ass. Because as of NOW, I am starting this new season of writing. As you can see, I created this lovely cover for what’s to come. Starting Oct. 24th I will start writing requested prompts. Now every so often I will put out some ideas, or even series. But for the most part, my inbox will be open for HOLIDAY requests! Just because these next couple of months are my favorite times of year! Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I will ALSO, randomly do times of headcannons! such as:

#sexwithbuckybarnes Headcannons




and if it goes well, I might do other characters! 

I want to make this as FUN as possible for you guys.

Here’s some guidelines:

- It will be pertaining holidays! (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hannukah, Christmas…Etc) 

- I’m not too comfortable writing a few things, just ask and I will let you know. :)

- I will even accept submissions! if you’d like I will collaborate with you - or even post. I do want to do reblogs too! So SEND me stuff, I love reading others work.

- don’t be shy to come and talk to me, or ask for something specific if you’re going through a hard time during the holidays. Trust me, I get it! 

HAVE FUN! and I can’t wait to celebrate these upcoming holidays with you! a NEW season of my blog has started. 

And this will be the beginning of something beautiful!


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(I mean, if you've got the time then please do write a fucking essay on Remus/Tonks, because I can tell you have Opinions)

alright. listen. Remus/Tonks is terrible — they’re probably the worst canon relationship in the whole series (and we know how I feel about Harry/Ginny). nothing about it is romantic or even nice — it’s toxic, manipulative and falls completely flat. the whole relationship leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and I honestly can’t understand how anyone ships it.

but here’s the thing: JKR drops the ball sometimes, but she didn’t drop the ball with Remus/Tonks. we’re meant to think it’s a rushed, toxic and terrible relationship, and we’re not supposed to like it.

hear me out.

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Tyrian's Fate

So, in lieu of what happened in “Punished”, I think I should probably let you guys know what I think will happen to Tyrian. Y’know, since his childish, poetic, and psychopathic nature has made him the best character to grace Volume 4 with his presence.

No, I do not think that Tyrian is going to die.  Will Salem be angry? Yes.  Will Salem punish him?  Yes.  Will the others make fun of him for it?  Hell yes.  After all, he will return empty-handed, disgraced, and crippled, and he’s given away information about Salem herself.  But will she kill him?  No.  Why?  Because he’s the best soldier she’s got.

Let me explain.  Sure, Cinder is the Fall Maiden, and Neo (if she’s still alive) has some mad agility skills, but Tyrian is on a whole new level when it comes to fighting.  From what we’ve seen, Tyrian almost never stops moving.  He’s light on his feet, his balance is incredible, and from what I’ve seen he’s as agile as Qrow.  Now this is all well and good, but there’s one thing that sets Tyrian apart from other really good fighters, and it’s not the venom in his tail.  He’s insanely good at fighting (pun intended)…but he’s blind.

Okay, probably not completely.  But I read that scorpions’ eyes work a lot differently than ours do, and that some of them even use vibrations in the ground to “see.”  So his other senses are vastly enhanced because of that. You can see several things that point to this: 

  • Look at his eyes.  Usually RT uses eyes like these to portray very strong emotions (ex: Weiss concentrating when summoning the Knight, Ruby when attacking Roman, Qrow when telling Ruby and the others to stay back, etc).  But they’re never made as small as Tyrian’s.  There are two reasons for this: either he’s on a constant maniacal high (which is very possible) or there is something physically off about them.  
  • During the legendary Qrow vs Tyrian fight, there is a moment when Tyrian uses his tail to wrench Qrow’s weapon out of his hand and lodge it in a wall, leaving Qrow defenseless.  Or so Tyrian thought, because before he can do anything else, he gets several fists to the face (fists adorned with metal rings, might I add) and he doesn’t even try to defend himself in any way.  He couldn’t hear them coming.
  • After Qrow punches and kicks Tyrian back a few feet, Tyrian allows Qrow to just waltz over and get his weapon from the wall.  Notice Tyrian’s position at that time: his hand was on the ground and he made a noise of frustration. He was trying to feel the vibrations in the ground but couldn’t because Qrow was out of his range.
  • But when Qrow lays his hand on his weapon, there’s a small metal sound and Tyrian looks up, grinning triumphantly, as if to say “Found you!” 
    • If Tyrian is especially good at detecting things through metal sounds, then that could explain why he was so good at deflecting Qrow’s weapon and Ruby’s bullets. Also his “oh sh*t” face when Qrow’s weapon half transformed to get itself out of the wall. 
  • Tyrian falls right through a roof when he lands on a wooden rafter that was obviously broken. 

So basically, Tyrian is like RWBY’s version of Toph.  Let’s stop and think about that for a while, hm?

But what impressed me even more was that Qrow was able to figure it out, because I didn’t realize it until after I rewatched this fight several times.  I think he made the connection when Tyrian easily dispatched Ren and Nora when they ran in to help.  That’s why he told them not to come closer (it also could have been because he didn’t want them to get caught up in his bad-luck space).

I mean, seriously.  They couldn’t even touch him.  And he didn’t even try.

So yeah, back to the point.  Tyrian’s not dying anytime soon.  I fully support the theory that Salem will give him a Death Stalker stinger to replace his old one.  Josh Grelle, the voice actor behind Tyrian, claims that there’s one final scene that Tyrian’s in (in Volume 4) that will bring with it a whole new level to Tyrian’s insanity.

And he will hopefully be back in Volume 5 for some more crazy fun times.