crazy fountain


The Growlers @ Treasure Island Music Festival (San Francisco, CA) 10/19/14.

I ended up sticking around the Tunnel stage to get a good view to catch one of our favorites “Los Growlers.” This was to me one of the best shows on the bill, and a lot of other people agreed. With their new album “Chinese Fountain,” these crazy dudes are hotter then ever. People were holding signs for DMtina, and wearing Chinese take out containers on their heads. It was a funky scene for sure, as they played songs from all albums and left the crowd wanting more! They were pretty bummed they had a short set, and kind of made a joke of it how they had to get off so soon, but people were very pleased that they made it after their tour bus broke down and they had to scramble to get there. Thanks dudes! 

Photography By Tyler Loring