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Gonna Be Okay

Summary: Ian goes manic and has a panic attack, and Mickey helps him out with a proposal.

Word Count: 1955

Notes: For the person who requested this, I hope this is what you meant. I was trying to make it romantic but not cringey with panic attack— hope it worked! :)

Over the past few days, Ian was acting overly energetic, and abnormally horny. Luckily, this time he stayed away from any other guys or porn stars; though this meant that he and Mickey would fuck like twelve times a day. Another factor was that the redhead must’ve gotten three hours of sleep over a four day span due to the fact that he was jumping off the walls. It was extremely erratic behavior, which sent alerts to everyone that Ian needed a med change.

Everyone who knew the redheaded Gallagher boy well enough were worried sick about him. Mickey had been following him everywhere he decided to go, and Fiona was trying to set up another doctor’s appointment, but apparently there was a few days wait. In the meantime, everyone worriedly kept an eye on him, but there was only so much that they could do.

One day it was a bit different though. Ian stopped jittering and telling crazy stories, instead he said, “I should take a nap,” then laid down on the couch.

Mickey was fiddling with the small box in his pocket, but when Ian spoke he raised his eyebrows in suspicion and turned to face his boyfriend. “Are you serious?” He could imagine that Ian was tired, but he couldn’t imagine that he’d even realize it in his current manic state.

“Mhm. Tired,” Ian mumbled and began to close his eyes. It was the first time in a few days that Mickey heard real exhaustion in his voice.

Mickey slowly made his way over to the surprisingly sleepy redhead. “Okay,” he nodded. “You know I have work? I gotta go soon,” he spoke softly. Then he squatted down and ran his fingers through Ian’s hair. He couldn’t believe how beautiful this boy was in all his forms.

Ian smiled softly. “I know. Go. I love you, see ya later,” he titled his head upward so Mickey could kiss him, which he did.

“Um, o-okay,” Mickey spoke in a leery manner. He wanted to believe that Ian was passing through this, but he was fully aware of how unlikely that was. “I love you too. Sleep tight.” He tucked him under the blanket, and watched Ian as he walked into the kitchen.

When Mickey got to the kitchen, he found Lip and Fiona standing near the counter with beers in their hands. When they saw his disheveled look, they each looked at him with a questionative expression. “What’s up?” Lip cocked his eyebrow.

“He-he, um, said that he’s gonna take a nap. One of you watch over him while I’m at work, please?” Mickey rarely asked for anything, so they knew when he was serious. “I don’t want anything to happen to him.”

A hopeful look plastered across Fiona’s face. “Wait. I mean, that could be good, right? Maybe he’s getting over this.”

“Fi,” Lip said sorrowfully. “I’m sorry to say it, but has it ever turned out that way with Monica?” He averted his eyes from his sister to the beer in front of him. It hurt him to relate his mother with brother because they aren’t the same people— they never could be.

Fiona let out a choking sound. “I know.”

Mickey frowned and put his coat on. “You’ll fucking watch over him, right?” He asked the two eldest siblings before leaving the house. “And call me if he needs me?”

“Yes, of course,” Fiona nodded and waved him goodbye. Mickey stormed out with worry; he truthfully hated leaving Ian more than anything. Fiona watched after him while Lip stared at the sleeping boy through the doorway of the living room.

* * *

While Mickey was at work he felt his phone start to vibrate through his pants. Out of instinct, he quickly scavenged through his pockets to get his phone out. He rumbled through the box and his wallet before finding what he needed. When he finally reached his cellphone he realized that was Debbie who was calling. Before he had the chance to answer, the call ended. “Fuck,” he said to himself as he redialed Debbie’s phone number. “C’mon,” he said into the cell phone.

“Mickey,” Debbie responded franticly. The Milkovich boy let out a sigh of relief, just for the fact that he heard her voice.

“What’s going on, Debs?” His voice was full of worry like it has been for the past few days.

“Ian. It’s Ian. He’s bugging out. He’s screaming that people are coming after us, and he’s going nuts. You need to come home. Hurry, Mickey,” she pleaded.

Within a millisecond, Mickey rushed out the door. He wasn’t mindful enough to tell Kev why he was leaving. Never in his whole life had Mickey ran so fast. He sprinted so fast that he couldn’t feel his legs, but he heard his heart beating in his ears. The worst possible case scenarios were shuffling through his mind, which made him as a run faster. He needed to get home.

When he arrived to the house, he heard the sound of glass shattering. Bolting his way in the house, he saw Ian knocking over lamps— it looked like it was in a defensive way. There were tears flowing out of his eyes. “No! They won’t take you! I won’t let them take the people I love,” he cried out. No one knew what the hell he was talking about, but they were all scared.

Suddenly, Ian dropped down to the floor. He wrapped his arms around his legs, shoved his face between his legs, and started sobbing. The redhead was shaking, and it looked uncontrollable. The next thing to happen to Ian was that he started hyperventilating, which was enough Mickey to go off the deep end.

The Milkovich boy ran to overly distressed boy, and pried his fingers from his face. “Hey, hey,” he said with love and worry. “Please, look at me. You need to look at me.” Ian’s eyes squinted open, and there were tears crowding them.

“Th-they wanna take you away,” Ian cried.

“No one’s trying to take us away, okay? Listen to me, no one’s trying to do that,” he grabbed Ian’s face and wiped away the tears as they poured down. He watched as Ian looked around the room, but frowned as he started to shake and sob harder. “Ian,” he said sadly and wrapped his arms around the boy. He ran his hand over his boyfriend’s hair. “Talk to me.”

“I-I–” Ian tried to speak, but nothing came out. His hyperventilated worsened.

“Okay, okay,” he went back to holding Ian’s face with his own hands. “Breathe. You gotta fucking breathe with me.” He took a deep breath as a representation. “You see what I just did? I want you to do the same.” He kept taking these deep breaths until Ian could catch on, and once he did they started breathing together.

After a while, Ian started to calm down a little. “I’m crazy,” he pushed his head into the crook of Mickey’s neck. “I’m a psychopath,” he said shakily.

“Shhh,” Mickey hushed him as he soothingly rubbed his back. “No, I love you. You’re not crazy. I love you.” He kissed his cheek and rested his forehead on Ian’s.

Another sob came from Mickey’s throat. “I’m so sorry.”

Mickey shook his head. “It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.” He kissed him on the side of the head once again.

For a while, they sat on the ground. Each boy ignored the faint sound of cries from the rest of the Gallaghers, but they stayed wrapped in each other’s arms. Ian’s eyes were shut so tightly that one would think he’s trying to block the world from his sight. While Ian was doing that, Mickey was holding back tears of his own.

Eventually Ian whispered to Mickey, “I wanna go to sleep. Can we?” Mickey nodded and helped Ian up. They walked up the stairs hand in hand, leaving the rest of the Gallaghers without anything to say to them.

“What was that?” Carl said nervously. He hated seeing his brother struggle with this disorder.

Fiona frowned. “It was a panic attack, bud,” she frowned as she placed a hand on Carl’s shoulder.

“At first though, when he was talking about people trying to take us, he was paranoid. It turned into a panic attack though,” Lip added.

Carl made a sad face along with his sister Debbie. “Can we help him?”

“We’ll get him some new meds. He’ll be okay,” Fiona said in a upset but nonetheless optimistic tone. “We’ve got him. Mickey’s got him. Until he can get to the doctor, we’ll keep watching over him like we always do.”

Fiona and Lip noticed the younger kids sad expressions. Liam didn’t really know what was going on, but even he was frowning. Lip made his way to his youngest siblings, and took Liam in his arms before kissing each of their heads. “It’ll be alright.”

* * *

Mickey tucked Ian in on his side of the bed and pressed a faint kiss on his forehead. He placed a hand on his boyfriend’s cheek for a moment. Suddenly Ian grabbed at his wrist. “You deserve more than me,” he frowned.


“Someone who you could have a fucking stable relationship with.” More tears welled in Mickey’s eyes.

Mickey snorted. “This is the most fucking stable I’ve ever been, you dumbass. I love you, Ian.”

“Do you though? Could you love someone so crazy?” Ian mouth curved downwards. Mickey fought past the idea of shouting at Ian because he knew that this was the mania speaking.

Suddenly a realization hit him— there’s a box in his pocket that really claims the love his has for him. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the velvet box out of his pocket and got down on one knee, causing Ian to jump up from under the covers. The redhead could not believe what he was seeing. “Mick—”

“Fuck you if you ever think I don’t love you. Ian, you are the one and only good thing in my life. You’re the reason I am who I am— a better person than I ever thought I could be. And I could care-fucking-less about how crazy you are because it makes you, you. I need you. No matter how hard it gets, you’re my fucking rock, and I fucking love you. Now to fucking set this in stone, would you marry me?” He opened the box to show a beautiful golden ring that had the words ‘makes me free’ engraved on the inside— it was reminiscent of the day Mickey came out.

Ian allowed the tears to stream from his eyes because this time he was crying tears of joy. After all he’s put Mickey through, he still loves him. “Yes! Yes, I’ll marry you. I love you, I love you so much.” He allowed Mickey to slide the ring onto his left hand.

Mickey then got onto the bed and pulled Ian into a passionate kiss— a kiss that showed more than words or a ring could ever show. The two then proceeded to go underneath the covers together.

Ian wrapped an arm around Mickey’s waist and put his head under Mickey’s chin. Mickey had one hand on Ian’s head and the other wrapped around his back. Their legs were twined together as well. Ian had to curl up to be in this position due to his tall height, but it was still comfortable for them. They held onto each other like they were each other’s lifelines, and in that moment, that’s exactly what they were. The boys fell asleep like that— tangled inside of their own world, completely isolated from everything and everyone around them.


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Genre: Fluff (Here’s a little sugar –pun intended– to your day)

Synopsis: You fell happily on the bed after a thrilling night with Yoongi, but you didn’t expect him to give you the type of pillow talk you received. 

Warning: Body insecurities mention/ Sexual mentions. (This is a chubby, chunky, curvalicious girl scenario lol) 

+ Even though body insecurities are briefly mentioned in here, I want you to know that no matter the size, you should love who you are. If you are skinny, or chunky, you have every right to live your life to the fullest and be happy like everybody else. You are beautiful regardless of what any type of influence has been implied into your life. 

A/N: I’m trying a different style of writing, I don’t know if you can see the difference, but I’m trying to improve as much as I can. While practicing, this little thing came out. I hope you like it. x

P.S. I might continue this or not. * evil face *

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Something good happened



Prompt: the reader is a victim’s sister and Reid likes her.



It had been days you couldn’t sleep. Your sister, your pour sister. That Monday evening you were waiting for her to spend some hours together, like when you were younger. But she has never arrived.

You couldn’t believe that someone kidnapped her, like the Behavioral Analysis Unit told you. You just didn’t want to believe the chief Aaron Hotchner.

But that night, after days of research, when you finished to have a shower, someone knocked at your door.

Just wearing a towel and having wet hair, you opend your home, seeing a man. An handsome man. His hair was perfect in its craziness, his lips curved in a sad expression, just like his brown and deep eyes.
His eyes. For a moment they travelled on your body and his cheek turned pink. You felt ashamed under his gaze.

“Emh… Hi. I am Doctor Reid, with the FBI. I am sorry to bother at this hour of evening.”

At the word ‘FBI’ and his face, you had practically understood immediately that the news weren’t good and your eyes were ready to tear.

“Can you just… give me a minute, please? You can come in. Just… seat wherever you want.”

As you said so, you put your clothes on, took the courage in your hands and came back in the livingroom, ready but not so ready to listen to his words.

“Miss (y/l/n), I am here to talk about your sister, Rosalie.”

You closed your eyes, letting a tear falling on your cheek. You asked him just to tell you the truth.

“I am truly sorry about your loss, Ma'am. We found her in…”

“Please, don’t tell me anything. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.“

He just nodded. He understood that you were weak in that moment, so his hand touched your forearm, his thumb stroking your bare skin.

“I promise you, Miss, that we will find this man. And I just can imagine how hard this moment can be for you, but I will be here if you want. Here my phone number” he said giving you a little card “and whenever you feel sad or ask for new informstions, just call. Is it ok?”

“Isn’t it illegal to tell FBI informations to people?” you asked innocently.

“Yes, but I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. So, don’t worry.”

After some days the team was able to catch him and Spencer immediately told you.

The days after his first visit, you met other times just to distract yourself. He was an interesting man and you were happy that night he went to your home. At least something happened.

The night everything finished, you and Spencer stayed at your’s. You couldn’t thank him enough to have kept his promise.

“I am glad you stayed, Spencer. I didn’t feel like to stay alone.”

“I am glad too. I am always happy to spend my time with a clever and beautiful woman as you are. You know…” he started esitantly, sitting on the couch next to you and finding the courage to take your hands “I’ve liked you since the moment you opened the door. To be honest, you were just in a towel and of course I thought you were beautiful physically, but then I had the chance to know you better. You are clever and strong and I can’t believe we met. So I was wondering, would you like to go out with me sometime?”

Come Down- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Hi! Would love a o/s where Daryl x Reader are in the middle of a massive fight. Things are said that shouldn’t be. Reader thinks it’s the end for them so she takes off. Daryl comes to her the following day and tells her he’s not going to give up on them. Extra fluff! (can be set pre apocalypse or mid apocalypse)”

Word count: 1501

Warnings: swearing, minor character death, 

Note: i’m so sorry this took so long omg. life’s been kinda crazyyyyy… also sorry there isn’t a lot of fluff for this.. fluff can be hard mannnnn


Coming back from a run was always a possibility. Not a certainty.

But so far, you’d come back from every single run you’d ever been on. No bites nor lethal wounds to be found on your skin. Still, Daryl would worry whenever he wasn’t with you. He treated you like a child sometimes, and it drove you crazy.

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Open when you need a confidence boost letter? Thank you! (: x

Open when you need a confidence boost

Hello, cutie!

I just wanna remind you how absolutely wonderful you are! Inside and out! You have the most beautiful smile, that can make any day at least a little bit better. Your eyes are worth getting lost in. When I’m away from you, I miss you like crazy. Every bend and curve in your body. They all flow together to make such a genuinely wonderful human being that I’m so blessed to call mine. Your personality is one of the most wonderful traits about you. You love me unconditionally. And that’s all I could ever ask for. You’re sexy and cute and hot and handsome and just altogether amazing. I love you so much. Thank you for being you.



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Hey! Can you do a ship for me and Shinee? I am a 5'2 Vietnamese girl with short lavender hair and bangs. Kind of curvy with round cheeks. I'm a lil bit feisty but also can be sweet to kind people. Obsessed w the superstitious and horoscopes but also cannot watch horror movies cos I'm too scared. I do fashion and graphics but prefer watching indie movies and frequenting alleyway cafes and record store in the city of Melbourne. 😊❤️

Ooo I’m definitely feeling Key for you 

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Key would LOVE your hair and he’d go crazy over your curves! He wouldn’t be able to stop smirking if you ever sassed someone, even him. He’d think ‘that’s my girl’. He also shares a knowledge in fashion and love that you know what suits you and you have your own individual style. Dates would never be boring as he’d always be down to take you to new cafe’s and up and new coming movies


Joe loved the way her tongue would stick out, just the tiniest bit, when she was concentrating. And how her nose would twitch when she dreamed.

The way she would play with his fingers while they are driving somewhere, or sitting watching tv together. He didn’t know if Y/N even realized she did it half the time, but he always found it so calming. Or when they were lying together, she plays with his hair instead. It usually left his hair a bigger mess than usual, but she always claimed Joe looked good.

He loved how she would roll her eyes whenever he did something stupid, which seemed to be frequently, but there was always a smile gracing her lips when she did so.

And oh gods, her lips.

Joe loved Y/N’s lips.

Every time she bit her bottom lip, he would end up just staring at them. It happened when she would wet them with her tongue as well, drawing his eyes down to them, driving him crazy. The way they curve up on just one side when she smirks. Or when she smiles softly at him. But his favourite thing was kissing them, they were so soft and gentle, and they fit perfectly with his, as if Y/N’s lips were meant just for Joe.

He loved watching her eyes light up when she got passionate about whatever she was talking about. Seeing her so excited about something, it made his heart swell. And when Y/N’s eyes lit up when she saw him, those were his favourite moments, because he was the reason she was happy, and he loved that. To Joe, Y/N was most beautiful when she was happy.

Yet he loved watching her when she was angry too. She always got so fiery, her hands flying in the air as she spoke. Her cheeks would get that small tinge of red, her eyes flashing with emotions. Joe loved it.

But when she was sad, that broke his heart. Y/N’s eyes were always the first tell. They would show the walls she had built up, the guarded look of her trying to protect herself. And when they filled with tears, threatening to fall, Joe wanted to simply wrap his arms around her and take away all the pain.

To him, Y/N always looked perfect. When she was wearing her make up, dressed in her nice clothes, trying her best to look good, she was perfect. And when she had a make up free face, wearing one of his old t-shirts that she always stole, she still looked perfect. Joe felt like he needed to tell her daily how beautiful she was to him, inside and out. He still couldn’t believe that he had managed to end up with her, and never wanted to let her go.

Y/N managed to do that to him, made him feel any range of emotion. Joe had never understood what it meant to love someone until he had met Y/N, and could not imagine what his life would be without her. He loved how much she supported him and his YouTube career, along with the various other projects he had expanded in to. Joe loved that he had that one person who he could come home to and just talk about his day with.

Joe was sat on the couch in the living room, his laptop open on his lap, but the video he had been editing remained untouched for the past ten minutes. Y/N walked in to see him sitting there, a smile on his face.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked, sitting next to him.

“You.” Joe says, turning to kiss her.

Breakfast cravings

When Kurt flirts, he flirts hard. 

Domestic Klaine having hot, married sex. Also on AO3. ~1200 words, NC-17.

Prompt 2: Blaine and/or Kurt using cheesy pickup lines on the other. For example, could be to seduce or being funny but can be whatever you’d like, wherever you like, whenever you like.

“What do you want for breakfast?” Blaine calls out from the kitchen, as he’s setting up the coffee machine.

“You.” Kurt enters in the kitchen in a cotton t-shirt and pajama pants that ride low on his hips, wrapping his arms around Blaine from behind. Kurt drops a kiss on Blaine’s head as Blaine snuggles into the hug, wriggles into the warmth of his husband.

Blaine gives out a contented sigh. Kurt can be affectionate, of course, but rarely so out of the blue on a Sunday morning. Blaine’s enjoying it immensely, and lets the domestic familiarity wash over him. He turns around to give Kurt a proper hug, and is pleasantly surprised when Kurt tightens his arms around Blaine, squeezing love from his pores, and doesn’t let go.

“Do you want some sugar in your coffee?” Blaine asks into Kurt’s shoulder, his voice muffled by the thin t-shirt Kurt wears to sleep.

“You’re all the sugar I need, look at your sweet ass,” Kurt murmurs, and reaches down to grope Blaine’s ass. Blaine can feel his body perk up with interest.

“Okay, I guess we can ignore breakfast,” Blaine says.

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Requested by anonymous

You were sitting in the room in the TARDIS that the Doctor gave you to sleep and keep your stuff in. You had just had a particularly crazy adventure, so it was time to just relax.

You were laying on your bed and listening to your iPod, music on shuffle, when All of Me by John Legend came up. You started humming along, just a few notes at a time at first. However, as the song went on, you found yourself humming more and more.

Just as you were getting through the second verse, you swore you could hear something else, another sound that blended with your humming and your music, but a bit lower. You look over to your doorway, seeing the Doctor standing there. He grinned and waved at you when he saw you look.

If you liked to sing in front of people, you would’ve, so you just continued to hum along, though you pulled one earbud out of your ear so you could listen to the Doctor.

Eventually the song finished, and you paused it before it could switch to the next song, taking your earbuds out. “You know that song?” you asked.

“I know a lot of songs,” the Doctor replied. “The real question is, out of the two of us, which one is the crazy one?”

“Normally I’d say you, you have the smart mouth after all, but the song mentions the ‘crazy one’ having curves and you’re a stick,” you teased.

“Fair point,” the Doctor conceded with a nod.

What if the personality of the fussions between  Steven and the C-Gems are actually the feelings that each gem has to Steven like  omg :
Pearl :
Tall beautiful queen
very happy and energetic.
Confused but energetic all the time
 also very PROUD.
 I feel her with a ponytail…….
Im pretty sure shes a nerd
 All “cheer up!” , “you can do it” “I AM SO COOL”
 Probably counts  her steps while walking and avoids cracks on sidewalks  and she doesn’t know why .
Hates unpair numbers.
 I want her to use sport shorts and a hoodie….. 
dont let the warmers die…..  (maybe switch it to nerdy long pizza socks)
Probably significant look change (probably changes on body shape and haircut,i wanna dream they will try to mix it with the Rose/Pearl one.

Really crazy
does symbols with hands all the time
Its into some specific  kind of music.
Very “i dare you to do this” ,“you did it omfgg how dare you gross”  
Screams “HeyY’all” while eating donuts…..
Profesional prankster
Its gonna be STRONGG so we will see her smashing things for fun probably.
Also food.
Lots of food.
I have a headcanon of her having this kind of funky cool teenager style  like in Jet set radio future. 


H.O.T.  ← 🔥 🔥 🔥 !!!! 


Everything about her is about love.
Its gonna solve everyones problems.
Hippie,she’s made of love. 

Those are my headcanos ,you are not allowed to complain.