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BTS Reaction || Their Popular Celebrity Crush Visiting Korea For Interwiews, Music Awards And Fan Meetings And She Speaks Korean
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Rap Monster

“My wife is here”
JM: “What?”
*Shoves tickets to your concert in Jimin’s face*
“Y/N is attending music awards and will have a fansign here in Korea! It took me way too long got get those tickets! I MUST HEAR HER CUTE KOREAN OKAY?”


*Chill at first*
*Then on the day of your arrival he’d be seen screeching in the distance at the airport. He will become a web meme for being “that man who screams at the airport” following previous trends; “Third one from the left” and “Car door guy” which are revived again continuing their original purpose*


*Hobi begins nudging him as Namjoon shows him the precious info*
*Yoongi is unfazed*
Jin: “Aren’t you excited?“
Hobi: “He is, just look at that blush”
“I will kill everything you love”
Hobi: “But I love YOU~”
“You also love Drake”
Hobi: “ 0-0′ “


*Walks Jumps around the building in an overly hyper manner, screaming at everyone, fanboying over you speaking Korean and naturally being a nuisance to everyone he meets but we all still love him~*


“I am so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so happy~”
V: *Hugging Chimchim into his chest and fluffing his hair gently* “I know. I know you are”


“Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Is my face red? I feel like it’s red, I’m so scared, but also I’m so excited. I need to go to the toilet”


*He wouldn’t show it at first, but he would be so overly jolly knowing you’re coming that he would possibly go crazy. The Iron Man fanboy crazy. CRAZY crazy*


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Hi!!! Can I request for a bts reaction to their gf wanting to Kiss them but she's too shy to do it?? Thank you dearie 💙💙

BTS Reaction To Their GF Wanting To Kiss Them, But She’s Too Shy


-Finds it super cute

-Cups your cheeks

- “You don’t have to be shy about that with me jagiya”



-Laughs at your attempt to kiss him

-Lowkey thinks it’s very cute

- “Come here jagya” gummy smile

-While on his lap,gives you a kiss💋

Rap Monster:

-Chuckles seeing you being all shy

-Pulls you to him and makes you feel relaxed

- “There’s no need to be shy jagiya”

-Smiles, and gives you a quick peck on the lips💋


-Fanboys like crazy

-Picks you up in his arm

- “You’re so cute jagiya aww”

-Gives you kisses all over💋


-Finds your blushing face very cute

-Lowkey also shy keke

- “You don’t have to force yourself jagi”

-Kisses your blushing face💋


-Acts like he doesn’t notice how shy you are

-Box smile seeing you all shy

- “You’re so adorable jagiya”

-Cups your face in his hands,big kiss on the lips💋


-Laughs at your actions to try and kiss him

-Pulls you close to him

- “We’ll do baby steps jagiya”

- Small quick kiss on the lips 💋

random two-bit headcannons

- tbh two would be the one who would start laughing in the middle of a test

- he loves mickey mouse with a passion because he is a child at heart

- he will never really ‘grow up’ tbh

- he was judged a lot in school and that was one of the reasons why he dropped out

- i rly think that two hides his emotions and he just laughs it off

- but then he cries when he is alone (this makes me sad)

- when he is feeling down and actually says something to the gang, they make him smile again


- he has the cUTEST smile when he’s rly happy

- he is secretly a crazy fanboy (fite me)

- he has so many posters in his room oml this child

- the only memory two has of his father is when he walked away for the last time

- he had a really close relationship with his father and when he left, two-bit thought it was his fault

- his mother tried her best to not make him feel this way

- but it never worked

- in simplest terms, two-bit doesn’t tell anyone about his past or his feelings

A/N: i am rly sorry but these are terrible. hope you liked!

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Wonder Woman should encourage girls and women to kick a man’s ass if he deserves it & Harley Quinn should inspire young women to get a psychiatric degree and still be crazy sometimes.
—  A DC Fanboy
All About Daftworld

Quick synopsis: Daftworld is scum, don’t ever associate with him.

Full story:

Daftworld is basically a crazy fanboy who is about 30-40 years old. He has a wife and family I’m pretty sure (God bless their poor souls), and he devotes pretty much every waking hour of his life to stalking and creeping on Daft Punk. He claims to be “Daft Punks Biggest Fan” just because he has an insane amount of Daft Punk merch, like pretty much every single piece of Daft Punk merchandise, no matter how rare or exclusive. Which isn’t bad, merch is a cool thing to have, but the amount of stuff he has just skyrockets his obsessive fan status. He also takes the words “creepy” and “disrespectful” to a whole new level. There are countless examples of the wrongs he’s committed, so I’ll just make it into a nice little list so we can all understand just a little bit more:

He steals art. He will take anything and everything Daft Punk related and rip it away from the people that made it. He will repost art, take credit for photographs and edits, download videos from other people, remove the watermarks and upload it on his channel. He pretty much just snatches up everything that mentions Daft Punk and claims it as his own.

He disrespects Daft Punk’s wishes to remain anonymous. He is a complete hypocrite and gets “angry” at the paparazzi for taking photos of Daft Punk, and then he turns around and does the exact same thing! He probably just wants to be the only one doing it so he “gets them all to himself” or something. Not to mention that a lot of the time the media glorifies and holds him high for all this information he digs up about Daft Punk. I’ve heard that he’s been interviewed a few times by the media because of how much knowledge he has about Daft Punk.

He stalks Daft Punk. And I don’t mean the internet’s form of “stalking” where you just google someone a few times and look at the first few pictures. I mean real life hardcore stalking.

One time he somehow found out Thomas’ LA address (I think I heard someone say later that it was not actually his house, phew), but he distributed this address on Twitter with pictures, too.

He also stalked Thomas and his wife and took pictures of one of Thomas’ children, Roxan, as a newborn and while they were still at the hospital where his wife just gave birth. I have no idea how he managed that, and I do not want to know because that is just so disgustingly creepy.

The most well-known incident is the most gut-wrenching video in the history of the planet. I’m very very sorry, but I will not be linking it in this post because just thinking about is literally making my blood boil. But all you need to know is it’s a video where he stalked Guy-Man, approached him and pretty much smothered him while taking pictures and touching him without his consent. You can tell poor Guy is extremely uncomfortable, but Daftworld does not respect his personal space and continues anyways. When I first watched the video, I legitimately started to tear up within the first five seconds because it’s so extremely painful to watch how visibly uncomfortable Guy-Man is.

I also heard that Guy-Man’s brother Paul has actually contacted Daftworld once asking him to please stop stalking and tearing apart Daft Punk’s personal lives, to which he pretty much just went ”ahahahaha” and ignored him, which is also his preferred method of response when someone calls him out for stealing art and videos.

Basically, he is one of the worst people I have had the misfortune to hear and know about. I try my best to be accepting and forgive people, but I will never forgive Daftworld for all the damage he’s done. I am so upset that Thomas and Guy-Man have to deal with his obsessive stalking, and I feel so sorry for all the countless artists that he stole from. There is absolutely no excuse for his deplorable behavior because if you are a true fan to someone you won’t cause visible pain to them and continue to do so. If you are a true fan, you will respect your idols and their wishes. If you are a true fan you won’t stalk your idol to the point where they need a restraining order to get away from you.

So, friends, I leave you with advice to please avoid Daftworld and his stolen art, rude comments, and disrespectful pictures. Hopefully someday we can bring down Daftworld, because Daft Punk is an international treasure and we must protect them at all costs.

And I will tell you now that no matter how much merch Daftworld hoards in his rat hole, he will never be as big of a fan as you are because fans aren’t ranked on how much stuff you steal from others or how much merch you can bury yourself with. Fans are ranked by how much you love and respect the thing you are a fan of! So stay strong, Daft Punk fandom. I know you are so much more than he will ever be and I love you all very much. ♥ヽ(.•́ ᴗ •̀ .)


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Request: Hey! Can I request a Peter Parker x Reader where the reader is super smart and Peter has a crush on them but since they’re friends he doesn’t know how to tell them? Thanks! :)

(Request by @fangirlftshipper )

Y/n’s POV

Nerd. That’s what a lot of people in Midtown High School like to call me.

I’ve always been one of the smarter kids in school. Good grades, nice relationships with teachers, and would always raise their hand as they knew the answer to almost everything. 

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Dog-tags and Microphones(Former Marine/Current Bodyguard!Jensen AU)

Requested by @dancingalone21 “Reader is a popular singer who gets recognized constantly, especially with a huge bodyguard that stands out. The reader is stubborn and doesn’t want security at all. Her manager decides to hire an ex-special forces marine to act like a bf/friend/personal trainer (whichever one you want to pick). So he appears to be someone in her life instead of security. They don’t hit it off at first. Bickering and annoying each other. Eventually they start to fall for each other.

Words: 3955(…… I got carried away)
Warnings: Sassiness, sarcasm, cursing, a hater, burns, PTSD, a bit of death, brief description of said death and a war situation
Pairing: AU!Jensen x Reader
Tags: @growningupgeek
A/N: This image kills me, I swear to God… And I got hella carried away with this oneshot. I’m a bit obsessed with military and whatnot, so I had to explore that. Also, I apologize if I made any mistakes anywhere, whether on my writing or on the war situation or anything at all. Also, requests are OPEN, ask away! (I do MCU, Supernatural and a few other fandoms) Also, I might do a second part, let me know if you guys want it.

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YouTuber AU (Snowbaz)

So ye today is day 10 of the @carryon-countdown: YouTube AU. Kinda just coming up with headcanons cuz I’m too lazy to write a whole fanfic. So ye here is my humble offering.

  • Simon is definitely the YouTube star
  • He has no idea how he’s a frickin YouTube star, but he is
  • He’s one of those ppl that kinda just make a vlog and a lot of it is them ranting about life
  • He made a Sour Cherry Scone appreciation club
  • Every Sunday he goes on a live blog and just chats with his followers and eats scones and drinks tea
  • (most of his followers do the same)
  • But he just has a vlog
  • Most of it started out as him getting a new camera and messing around, taping everything
  • And then him, Penny, and Agatha watched them and they where laughing so hard they’re snorting
  • Agatha was the worst
  • She was legit rolling on the floor laughing
  • Simon was giggling like a maniac
  • And Penny tried to act like she wasn’t amused but she was
  • Bc their lives are a frickin mess and it’s just hilarious to look back at how they tried to fix it
  • So then u got Agatha pulling on Simon’s arm like “the whole world needs to see this”
  • So they post it on YouTube
  • They post a few on YouTube
  • Now of course, there wasn’t an overnight reaction, but Simon got a ton of followers by the end of the month
  • Enough where YouTube could start paying him
  • So he continues with the vlogs, some of them just himself, some with Agatha and Penny
  • Now we zoom in on a posh teen with his eyes glued to his MacBook screen
  • Bazzy :D
  • He acts like the videos don’t make him giggle, but they do
  • Oh gods he’s practically snorting
  • Cuz Simon Snow is frickin hilarious
  • And cute
  • Rlly cute
  • Baz was one of his first followers
  • Baz is the most dedicated fan ever
  • Baz loves him
  • Sometimes he fantasizes about Simon Snow asking him out
  • He literally dies
  • But he knows that Simon is very straight
  • And that Agatha is his gf
  • But he still watches Simon’s videos
  • A lot
  • He rewatches some
  • He’s a crazy fanboy, k?
  • So one day Simon posts this one video about him and Agatha breaking up
  • He kinda sad but he says that he should’ve seen it coming
  • And then he gets a guitar
  • Omgs wow
  • So he kinda just has a bunch of songs he’s written but he’s never actually performed them??????????
  • Idk but he plays one
  • The moment the first note rings out, Baz falls in love with him even more
  • So does the media
  • Oh gods everyone plays that video over and over just to hear Simon sing again
  • Baz plays it the most
  • It makes him cry
  • He wants to hug the poor little boy on his screen 
  • but then
  • Simon moves
  • They all in college now
  • Him and Penny get a house together close to the school
  • Agatha chose to study to be a veterinarian in the US
  • (btw Simon and Agatha don’t have any salty relationships. they still rlly good friends and Agatha loves cheering on Simon’s music career)
  • Ofc Simon bloody Snow has to go to the exact same college as Baz
  • Baz is literally dying
  • Some girls are dying as well cuz it’s Simon bloody Snow
  • Literally kids are moving their bags trying to get him to sit with them
  • And u know what that idiot does?
  • He choses a seat towards the back of the class next to a boy who’s trying to hide his face in a history textbook 
  • He sit next to frickin Baz Pitch
  • Baz’s head shrinks onto his shoulders
  • He’s a shy little nerd and his celebrity crush just sat next to him
  • “Hi!” Simon says rlly cheerfully giving a small wave
  • Baz dies
  • Being the antisocial little nerd that he is, he’s like “What do u want?”
  • “Um….” 
  • Simon still tries to be friendly with Baz
  • Like a lot
  • Baz’s poor heart can’t handle it
  • At all
  • One time their teacher pairs them together for a project
  • Simon has to go to Baz’s house to work on it
  • Baz is dying and freaking out bc of course he’s one of those ppl that have posters of their celebrity crush everywhere
  • So he’s literally rushing to shove everything under his bed and deleting the history on his computer
  • But anyway they start working on the project
  • Simon is as funny in real life as he is on his shows
  • Like Baz finds himself snorting
  • And Simon thinks his laugh is the cutest thing ever
  • Like so adorable
  • And he finds himself thinking about how soft Baz’s hair look
  • And how his smile is literally perfection
  • And how beautiful his eyes are
  • And–No nope no NOPE
  • (Simon’s thoughts btw)
  • (keep in mind that Simon thinks he’s 120% straight)
  • Simon very confused
  • And Baz is starting to relax around him
  • And Simon just loves his sarcastic humor and stuff
  • And he’s beginning to question his sexuality
  • And getting increasingly less relaxed
  • When it’s time to go home he thinks about it the whole drive home
  • He can’t stop thinking about it
  • It’s 10pm and he’s still thinking about it
  • Then he can’t take it
  • He starts to write a song about every thought in his head rn
  • Just everything
  • By the time he finishes it, it’s 3am
  • And it didn’t help
  • It just made it worse
  • Bc he can’t stop thinking about Baz
  • So he does a livestream
  • At frickin 4am
  • Nobody will see it probs anyway
  • Ofc Baz is up at 4am 
  • Cuz he’s a night owl
  • Like his sleeping pattern is rlly bad
  • He’s just chillin on his bed, listening to music, when his phone bings showing that Simon is doing a livestream
  • Baz bolts upright and puts it on
  • Simon is like, idk taking shaky breaths or something and maybe having a panic attack or something?????? Literally he having a panic attack
  • Baz is rlly worried now
  • The first thing Simon says is “I don’t know why I’m even doing this….” 
  • He gets out his guitar
  • And he starts to sing
  • It’s a love song
  • It explains how confused he is about his emotions
  • About how he feels love again
  • But he’s scared of it
  • He doesn’t know what to do
  • The only thing on his mind is that person
  • That it’s different from what he felt before
  • And Baz feels tears welling up inside him
  • Because it’s just so beautiful
  • And he knows how Simon feels
  • He presses his fingers to the screen, as if he’s able to hug Simon through it
  • When Simon finishes, he just sits there for a moment, staring at his guitar
  • Then, he whispers something, something so softly that the microphone almost doesn’t pick it up
  • “I’ve realized that I’m bisexual.” he says, taking a deep breath. The next part, Baz has to put the volume all the way up and strain his ears to hear
  • “And I’m in love with Basilton Grimm-Pitch.” 
  • The screen goes dark
  • Simon has turned off the camera
  • And it feels so good to finally get it off of his chest
  • The next morning Penny is shaking her phone at a very tired Simon, saying words he can’t understand
  • He acts like he’s paying attention as he sips his coffee with way too much cream and enough caramel to make a large dog sized sculpture
  • But rlly he’s just hoping Baz didn’t see the video
  • Cuz he’s scared
  • Baz seems like the person that’s supposed to be untouchable. Nobody is supposed to break his barriers
  • Penny snaps her fingers in his face
  • “Simon? Simon? Are you listening to me?”
  • “What Penny?” Simon whines
  • “Why didn’t you tell me about this?” she asks him sternly
  • “I only just found–” But the words leap from his throat as he see’s Baz walk into the classroom
  • He looks shyer than he’s ever have
  • He’s avoiding Simon’s eyes and he pushes up his black glasses (oh come on, baz and glasses would be adorable) and looks at the floor as he makes his way to his seat, where he immediately starts to act like he’s taking notes
  • He knows he won’t be able to handle a conversation with Simon
  • But he rlly wants to
  • Bc he wants to know if he didn’t dream it last night
  • Simon knows he saw it
  • The look on his face tells him everything he needs to know as he sinks lower and lower in his chair, his usually bright smile replaced with a sad frown
  • He looks on the brink of tears
  • But Baz doesn’t see
  • After class, everyone is rushing out (nobody rlly likes history) but Simon is still sitting there, not really registering anything anyone says to him
  • Baz does something he never imagined
  • He sits in the seat in front of Simon and faces him, doing that thing where u sit backwards on the chair???? ye that
  • Simon looks up into his eyes and his breath catches
  • “Was it real?” Baz asks, looking at Simon, his face betraying nothing
  • “Was what real?” Simon says, his face showing everything
  • “The video. Did you mean it?” Simon bit his lip and slowly nodded his head
  • Baz practically falls out of the chair with how fast he bolts forward.
  • The chair creaks as it leans on its back legs, Baz somehow stedding it
  • And he kisses Simon Snow, the boy he’s had a crush on for so long
  • Simon is so shocked and he was a little scared when Baz moved so suddenly like that
  • But Baz is kissing him
  • And that’s the only thing that matters
  • And they kiss
  • And they kiss
  • And they miss their next class
  • Baz pulls away for just a second.
  • “I’ve loved you ever since I first saw you.”
  • “Well the, Basilton. Will you be my boyfriend?”
  • “Yes.”
  • :))))))))))))))

((sorry for not having this up sooner. it accidentally posted privately.))

Word Count: 1717 - Characters: Jeremy Heere, Michael Mell, Christine Canigula, The Squip - Ships: Meremy Hell

Notes: Squip lives and is weak but Michael and Jeremy are dating and Christine is a bean.

The sound of a bell was what initially raised the two teenager’s heads at the same time. The only problem with raising your heads at the same time is that they can impact. Hard.

“And this is why this place will be perfect for you two!” A chipper voice came from the side of them, Christine Canigula.

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A few idea comes to mind...Part 1

So most of the Anti-CS crew are voicing their thoughts about the CS wedding…and I just happen to see @phoenixfeatherquill post…I know I’m suppose to stop and should not care since I’ve stop watching since S5 start…BUT come on, this is SOMETHING!!! 

I got a few ideas in mind…I’m not good with writing, so think of this as summaries and bunch of plot bunnies :P

Lets start with SwanFire…

If Neal did not die because of the writers stupidity, let’s start with how he proposes to Emma. I don’t want to make an entire AU summary for this story because it would make this post super long. And I swear I have a lot of changes in mind on how I would like that to happen…

I imagine Neal simply proposing to Emma at Granny’s while having coffee or having a drink. Of course he had asked for Snowing’s approval first and inform Henry and Regina about it. Maybe Neal casually having a talk with Emma and simply asked her and she accidentally said ‘Yes’ before realizing what she just agreed with. A little speechless at first, and a “C’mon. Really?!?! D-did you just…” and blah, blah, blah. Then Neal would ask her for her answer and she would try to change the topic and make it a bit hard for Neal. Having a little confrontation about it because she’s being a bit evasive and she would…I don’t know maybe confess and say she’s not yet ready to settle down yet…and just like to be in the boyfriend/girlfriend thing more and asked Neal if he’s willing to wait. Neal smiles and said he’s willing to wait…and it took a few conflicts and adventures - maybe a year and a half - until either one of them almost die, to make Emma finally say “Yes”.

Snow being excited with the wedding and practically the one planning the wedding and dragging Belle along with it much to Emma’s amusement…but sadly tells her mother that she appreciates the effort but tells her their idea of a wedding…but Snow insisting on having a Bridal shower and Bachelor’s party…and Emma ended up saying yes to that. Girls bonding at Granny’s or somewhere chic, and the Guys goofing around and acting like teenagers maybe playing video games, being crazy fanboys and having drinks and card games with Charming and Neal having man to man talk.

A few months later and we see them having a small garden wedding…with Emma in a simple white cocktail dress or long gown escorted by her parents, them being in white as well…and the fact that Emma has a little present for Neal. Well that’s all I’ve got…it got longer than I expected…