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RFA's (including V) guilty pleasures? :v


  • okay beside LOLOL 
  • he LOVES to buy merchandise from games or series 
  • I mean he’s crazy about them 
  • doesn’t want to admit it 
  • but he has tons of them 
  • most of them hided under his bed 
  • and spend tons of money on it 
  • more that what he would like to 
  • that’s why he eats like shit lol 


  • crazy fan of drama/romance series 
  • like he’s always watching some “girly” serie 
  • doesn’t let others know 
  • but he cries about romance movies 
  • and loves to spend a night at home watching his favorite serie 
  • even has a poster 
  • but is inside his closet so no one can see it 


  • okay Zen 
  • and coffee 
  • but also likes to read smut 
  • like those times when she’s pissed at Jumin 
  • and doesn’t feels like working 
  • she sits at her desk and read some good smut 
  • it calms her a lot 
  • even read a Zen smut once but it was weird talking to him later 
  • so most of the time she finds smut about other people 


  • wine & Elizabeth? 
  • but also MEMES! 
  • yes memes 
  • he may not be seen as a funny person 
  • but we all know he is funny in is own way 
  • probably have tons of memes saved on his phone
  • but not the funny ones 
  • the ones your parents send 
  • like 2009 memes 
  • but still a fan of them


  • Besides honey buddha chips and dr pepper 
  • oh his babies!!
  • but…
  • he’s a secret fan of porn magazines 
  • like he spend hours looking at them while eating HBC
  • has is own collection 
  • poor vanderwood found them once 
  • know he thinks Saeyoung is a pervert 
  • but let’s be honest 
  • this guy loves to watch 
  • maybe thats why he’s always checking on the cameras from the apartment 


  • his pleasure is drinking 
  • I mean he’s not an usual drinker 
  • but loves to have a glass sometimes 
  • likes wine 
  • but its like when you save something for much time and then you can enjoy it better
  • he knows is not a good habit so he does it sometimes only 
  • but really likes the feeling of being a bit drunk and funny


this is shit :( 


Kishimoto said he wanted to draw Sarada with his glasses because he wanted to show that in a manga a girl might be beautiful with a couple of lenses; yes yes, he was right, Sarada is really beautiful ❤❤ My little design in which I turned this crazy cosplay into a fan art! 😃

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Is that true that in the manga is stated that Sasuke hook up with Karin?

lmao nope. some crazy fan said that in reference to suigetsu saying a few things about wanting to leave them alone//karin lying about her feelings for sasuke//not to ‘get in their way’. genuinely i dont think it takes a lot to figure out sasuke, such a conservative man from such a conservative background ,who even kishi said would be shy about something as minor as holding a girls hand wouldn’t do such a thing. Also he literally showed z e r o romantic interest in Karin and like,,,answer me this?? does sasuke seem like the type of guy to stick it in someone he doesn’t love? (not that that is a bad thing,,,it’s just not who he is)

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I've seen that Jackson isn't promoting in Japan anymore? Is there a reason why?

JYP gave some official statment as health issues what its not surprising when we will remember last year when Jackson was flying from Korea to China , to Japan , to Thailand back and for forth. Jyp prob noticed that during japanese tours,  almost always something happening with Jackson health, I mean two years ago he almost fainted at the stage, members need hold him because he was really weak, beside there is many strories saying that during performance he went back stage for injections…….and in last year he was injured because some crazy fans in China chased him  by car, …he could barely walk, but he still went to Japan for JYPnation concert and even recorded Bromance episode,when he was clearly in pain…..(he souldn’t but he did) ok Im not saying that he that only in Japan his health gets worse ,but Japanase promo is usually that time when his body at the limit of strength, ( after all weeks promotions in Korea,flights to China, etc )

some fans suspect that can be some political isuess too, ( China- Japan ban) .

ok but the real people that mcdonalds should be apologizing to more than anyone else is their own employees,,,,i mean this company did an online promotion to crazy ass fans over bringing back these stupid sauce packets for one day and then only supplied their stores with 20-30 packets and that’s it,,,,,,they basically threw their own employees to the fucking wolves i.e. rick and morty dweebs and turned their backs on them

Feb 13. Happy 1 Year Anniversary, Zombietale.

Yeah so I made an illustration/kind of poster for IT and i’m really happy with the result 🎈


Sooo, remember a year ago when I drew up this T-shirt design? With @personeh ‘s help, the updated version is now complete! I contemplated if I should try to FULLY update it but realized that’s really hard. Plus I’d have to keep doing it. And I’m running out of space. And they keep fucking updating lol. 

I want to sell this design as a T-shirt but I don’t want to just resort to Redbubble so I’m going to see if I can find another T-shirt company that will be willing to take this design and print it well and it’ll be advertised well and all that. I did have one company approach me but the price they offered was super low. Like rude kinda low. :\ I worked really hard on this and I’m really happy with it so I’d like it to be …known? You know what I mean lol. If I can’t find a company, then I’ll just put it up on RedBubble. Below you can see an example of what it’d be like on a T-shirt.

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