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Logan Trevelyan aka Dadquisitor Dadvelyan with the rockin’ dadbun-he’s got a 6-yr-old daughter, Lily, back in Ostwick.

What's it Like in New York City?

Klaine long distance relationship fic! Kurt and Blaine meet online,  and after two years of dating, they’re meeting!

~3900 words, pretty PG

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3 months to go

@bowtieblaine: sooo…. my mom and I just bought our plane tickets to NYC. @kehummel here I come! ❤

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@kehummel: @bowtieblaine I’m about to run to the top of the Empire State Building and let all of NY know how excited I am! ❤

@bowtieblaine but seriously I must have ran and jumped around the loft for 5 minutes straight before answering ❤❤

@msrachelberry: @kehummel @bowtieblaine I can vouch for this. but I can also say I’m SO EXCITED to meet you too!!!!!


it’s really happening. we’re really gonna meet. ohmygod Kurt. I’m gonna cry

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Do you think Charming at last remembers what Killian told him when he was prince Charles? And that’s why he’s so determined to find him? Not only for Emma’s sake but because he knows if the situation was reversed, which already has happened when Emma was the Dark One, Killian would stop at nothing to help him save his daughter. 

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i’d really love felurian to meet an ace person, like it kinda says in the book that she just wants company really but everyone is super attracted to her then fucking dies because they go crazy about it. i feel like an ace person would just kinda go

“Hey bro? I.. i think that’s felurian over there…” 

then they could just chill with her and eat fuckin flowers or something idfk