crazy dreamer


ARIES: friendly & easy-going/dislikes most people 

TAURUS: serious, down to earth/a crazy dreamer 

GEMINI: very fun & open minded/secretive, has a lot to hide 

CANCER: easily damaged, distressed/a strong personality hard to break 

LEO: self-absorbed/has a huge heart full of love 

VIRGO: innocent & useless/very intelligent, secretly ruling the situation 

LIBRA: calm, balanced/emotionally unstable 

SCORPIO: arrogant/insecure, self-doubting 

SAGITTARIUS: cool & confident/ really awkward 

CAPRICORN: cold hearted/sensitive & deeply feeling 

AQUARIUS: relaxed, phlegmatic/ very shy 

PISCES: weak & sensible/dangerously vindictive

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Gosh! I really really missed all the mikaelson together. They're such a badasses and don't give a shit about what others might say or do in order to save their family. That scene with Josh like "no time to waste with tiny insects" was the best! Elijah asking Kol to stop the screaming (lol). Kol defending her sister (aawww). Rebekah's kiss to Klaus (double aawww) Klaus watching Hope(OMG! OMG! *screams like a crazy person*) Ok,I'm gonna calm down. Sorry, I needed to share my emotions with someone.

AHHHHHHHHHHH DON’T EVER BE SORRY FOR SHARING YOUR EMOTIONSSSS. Thank you for helping relive those glorious moments. They really are such a badass family. I love them so muuuuuch. And I can’t wait till we get more moments!

so i was watching obama’s farewell address (i’ll miss you, friend!) and the entire time i was thinking, well, once trump goes into office, we’re all screwed.

then i realized that in the frenzy of this election, i got caught up in my anger and forgot that everything eventually settles into what it’s supposed to be. we will face terrible, terrible storms up ahead which we will have to struggle against to beat, but those storms are no match for the happy ending that we all deserve and will all get. 

call me crazy or a dreamer, but everything ends in happiness. if you will it hard enough, it will come. 

About Demons And Pizza


They’d holed up in Brad’s apartment since he had the largest table. The large table was necessary - books and notes were spread over the entire surface.

“So, if I put this one squiggle here, does that collapse the whole rune array?” Maria tapped the page. “Because I think I need this squiggle to balance that one, but they’re both edge runes so…”

Thomas took his eyes of his own attempt at the binding circle and glanced at Maria’s. “Which ‘squiggle’ do you mean exactly? Sokkvabekkr or Gladsheimr? And I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to combine those two.”

“Damn it.”

Thomas frowned. “Are you only using runes, by the way?”

“My demon is very Old Norse-themed, so I thought it would be best.”

“Sounds like you’re making it difficult for yourself. Let’s see…” He took one of his course books and leafed through the pages. “Right, here it is. I think this combination could maybe stabilize your binding instead of Sokkvabekkr.”

Maria sighed at the page. “Yeah, I suppose I could try that. Would be a lot easier if we could just use a blood sacrifice,” she complained. “I’m prepared to offer, like, a pint or three of my blood if it meant I wouldn’t fail this stupid assignment. How much blood do you need to live anyway?”

“Need any help?” Tyrone asked, from the couch where he and Brad were playing Amazing Luigi Party Bros.

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“You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile” - T.S.

So what does that really mean? It means that you need to forget the conventional standard of beautiful. Ditch it. Forget it. Erase it from your mind.

Don’t be beautiful. Be happy. Be angry. Be strong. Be funny. Be kind. Be brave. Be intelligent. Be witty. Be interesting. Be talented. Be adventurous. Be a dreamer. Be crazy. Be whatever the hell it is that you want to be.

There are so many things in this life that you can be other than beautiful. All those traits and quirks are what make you the individual you are. Embrace them and love them. That is so much more important than anything beautiful.

A Country Of Dreamers And Crazies

As we moved through the Hotel Nacional on Wednesday trying to find a quiet spot, we weaved through throngs of tourists – Americans and Canadians and Spanish tourists eager to get a drink after a long day of sight seeing. 

They walk right past him.

We’re with Carlos Varela, perhaps the most beloved protest singer on the island. In a big, empty ballroom, I see two of the hotel workers stop in their tracks. Robert Siegel asks one of them, “Do you know him?” 

“Do I know him?,” he answers rhetorically, the implication being how could you not. 

With metaphors and a deep, powerful voice, he has for 30 years chronicled the struggle and triumph of the Cuban people. 

After trying to fruitlessly find a place where his guitar wouldn’t be drowned out, we just settle on one of the bars of the grand hotel. The Nacional is a place with terracota floors and with constant reminders of the Cuba from the past – the one that glimmered with Hollywood stars, the place where members of the mob could drink with abandon despite prohibition back at home. 

“Cubans are living in very interesting times,” Varela said about the present. It’s a time of great change and lots of hope and that’s good thing for a country full of dreamers, he said. 

“Cubans have been used to a paternalistic society, where the government tells its people don’t worry about anything because we have it under control,” he said. 

In the new Cuba, he added, the Cuban people are telling the government, don’t worry about the bread, because we have the bakery under control. 

In the new Cuba, he said, a Cuban takes two crates and a piece of wood and makes a bench. He adds two jugs of orange juice and calls it a cafe. 

“You have to be a dreamer to do that,” he said, smiling. “A dreamer and a bit crazy.” 

– Eyder Peralta 

I have nothing clever to say about this list. Just know that you guys are the very best bloggers Tumblr has to offer and I’m a ride-or-die level fan of each and every one of you. If I ever rule the world, you’ll each get your own private island. Thanks for keeping my dash so beautiful. 

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