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Personal Yuri on Ice Fic Rec List

I browse AO3 for new YOI fics everyday, at least four times a day. Yes, that is my life now. This is Part Three. Part OnePart Two, Part Four, Part Five, and Part Six also exist.

1. Once More, With Feeling
Yuuri wakes up in Detroit after going to bed under heavy stress and emotional turmoil due to Victor’s declining mental health. Things are different. He’s dreaming, obviously. And in dreams, people can do what they want. So Yuuri decides to do what he wants. If only he could have accepted this new reality. Then the realization wouldn’t hurt so much later on. But ignorance keeps the pain of reality away.

2. Re: Yuri Katsuki
Phichit Chulanont is fiercely loyal to his best friend Yuri Katsuki. So when he randomly gets a direct message on Instagram from one v_nikiforov, it’s only natural for Phichit to assume it’s a prank. That is until he comes to realize it’s not a prank.

3. Trade Your Heroes For Ghosts
Having endured what was probably the worst day of his life, Yuuri wakes up with the hangover of a century and a desperate plea for the world to forget about his existence. Alas, the world has other plans. So does a certain Russian skater.

4. By My Side
Things happen a bit differently after the banquet. Yuuri doesn’t actually forget everything. And he wants to see Victor again.

5. A Glittering Path
Four times Yuuri made Viktor cry (happy tears, that is!), and one time (or more) they both cried. (You’re allowed to cry at a wedding, aren’t you? Especially if it’s your own.)

6. Winter Song
Yuuri was aware that at some point — a moment in time he couldn’t quite place — Victor had become his boyfriend. There wasn’t a single instant when it happened. It was a slow awareness, as if Victor had silently been asking the question for months now, and Yuuri had been giving him the answer a little more with each passing day.

7. Lessons in Love
All Viktor wants is for his son to be happy - and if that means spending countless hours at the ice rink, a million more in the ballet studio, and devotedly cheering for Katsuki Yuuri at every competition he enters, then that is precisely what he’ll do. He just didn’t expect to become a fan, too. (He didn’t expect to fall in love.)

8. The Spaces Shaped for You
The paths they’d chosen after the Grand Prix Final wouldn’t be easy, particularly with Nationals just ten days away, but one thing was certain: no matter what happened, their paths would always come together in the end.

9. Bear Your Soul on the Ice
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. The Yakov Feltsman, otherwise known as the coach to rising figure skating star — and Yuuri’s idol — Viktor Nikiforov.

10. Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family
The new skating season begins, and Yuuri works hard to get his gold medal for the Grand Prix Finals with the Russian Skating Family. Yes. The Russian Skating Family.

11. Makes the Heart Fonder
This was going to be hard — they both knew that — but they would willingly take any of the punches thrown at them. It had been rough when Victor returned to Japan to be at Makkachin’s side, but they both pulled through. And, either by willingness or stubborn determination, they would manage, time and time again. But now— now when Victor was in Canada, and Yuri was in Russia on Victor’s side of their bed, where the pillows sighed his scent and his cologne, he missed the sound of his fiancé’s voice more than anything in the world.

12. With Fire in Their Eyes
Not applause. Screams. The light is wrong because a fourth of the ceiling projectors are missing. The sky is dark. No stars. Something gleams behind the broken sky. And moves. Something he can’t — won’t — something. Something that’s looking at him.

13. You can have everything…
Before the Grand Prix Final starts in Sochi, Yuuri finds Victor’s phone. He returns it— and hijinks and heavy flirtation ensue.

14. I’d rather be skating
Sometimes, when a muggle child gets an acceptance letter from a wizarding school, they say no. Victor Nikiforov would rather be skating. Yuuri Katsuki would rather be normal.

15. say not a word; I can hear you
“He was from Hasetsu,” Chris tells him quietly. “Oh.” Caught mid-laugh is a slight, young man with kind, brown eyes. He’s soft all around where edges should be, nothing like - nothing like a Ranger. “You think he’s gone back there? Really?” There’s a pause, Chris spinning his spanner around his knuckles. He shrugs. “I dunno, Yuuri’s always had a streak of crazy in him. So. Maybe.”

16. sharp dressed man
Victor’s such a peacock normally, and now he looks a bit like a half-molted one; glitzy fabric half-hidden under the sober visage of a respectable coach, skates exchanged for Yuuri’s gear.

17. to the winner goes the gold
In which Yuuri and Viktor are competing against each other in the following year’s Grand Prix Final, and they’re still (very much) smitten with each other.

18. in the spaces between
Yuuri’s life in St Petersburg is spread between four languages.

19. falling through the ice
Home. Home is Viktor’s sparse St. Petersburg apartment, which is now where Yuri keeps his clothes and his toothbrush and his silver medal, which Viktor hung above the fireplace, and his extensive collection of Viktor Nikiforov posters, because Minako had mailed every one of them from Hatsetsu. (Yuri had shoved them into a drawer, but Viktor put some of his favorites on the fridge, next to the photos he’d had printed of Yuri in his juniors costumes.) Home, where every time Viktor sees Yuri chattering excitedly to the triplets over Skype or hears Mari complain over the phone about the time difference, he feels guilty for keeping Yuri to himself, as if he’s the one stealing Yuri from the world now. “What will Viktor Nikiforov’s fans say if he falls like that in competition?” Viktor sighs, not moving. “What will his protégée and rival Yuri Katsuki say?”

20. never stop until the grave
Back in St Petersburg, Victor attempts to combine coaching Yuuri with preparing for his own return to competition. The spirit is willing but the flesh may be weak.

21. he meets me where i am
Something gold catches the light, drawing his attention. There’s a gold ring on Victor’s ring finger. “Ah,” Yuuri says, his heart giving a last squeeze, a futile reminder of the silly crush he once had. “Congratulations on your marriage,” he says, as cheerily as he can.

22. our doubts are traitors
Some ghosts of your past you leave well alone.

There are a lot of shorter pieces on this list, but nonetheless I’m grateful to the authors - and the artists! - who continue to provide high-quality content even though the anime isn’t airing right now. Has Season 2 been confirmed yet???

something to agree upon

pairing: jamilton

word count: 1.4k

summary: it’s three am and the fire alarm in the apartment building goes off. Based on a text post I can’t find.





Alex shoved his face further into his pillow trying to muffle the noise that was interrupting the rare rest he was finally getting. When the pillow wasn’t enough to muffle the incessant alarm going off Alex resigned himself to another restless night and swung his legs over the edge of the bed.

The fire alarm wasn’t an unfamiliar noise in this building. His neighbors were a reckless bunch. From John downstairs who loved wrecking shit to Laf next door who had a love of cooking but terrible execution. Alex knew it was no big deal and wasn’t exactly pressed to get out of his apartment. Hopefully if he dragged his feet long enough the alarm would stop before he made it out the front door and he could have some peace of mind.

Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. Even after spending three minutes looking for his pajama bottoms and another two looking for the matching top the alarm hasn’t ceased.

He nearly punched the wall seeing the elevators were automatically shut down by the alarms ringing and cursed the entire way down the four flights of stairs to the ground level of his apartment building.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Originally posted by carezero

Pairing: Maknae line x Reader

Genre: Wonderland!Au / Angst / (eventual) Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of drugs, madness and mature themes 

Word count: 1.8k

Synopsis: It took Y/n months - years. Infinite days of searching, of wondering, of grasping to the tiny, fragile hope of not being crazy as everyone said.

(But, really, who isn’t a child of madness in this world?) 

And, finally, she found it: the key to open the gates to Wonderland. So, with a smile curling her lips and liquid danger between her fingers, the girl gladly fell once again.       

Author’s note: So, dunno what this thing is, an experiment, maybe. Hope you’ll enjoy this darkish lil series (cos of course if the horror isn’t deep embodied in my words I’m not happy). In the next parts things will get way more interesting tho - this is only the beginning, after all.

prelude // part 1 // part 2

Prelude – Home again                                                                                  

                                                                                                      “Little Alice fell
                                                                                                               the hole,
                                                                                                bumped her head
                                                                                          and bruised her soul.”

The room is wide, nearly boundless, yet the smoke filling the area seems to deprive it of space as well as air. It makes the chamber suffocating, diseased, scorching, and the grey, cerulean spirals are almost the fingers of a lustful beast: they excite and rouse everything at their touch, they skim over soft cheeks and turgid lips, awakened by the click of a lock snapping open.

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anonymous asked:

What kind of prom date would the S&M brothers be?

Oh god I miss prom, high school was so great T.T


Shu - The date you have to literally drag to prom and beg to dance.

Reiji - The proper gentlemen who does all the slow dances and makes sure you two look perfect together.

Ayato - The party animal, the party don’t start til he walks in and you better be ready to dance… but only with him.

Kanato - The date that goes long enough for pictures and to do a slow dance before forcing you both to leave because there are too many people there.

Laito - The flirty date! He’s all over you and oh god them bedroom eyes…

Subaru - The date you have to make sure is dressed properly (but when he is holy fuck) and beg to dance because he’s too embarrassed to.


Ruki - Everybody crazy for a sharp dressed man~ The date that is perfectly dressed and you better be as well you two are aesthetic prom goals.

Kou - The date that constantly keeps you two in the spotlight. Every dance whether it be slow or not is performed by you two and you’re barely sitting down!

Yuma - The date that is dressed formal casual, he wears a tux there for pictures but the jacket comes off and the tie is loosened afterwards, he’s also there for the food.

Azusa - The date that makes sure you are okay and satisfied, asks you if you want to dance but otherwise stays in the background due to the massive amount of people.


Kino - The date that wants your complete attention, you two may argue and make people uncomfortable but in the end he has you on the dance floor dancing close to him… “Hey Yuri did you spike the punch?” “Kino you’re not supposed to say that out loud!”

anitaww-blog  asked:

For the drabble challenge. All or any of these. Separate, together, whatever. Thank you! 2. How long have you been standing there? 19. And that's how you ruin a life. Congratulations. 23. I didn't know we were keeping track. 125. Quit moving, I'm trying to sleep. Wait... are you...what?!

(Sorry, I tried to get all four, but only two happened.)


And that’s how you ruin a life. Congratulations.  You have killed me, I’m dead, Molly typed in her return email to Mary.

She opened up the attachments again.

“Lord have mercy,” she said, scrolling to the next picture.  "Look at that arse.  Who even knew he owned jeans?“

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charmer-with-ten-tails  asked:

Ahri smiled as he would make his way to visit Leona. Instead of wearing his robe he would have his hair in a pony tail and would wear a red dress shirt, a black vest and black slacks to match.

“Someone looks all dressed up with somewhere to go.” the Paladin giggled, looking up and down the kitsune man. “All this for me?” 

closed starter for @requicms { Dylan x Nora }

The man hadn’t written a single line of poetry in years. It was silly to think that he could just pick it up again and pretend that nothing had ripped him away from it in the first place, and yet that was exactly what Dylan was trying to do as he browsed the poetry section of the bookstore, then the blank journals. Normally when people went on some sort of life crisis be it mid-life or something else, they did something that made them feel younger, like buying a new flashy car or getting a younger partner. Dylan apparently went to a bookstore and tried looking at the poetry section again. He opened one of the books, staring at the contents and for a moment it all seemed to foreign to him. What used to come as easily as breathing took time to go through each word and really let it soak in.

He closed the book, not caring that the thud from his force when shutting it could likely be heard aisles down. As he put the book back, Dylan tried to tell himself that this wasn’t his fault. Maybe he didn’t really understand poetry the same way anymore because he wasn’t supposed to. Maybe that time in his life had simply passed and that was okay. Now he had different things to take care of – not necessarily better – but different. He had the company now and there were people there that relied on him, trusted him to be spending his time working towards the good of the company, not writing and reading poetry.

Turning away from the bookshelf, Dylan realized that he wasn’t exactly alone. Staring at the young woman, he waited for her to speak before finally pulling another book off of the shelf. “If you’ve come to ask me if I need any help finding anything, I’m fine. I used to know this section like the back of my hand and I’m sure somehow I could stumble my way through it now.”