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Underrated Films

(you should totally see)

  1. Never Let Me Go (2010) (Carey Mulligan, Andrew Garfield, Keira Knightley)
  2. The Perfect Score (2004) (Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Greenberg, Erika Christensen)
  3. Just Friends (2005) (Ryan Reynolds, Anna Ferris) (Hysterical)
  4. Grind (2003) (Adam Brody, Jennifer Morrison, Mike Vogel)
  5. Sweet Home Alabama (2002) (Funny as hell and super sweet)
  6. Drive Me Crazy (1999)
  7. She’s the Man (2006)
  8. Chasing Liberty (2004) (Mandy Moore, Matthew Goode, and Europe)
  9. The Skulls (2000) (Joshua Jackson and Paul Walker)
  10. About Time (2013) (Rachel McAdam, Domhall Gleeson)
  11. Orange County (2002) (Jack Black and Colin Hanks)
  12. Alpha Dog (2006) (True Story, chilling, brutal)
  13. Wicker Park (2004) (great thriller)
  14. Stay Alive (2006) (Sophia Bush and a scary ass but good mystery horror)
  15. LOL (2012) (I know it’s Miley but the story is good)
  16. Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List (2015)
  17. What A Girl Wants (2003) (Some of Amanda Bynes best and sweetest)
  18. How To Deal (2003) (Mandy Moore, deep, and real)
  19. In Your Eyes (2014) (romance, thriller, telepathy)
  20. Project X (2012) (one of the most epic movie parties ever)

Aaron Tveit at TLA Philly

I love the Hawaiian shirt on him (I loved it even in that Braindead interview) it just matches his dorky personality and then of course I will never complain when he’s in a tank top!

700 Celebration (7/100)

Request: Anonymous: “62 and 66 Steve Rogers!”

62. “Do you ever get tired of being perfect?”

66. “That was ONE time!”

A/N: I’m going to start adding the tag list to these, since they’re definitely not drabbles at this point. I don’t know what this gif is; I couldn’t find a good one for this.

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You had been cooped up in your room for the better part of two days. You weren’t sick, injured, exhausted, or grieving. You were avoiding someone.

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I wanted to do a relaxed, future based, perfect genetics challenge just for fun. The heir has to either have dad’s skin and mom’s eyes/hair, or the other way around. I haven’t decided which one I’d like better :P So I’m just having them have babies until I get either one. So far they have had three babies and here are their photos. 

The last pregnancy resulted in triplets, one of which is eligible for heir! Although I do really like her sister’s blue eyes :( Maybe I want her to be heir instead? 

Exo reaction to s/o being chubby.

~ Anon requested


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Minseok loved your round face and thought your curves added to your adorable appearance. He knew what it was like to be on the chubby side and would help you embrace every part of it, never wanting to make the impression that he wanted you to change.

“haha I told you she was adorable, my own sweet baozi.”


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Junmyeon would want to be the best boyfriend for you, supporting you and reassuring you that he loved everything about you. Whenever you felt your weight was a disadvantage, he’d do whatever it took to prove it wasn’t.

“Hey y/n, want another piggyback ride from your strong boyfriend??”


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Yixing is a soft cupcake, he’d always remind you how beautiful you were and wouldn’t hesitate to call you crazy for thinking otherwise. In his eyes he saw you as perfection and no matter your shape or size, you’d stay that way to him. Prepare yourself for endless kisses and compliments.

“How could you be so perfect y/n?”


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Baekhyun would be the one to enjoy your curves the most. From head to toe in love with your beauty, amazed with how voluptuous you looked in front of him. Confidently flirting with you, drowning you in endless compliments and skinship

”Hey Mama!”


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Jongdae adored you inside and out and he’d gladly scream it loud and proud to the whole world. Sometimes too much when the members were around.


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Whenever you were around this giant man child would turn into a loving and caring boyfriend. Chanyeol loved you unconditionally and without a care about what others thought, you were flawless. 


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Kyungsoo looks cold and indifferent sometimes but that all changed when he was with you. He’d still be his fun teasing self with the same sense of humor but he made sure to cherish you whenever you needed it. Never worrying about beauty standards.

“You’re gorgeous in my eyes jagi.”


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Jongin would always keep a smile on your face, never having a dull moment in the relationship. He would be your shoulder to cry on when you needed it most and the same one to cheer you up afterwards. Making sure all your insecurities disappeared.

“You’ll always have my heart y/n.”


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Sehun would also be one to treasure your body for all that it is. Giving you playful dirty looks whenever you mentioned your body in a negative way. He’d try hard to get you to see yourself the way he did.

Prompto Argentum dating headcanons
aka my favorite chocobro

  • He’s a shy kid at first, he does small gestures like taking your hand when you exit the Regalia and leading you to the campsite
  • But boii, when you two start to get more comfortable around each other he just expresses how energetic and excited about this relationship. 
  • When it’s sunset he takes you out to take pictures, whether its in town, near the beach, or ion the fields. You’re his super hot model and he’ll never get tired of taking pictures of you
  • Again when he gets more comfortable with you he gets really clingy and almost always wants to hold your hand
  • he even kisses you in front of the guys cause he likes to show off
  • “You two are gross“
  • “I think you’re just jealous”
  • Prompto and Noct will always have this little battle after Prompto shows affection to you in front of the guys
  • He only allows you to hold his camera if he needs someone to keep it for a bit, its so important to him
  • He likes to stare into your eyes, well he likes every detail of your face, but your eyes are the one thing Prompto goes crazy for.
  • His perfect date nights are going out to eat at a quiet place and then take night time photos with dim lighting
  • Will actually argue with Noct so he can sit in the back of the Regalia with you
  • He’s the best nurse, whenever you’re sick, he’s always running to get medicine for you and taking care of you 

Sorry if this sucked btw, it’s my first go at Final Fantasy XV headcanons, I’ve been a fan for a long time and just enjoying reading but I decided to give it a shot. Surry if it sounded like I copied anyone ;-; I’ve read quite a bit and I’m probably really influenced by someone’s headcanon or fanfiction.

Green Card AU

Kat and Adena get married in a sham wedding meant only to secure Adena an American passport and hopefully citizenship one day, but they continue to date each other within the marriage. Will their marriage become more meaningful than either of them intended or will they break under the pressure? A teaser for the Green Card AU that I had to write my damn self.

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I’m honestly surprised how the Quintis pre-marital counselling went but I’m so glad it did. It explains a lot about how this season has been playing out and hopefully we’ll get more honest scenes between them, especially Happy talking about her feelings and Toby being more honest about things that annoy him rather than just sweeping it under the rug, because like Cecil said, he knows that she drives him crazy, but he was blinded by her supposed perfection in his eyes. 

the-pizzanomicon  asked:

How badly allergic to cats is Boris? Is it just a stuffy nose and eyes or could the crazy cat lady down the street become the perfect murder weapon?

Bendy: Stuffy nose, and annoyingly loud sneeze across my bedroom… Boris has a super human sense of smell so it will be a huge disadvantage for us if he is out of commission to track down people.