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Hamilton wouldn’t had been the man he became without Eliza. She made sure no one forgot about her husband all through her lifetime. Stop erasing her.

Evan probably wouldn’t had the motivation to progress so far into his life without Zoe. He wouldn’t have grown into the self he is in the finale without her. Stop Erasing her.

Nabulangi was the one who encouraged Cunningham to preach during Man up, progressing the plot greatly. Stop erasing her.

Fieryo sacrificed himself so Elphabea could get away, knowing he’d probably die in the process. Stop erasing him.

The newsies would’ve barely gotten anywhere if Katherine hadn’t approached them and written the article. She was the one who came up with the idea of publishing the newsies banner. Stop erasing her.

Christine was a big reason Jeremy got the squip, without her, the musical never would’ve taken place. Stop erasing her.




just quickly slapped some color on a sketch lolol >_< 

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Divided We Stand - S2 E1


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Okay I loved that Robin showed some of these Anti blooper clips with the non edited and edited parts side by side or having the edited version move across the unedited clip. I think that it really showed just how much editing work goes into making Antisepticeye in these videos.

When I took the screenshots of Anti in the Kill Jacksepticeye video I slowed down that video to see what interesting shots I could take a picture of and because I did that I saw that in almost every frame when Anti was on screen there was always an interesting crazy effect or filter on those parts of the video. That’s not even including the sound editing for Anti either! So much time, hard work and creativity too goes into the editing for this these videos and I seriously think Robin does not get enough appreciation for that. His editing is what really makes Antisepticeye just come to life in these videos.

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Robin’s an amazing editor and I think just his editing work on the Anitsepticeye videos and clips alone proves that. He constantly blows me away with just how talented and creative he is with editing and I think he deserves so much more recognition and appreciation for all that amazing work he puts into Seán’s videos. :) 

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I went with valencia/heather coupled with a bit of holiday cheer. Even though it’s a few days late haha. I always thought valencia would just spam her insta with how much she loves her gf or something. 

anyway, merry belated holidays and a happy new year!


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BRAINDEAD | 1.11 | Gareth & Laurel

All I’ve done for the last twenty-four hours is google bugs. They need eighty-five degrees to spawn and the Russell building only hits that temperature after the A/C shuts down.