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Study Tips

Exams are finally done so I thought I’d finally make a post after my first year of law - hopefully it’ll help someone out

Note Taking

- You will find your favourite way to take notes - at the end of the year. You will look back at your notes at the start of the year and want to scream. That’s okay. You’ll know for next year

- My favourite way to take notes was using one of those books that are divided into different topics. I tried using refill and a binder. Never again

- WRITE YOUR NOTES BY HAND. I cannot stress this enough. The amount of people I seen during my 3 hour exams who were struggling to write after the first hour because they typed all their notes was ridiculous

- Another personal favourite for me was to go home at the end of the day or use my breaks to type up the notes for each class I had. That way it was much easier to find notes from say my first two weeks of uni when it got to the end of the year and I wanted to revise a certain topic

Exam Prep

- Read through your outline at the start of the year/semester. Know what your exam will be. Know if it’ll be multi choice or an essay. Know if it’s worth 40% or 60%. Know what to expect

- Read the previoua exams at the start of the year. Make a note of the basic themes of the questions for previous years. That way when you go over a topic, you can look and say “oh this was in the exam for the past 4 years in a row”. Don’t let the material be a surprise you discover in the last 4 or so weeks

- FLASH CARDS. They will be your best friend. I cannot tell you how many flash cards I made for my exams. I can’t tell you how many time they saved my ass when I went over them just before I walked in to the exam room

- When you’re sitting your exam remember to time yourself. I had 3 hours and 4 questions, which meant I had to stop writing after 45 minutes, even if I wasn’t done. Your marks come from the start of your answer - not the end. Set an allowed time and move on once it’s passed. If you start running out of time, bullet point information. Who knows, that extra case you mentioned might get you a mark, even if it’s not a real paragraph


- Law is a fuck ton of reading. I’m talking 2000+ pages for ONE paper. At the start of the week I liked to go through and work out how many pages I had to read for each paper. From there, I’d work out how many pages I would have to read every day to get it done. Sticky note the pages at the start of the week so you know exactly where you need to read to and by what day

- At the end of your reading for the day, or article (whichever comes first), write a couple of sentences to sum it up. That way when you come to exams, you just have a few sentences to read rather than 40 pages

- Stickey note your pages instead of highlighting. You want to be able to sell those textbooks at the end of it, and ones that are unmarked sell for more

Study/Stress Relief Tips

- Set yourself a study to break ratio. My personal favourite was 50 minute study, 10 minute break. If you can’t manage 50, try 30. Most importantly, DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE ON YOUR BREAK. Use that break to get up and go for a walk. Make some food, hang out the washing, anything. Just don’t use it to check Facebook or Twitter - you’ll find it much harder to come back

- Drink plenty of water. Have a water bottle with you and make a conscious effort to finish it while you study. It’s also good to use as a quick break to take a moment, have a drink and recollect yourself - especially during exams

- Yoga!! I’m super unfit, I don’t own a yoga mat, and I struggle with the poses but it is a life saver. If you’re doing a course that’s very heavy handed on the sitting and reading, you want to stay active. My personal favourite is a YouTube channel Yoga with Adrienne. She has 10 minute videos, 30 minute videos and hour long videos. Make sure you take the time to fit it in everyday - even just a 10 minute one. It’s important to let go of all the tension your body holds from constant studying. You’ll feel more energized and more focused when you come back

Your first year it’s a crazy learning curve - and it’s important to balance the fun and the study. I went out with friends but I also turned down opportunities because I was busy. I stayed late at uni with friends to finish assignments and made sure we met up to just chill and spend time with each other. Make sure you find that balance and have fun!

✰ * º ❛ californication sentence starters. ❜


‘  i am not a fucking shrink. i don’t give a shit anyway.  ’
‘  we are not talking! we are not fucking! nothing is happening!  ’
‘  you know me… the talking and the fucking go hand-in-hand.  ’
‘  rehab is for quitters.  ’
‘  you can’t snort a line of coke off a woman’s ass and not wonder about her dreams. it’s not gentlemanly.  ’
‘  damn you smell good, like home.  ’
‘  spend the rest of your life with this fool and this fool will spend the rest of his life making sure you don’t regret it.  ’
‘  there’s no easy way to say this so i’ll just say it: i met someone.  ’
‘  there’s this feeling in my gut that she may be the one.  ’
‘  i don’t know how to be with you right now and that scares the shit out of me.  ’
‘  it’s a big, bad world full of twists and turns and people have a way of blinking and missing the moment.  ’
‘  i don’t know what’s going on with us and i can’t tell you why you should waste a leap of faith on the likes of me.  ’
‘  it’s a lost art, really. like handjobs.  ’
‘  i have a confession to make… i didn’t like you very much at first.  ’
‘  you didn’t seem to have much interest in me, which i of course found vaguely insulting.  ’
‘  funny how some things never change.  ’
‘  i cruised along, doing my thing, acting the fool, not really understanding how being a parent changes you.  ’
‘  i don’t remember the exact moment everything changed. i just know that it did.  ’
‘  loving you has been the most profound, intense, painful experience of my life.  ’
‘  i made a silent vow to protect you from the world, never realizing i was the one who would end up hurting you the most.  ’
‘  when i flash forward, my heart breaks, mostly because i can’t imagine you speaking of me with any sort of pride.  ’
‘  i care for nothing and everything at the same time.  ’
‘  noble in thought, weak in action.  ’
‘  i think that’s the good thing about never being married, it’s impossible to divorce.  ’
‘  i tried, but somewhere along the line, you slip back into what you know and i’m sorry about that.  ’
‘  i’m sorry we haven’t talked in awhile because i miss you.  ’
‘  you’re doing the best you can. you’ve done good.  ’
‘  that fucker is the horniest man i’ve ever met. he’ll be pitching a tent on his deathbed.  ’
‘  don’t tell me what to feel.  ’
‘  all my fucking life people have been telling me i do things wrong. i’m always the fucking asshole. i look around and i see everybody else is infinitely more fucked up than i am.  ’
‘  i’m offering you sex, and you just want to talk? has the earth spun off its axis?  ’
‘  i question everything. it’s very healthy.  ’
‘  you should live with someone who everyday reminds you how fucking lucky you are to be with them.  ’
‘  you don’t want to be with me.  ’
‘  if i were to give myself to you, you would run for the hills ‘cause you’re not in love with me. you’re in love with the idea – the idea of love.  ’
‘  imagine my fucking disappointment when you turned out to be the biggest cliche of all.  ’
‘  a great father is a guy that gives it all up for his family and leaves his self-destructive bullshit at the door.  ’
‘  there isn’t a woman that i’v’e met that i haven’t fallen in love with for 10 minutes or 10 years.  ’
‘  friends don’t let friends bang each others soulmates!  ’
‘  i consider that whole area – general area – my cock. like, from my knees to nipples.  ’
‘  two people of the opposite gender can’t rendezvous after 7 pm.  ’
‘  life’s just too fucking boring not to try.  ’
‘  i may be easy, but i’m not sleazy.  ’
‘  a morning of awkwardness is far better than a night loneliness.  ’
‘  i like it here. it’s nice. the sun is chirping, the birds are shining. the water’s wet.  ’
‘  life is good, sweetheart. life is good.  ’
‘  you can blame everything on the economy, douchebag.  ’
‘  no man should ever have to bear witness to his “o” face.  ’
‘  you know, it’s not fair to say “b.r.b.” and then never actually b.r.b.  ’
‘  fuck around all you want. i’m no judge judy. but don’t string a woman along for a major chunk of her childbearing years. that’s not cool.  ’
‘  when it comes to emotions, women know how to pain with the full set of oils while men are busy doodling with crayons.  ’
‘  there’s nothing quite like getting stoned on the very bed that your ex-domestic partner shares with her fiance. it’s the little things.  ’
‘  hang out with your wang out, but remember: no gloving, no loving.  ’
‘  hate the game, not the playa.  ’
‘  no matter what you did, don’t give up. do not give up because if she loves you, she’ll forgive you.  ’
‘  things fall apart. they break. that’s life.  ’
‘  despite all evidence to the contrary, i am a gentleman.  ’
‘  i’ve been thinking about us – that’s us with a capitol “u”.  ’
‘  the story of us… how the fuck do i sum it up?  ’
‘  any story with me in the center of it will never be anything less than a big, smiling mess.  ’
‘  our time in the sun has been a thing of absolute beauty.  ’
‘  for years i woke up, fucked up, said i was sorry, passed out, and did it all over again.  ’
‘  i’m a sucker for happy endings.  ’
‘  there’s just the two of us, which can be fucking ugly sometimes.  ’
‘  i didn’t know how to finish it because it’s not over.  ’
‘  it’ll never be over, as long as there’s you, and there’s me, and there’s hope, and grace.  ’
‘  wine me. dine me. stand up 69 me.  ’
‘  one does not very easily forget the kiss of a beautiful woman.  ’
‘  that’s right. i said it. i meant it. i’m here to represent it.  ’
‘  can you slow down? i don’t know why you’re so fucking angry.  ’
‘  i’m not the one who disappeared to the bedroom with that fucking weirdo degenerate.  ’
‘  you’ve got a fucking nerve to take issue with anything i do, ever!  ’
‘  you’re right, but what am i supposed to do? just sit there and watch it happen?  ’
‘  why the fuck did you come here tonight anyway?  ’
‘  there’s always this voice in the back of my head that says ‘maybe this time it will be different, maybe this time the stars will align and there will be this magic moment between us where everything will be okay again.’  ’
‘  there’s always something or someone in the way!  ’
‘  you want me not to see anybody else, just say the word. but if you keep me at arms length, what am i supposed to do? just sit around with a cock-cage on and hope that you’re going to have some kind of epiphany about us?   ’
‘  do you honestly think i care about you fucking someone else? if we’re not together, i don’t expect you to have taken some vow of celibacy.  ’
‘  when i see someone look at you the way i used to look at you… i fucking hate that. it makes me sick to my stomach.  ’
‘  i don’t want to be that person. i don’t want to start playing games and like, trying to get back at you or try to hurt you.   ’
‘  i thought there was something wrong with me, but it’s you. you’re a loser.  ’
‘  i’m sorry you got hurt. i thought we had an understanding.  ’
‘  i swallowed your cum, but worst of all, i swallowed your bullshit.  ’
‘  i guess being there made it easier to forget that i still love the shit out of you. yeah, wow, i said that out loud, didn’t i?  ’
‘  so? i still love you. i always will, till the day i die. but at some point, i had to choose happiness, i had to make that a priority.  ’
‘  i’m with someone who understands that i’ll never stop loving you and that makes me happier than i’ve ever been.  ’
‘  contrary to popular belief, i’m not out there trying to hurt anyone.  ’
‘  by the way, you’re an incredibly woman. very sexual. are you ovulating right now?  ’
‘  don’t blame me because you were born with a clit for a cock and a tiny beanbag to house what passes for balls.  ’
‘  eat my shit.  ’
‘  it makes my labia shrivel.  ’
‘  die young and suffer, dickless.  ’
‘  you can either cry like a bitch or smack a bitch.  ’
‘  what, you going back to your mommy’s? you fucking infant.  ’
‘  sperm would enter my pretty little vajoojoo and my cold black heart would kill that shit dead, son.  ’
‘  trust me, getting your asshole bleached would be much more fun.  ’
‘  you’re like one of those freaky chicks who marries serial killers on death row.  ’
‘  well, if you were not so preoccupied with sticking your dick in anything with a hole that will have you, you might noticed these things.  ’
‘  i want to go back and do it all over again. only this time, not make the same mistakes… this time, do it better. this time do it right.  ’
‘  our best days are behind us now. you’re just chasing a dragon. we’re never going to life happily ever after.  ’
‘  you’re going to die poor, drunk, and alone.  ’
‘  welcome to the place where time stands still, where whisky flows and always will.  ’
‘  i came back… for you. i know it’s overwhelming, disorienting even.  ’
‘  we have to resolve this shit one way or another, don’t you agree?  ’
‘  i say we stay here until we figure it out… or until we both get so fucking horny we can’t stand it. either way, it’s a win-win for both of us.  ’
‘  what is this? explain yourself, woman.  ’
‘  do you realize that the bottom has just officially dropped out of our relationship?  ’
‘  angry? i’m not angry! why would i be angry? i’m not even entitled to angry.  ’
‘  that’s what makes it worse: she was there first.  ’
‘  you might wanna curve your crazy bitch.  ’
‘  why, do you still love her?  ’
‘  are you challenging me right here in my own home?  ’
‘  of course i love you! i’ve always loved you!  ’
‘  i didn’t fuck anyone, if that’s what you were wondering.  ’
‘  who gives diamonds to the homeless? not i.  ’
‘  i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life annoying the shit out of you.  ’
‘  i’m sick and tired of fighting about the past.  ’
‘  home is wherever you are.  ’
‘  you are so full of shit?  ’
‘  other than making the sweet love to me, that’s the nicest thing you could’v done.  ’
‘  you’re right, i know everything there is to know about you.  ’
‘  i am lucky. i’m lucky to have known you, i’m lucky to have loved you.  ’
‘  i like you when you’re crazy.  ’
‘  you have so much shit going on in your life right now, you don’t want to add this to the mix.  ’
‘  thank you for letting me be the crazy one for once.  ’
‘  merry fucking christmas. can we go home already?  ’
‘  it’s your life. if there’s something you don’t like about it, you can change it.  ’
‘  you need to be in the middle of a mess of your own creation, right? that’s what makes you attractive and also, impossible to live with.  ’
‘  impossible is a very strong word.  ’
‘  i love you, but i can’t be with you. when will you accept that?  ’


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Genre: Fluff (Here’s a little sugar –pun intended– to your day)

Synopsis: You fell happily on the bed after a thrilling night with Yoongi, but you didn’t expect him to give you the type of pillow talk you received. 

Warning: Body insecurities mention/ Sexual mentions. (This is a chubby, chunky, curvalicious girl scenario lol) 

+ Even though body insecurities are briefly mentioned in here, I want you to know that no matter the size, you should love who you are. If you are skinny, or chunky, you have every right to live your life to the fullest and be happy like everybody else. You are beautiful regardless of what any type of influence has been implied into your life. 

A/N: I’m trying a different style of writing, I don’t know if you can see the difference, but I’m trying to improve as much as I can. While practicing, this little thing came out. I hope you like it. x

P.S. I might continue this or not. * evil face *

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Something good happened



Prompt: the reader is a victim’s sister and Reid likes her.



It had been days you couldn’t sleep. Your sister, your pour sister. That Monday evening you were waiting for her to spend some hours together, like when you were younger. But she has never arrived.

You couldn’t believe that someone kidnapped her, like the Behavioral Analysis Unit told you. You just didn’t want to believe the chief Aaron Hotchner.

But that night, after days of research, when you finished to have a shower, someone knocked at your door.

Just wearing a towel and having wet hair, you opend your home, seeing a man. An handsome man. His hair was perfect in its craziness, his lips curved in a sad expression, just like his brown and deep eyes.
His eyes. For a moment they travelled on your body and his cheek turned pink. You felt ashamed under his gaze.

“Emh… Hi. I am Doctor Reid, with the FBI. I am sorry to bother at this hour of evening.”

At the word ‘FBI’ and his face, you had practically understood immediately that the news weren’t good and your eyes were ready to tear.

“Can you just… give me a minute, please? You can come in. Just… seat wherever you want.”

As you said so, you put your clothes on, took the courage in your hands and came back in the livingroom, ready but not so ready to listen to his words.

“Miss (y/l/n), I am here to talk about your sister, Rosalie.”

You closed your eyes, letting a tear falling on your cheek. You asked him just to tell you the truth.

“I am truly sorry about your loss, Ma'am. We found her in…”

“Please, don’t tell me anything. I don’t think I’ll be able to handle it.“

He just nodded. He understood that you were weak in that moment, so his hand touched your forearm, his thumb stroking your bare skin.

“I promise you, Miss, that we will find this man. And I just can imagine how hard this moment can be for you, but I will be here if you want. Here my phone number” he said giving you a little card “and whenever you feel sad or ask for new informstions, just call. Is it ok?”

“Isn’t it illegal to tell FBI informations to people?” you asked innocently.

“Yes, but I know what it’s like to lose someone you love. So, don’t worry.”

After some days the team was able to catch him and Spencer immediately told you.

The days after his first visit, you met other times just to distract yourself. He was an interesting man and you were happy that night he went to your home. At least something happened.

The night everything finished, you and Spencer stayed at your’s. You couldn’t thank him enough to have kept his promise.

“I am glad you stayed, Spencer. I didn’t feel like to stay alone.”

“I am glad too. I am always happy to spend my time with a clever and beautiful woman as you are. You know…” he started esitantly, sitting on the couch next to you and finding the courage to take your hands “I’ve liked you since the moment you opened the door. To be honest, you were just in a towel and of course I thought you were beautiful physically, but then I had the chance to know you better. You are clever and strong and I can’t believe we met. So I was wondering, would you like to go out with me sometime?”

How GOT7 would act after making up from a Long Fight

Jb: would somewhat be awkward and wouldn’t know if he should talk or not, he might still think your mad or might say something to make you mad again even after the cringy apology he did for you, so he would back hug you, give you small neck kisses but no words, still waiting for you to speak up.

Mark: he would probably want to kill the awkward silence that’s their by saying “so umm” or would try continuing the conversation by trying to act a interested but in reality he just misses having a conversation with you. Giving him attention would mean the world to him.

Jinyoung: he would be the one to be mad I bet you, so it would be you trying to talk to him. Even if he’s not mad he would just like to act like it to see your reaction thinking it’s the cutest thing, but when he think’s it’s the right to stop teasing you he will be more than happy to have you in his arms.

Jackson: would be vary happy/hype. Would not leave you alone no matter what, he would hug you kiss you anything he has been wanting to do ever since that dumb fight. he would have long conversations with you on anything you want to talk about knowing that he doesn’t want to waist a moment.

Youngjae: as the fluff of shine he is, he would probably stare at you, not being able to talk to you or see you had him go crazy and just curve for seeing you even more. He would talk about dumb things that he did or happened to him while you guys weren’t talking, Would be more than happy to even listen to you as well.

BamBam: he would be PDAing the whole day/night, he’s meaning of ‘missing’ you was also sexual, might have conversation with you but mostly sex. He would take any chance to sneak a kiss or a hug even slapping your butt or something like that, would also be proud to show you all the clothes he bought which would end being a fashion show late at night.

Yugyeom: he would be totally normal. talking to you normally joking normally making fun of you more which is just a way of him showing his affection, he would also make sure to kiss you til you both gasp for breath, he would often say ‘i missed you’ a lot more. Would admire you even with the smallest movement you make.

Amusement Park

Chanyeol x reader

word count: 2232

A/N: This is a repost from my main blog @fluffyyeollie because I’m busy moving all my writing to this account. Please show it once again lots of love. Any likes/reblogs/comments would be highly appreciated. 

Genre: fluff

You hastedly run out of your apartment, looking at your watch, only to see that you have five minutes left to meet up with Chanyeol, who you’re supposed to meet up with in front of the amusement park to spend a day together.

“Oh crap I’m gonna get late!” You hurriedly make your way to the place you were supposed to meet Chanyeol, almost causing several incidents in your hurry.

When you arrive, you see Chanyeol leaning against the wall with his sunglasses on and his hands in his pocket. You stand still for a moment, almost surprised by the charisma your childhood friend has.

Of course, there were some girls giggling and whispering not too far away from him, and your annoyance snaps you out of your little trance. You walk towards him, trying very hard not to show that you’re out of breath. Chanyeol notices you as you come closer and he stands up straight, taking his hands out of his pockets.

“Hey, (Y/n)! You know you’re fifteen minutes late, don’t you?” He takes your appearance in and turns his head away with a slight huff. “Cute..” he mumbles, too soft for you to hear.

“What was that?” You ask as you take a step towards him, looking curiously.

You hear the girls from a moment ago whisper, “No way! Chanyeol has a grilfriend?! Such a shame, she isn’t even that cute..”

You turn to them, giving them a glare that could kill, but at the same time, you feel Chanyeol behind you also turn to the girls. You can’t see his eyes but you know he isn’t pleased from the rest of his face. He grabs your elbow lightly and somewhat drags you with him. “Let’s go.” Is all he says before letting go of you and walking towards the amusement park.

It takes you a few moments to get moving and you jog after him, “wait, Chanyeol! Why did you want to meet up with me in the first place? You’re a famous idol now.. isn’t it bothersome to spend time with me?”

Even though what you just said should’ve been pretty sad, your voice was clear and you didn’t look sad even in the slightest.

Chanyeol stops walking and turns to you, “what? What’s gotten into you? Of course it’s not bothersome! I’m spending time with my childhood friend, that isn’t bothersome!”

He gives you one of his well-known cheeky smiles and the tension that was rising just a moment ago, completely fades away as you walk alongside him. “You were out of breath when you came. Nice try, but you can’t hide these things from me.” He says with a satsified smile before you bump him with your elbow.

“Not cool.” You say, but can’t hide your smile.

The two of you enter the park and Chanyeol grins. “Say, (Y/n)? You’re good with scary rides, right? Cause I really want to ride that one.” He says as he points at a rather high roller coaster, complete with loopings and crazy curves. Your face twitches a little as you let out an awkward laugh.

“E-eh? Of course I’m alright with them! I’m more worried about you. You’re sure you can handle that?” You ask with a smirk as you look up at him.

“Naturally. I’m a man.” He says proudly and puffs his chest a little.

“Yeah, sure, says the over sized baby.” You huff and cross your arms.

“Let’s see then. Come on, (Y/n), the que will only get longer if we stay here. Let’s go!” He says excitedly as he makes his way to the scary ride he wants to try.

“Damn you, Chanyeol.” You whisper under your breath as you follow him, not even thinking about telling him you’re actually really scared.

After standing in line for half an hour, he helps you take your seat in the ride and you nervously check your safety belts a few times, trying not to get it too tight or too lose, scared to die in the ride if the belt wasn’t set perfectly. Chanyeol sees your nervous movements and throws his head back as he starts laughing.

“You sure you can handle this, (Y/n)? You seem pretty nervous.” He says in a playful tone as he eyes you. You turn your head to face him, your cheeks a bit red.

“Of course I can handle this. It’s just a roller coaster, not the end of the world.” You say with a huff as you turn away, looking in front of you, you grip the handle in front of you as soon as the vehicle starts moving. Chanyeol, on the other hand, immediately throws his hands in the air and starts laughing and screaming happily when the ride starts off with a steep fall. You close both your eyes and mouth, still determined not to show Chanyeol how scared you actually are. You vaguely hear Chanyeol say things such as “Ahhhh (Y/n)! Look, look!!” During the ride, but you keep your eyes shut, already having a hard time surviving the experience without actually seeing how steep every fall is, how sharp every curve is or how big those loopings were.

After what felt like forever, you feel the vehicle slowing down and eventually stop. You open your eyes and let out a relieved breath, still gripping the handle in front of you, and wearing a tense expression.

“Ahaha that was fun!” Chanyeol says, still laughing as he lowers his hands. He glances at you and snifs softly, trying to muffle his laughter, “you really missed something, (Y/n). Come on, don’t put on such an expression, you had fun, admit it!” He says playfully as he elbows you.

You close your eyes for a moment before relaxing and smiling slightly. “Yeah, it was fun. Scary, but fun.”

Chanyeol let out a triomphant sound as he raises his arms once again.

“Hahah!! You admitted it! You were scared!” He almost yells. Your face grows red and you slap his arms as you step out of your vehicle and made your way back outside.

“Okay, okay, you win this time. Just don’t say it so loudly.” You chuckle softly as you step into the hot sun, glad to stand on your own two feet, on the ground.

The two of you ride some more scary rides before you decide to take the lead and drag him along on some more bearable rides. The awkwardness which you felt when you first met up with him that day, has completely vanished. You don’t feel like you’re meeting up with ‘EXO’s Chanyeol’ anymore. You feel like you’re just meeting up with your childhood friend. A few hours pass and the two of you decided to get some snacks.

“(Y/n), what do you want to eat? I’ll pay so pick whatever you want.” Chanyeol asks you as he stops in front of a food stall, studying the menu.

“Ah, no that’s fine, I can pay for myself.” You immediately reply, slightly lifting your hands as they automatically start waving, as if to try to brush it off. Chanyeol eyes you and then turns his gaze to something behind you.

“No it’s okay, I’ll pay. I want to treat you to something since we haven’t been able to meet up a lot due to my schedule.” You want to protest but somthing inside of you tells you not to, so you don’t. Instead, you let out a soft sigh before shrugging and speaking up. “If that’s what you want. I’ll take some medium french fries with mayonaise and a side salad.”

He turns his gaze back to you and laughs softly. “Roger that.” He turns to the man behind the stall and orders the food.

You went to look for a nice spot to sit as Chanyeol waited for the food to be made. You sit down on a bench located under a green tree, blocking part of the burning sun. Chanyeol sits down next to you not too much later and places the food between the two of you.

“Thank you for the food.” You mumbled softly before starting nibbling on your fries. You notice that Chanyeol has only brought a coke for himself and you immediately grab two fries and hold them out to him, still slightly munching on the fries in your mouth.

“Say ‘aah’” you tell him as you move your hand with the fries a little. Chanyeol looks dumbfoundedly at you for a moment before leaning forward to eat the fries you’re holding, almost biting your fingers off as well. “Whoa whoa, calm down! No need to eat my fingers too.” You say, chuckling softly. Chanyeol just sticks his tongue out before also grabbing two fries and holding them out to you.

“Now you say ‘ahh’” he says, just slightly mocking you, an almost unnoticeable blush growing on his cheek. You look wide eyed at him before looking away, smiling slightly.

“I can’t. Your fans will get angry if I do. I’m sure one of them is filming this right now. If you were to feed me, it’d cause a huge uproar among your fans, if this whole meeting up isn’t already causing that. I don’t want to trouble you any more than I’m already doing.” He looks a bit surprised at you, followed by worry as he lowers his hand and placed the fries back.

“Oh, I see.” Is all he says, followed by an unpleasant silence. After a short while, Chanyeol breaks it and stands up. “Hey (Y/n), how about we ride that one?” He asks you as he points at something high.

“But I’m still not done-” you start before noticing he’s pointing at the ferris wheel. You look at it for a moment before nodding slightly. “Alright, let’s go then.”

Chanyeol carries the food with him as the two of you make your way towards it. There wasn’t much of a line since it was already close to the closing hours of the park, so you could enter almost immediately. You sit in front of eachother and you look at the view as you slowly started to go higher and higher.

“Say 'aahh’” you hear Chanyeol say and you turn to face him, only to see him holding his hand out to you, holding two fries in it. “Fans can’t see us here. It’s okay.” He says with a bright smile. You hesitated a little before leaning forward and taking a bite.

“Thank you.” You mumble softly as you turn away again, hiding your blush behind your hair. When you were close to the top, Chanyeol calls your name again.

“(Y/n).” You turn to him, only to be surprised by something soft touching your lips for a brief moment. Dumbfounded, you watch Chanyeol sit back again, his face slightly flustered as he averts his gaze. The two of you stay silent for a while until the ferris wheel stopps at the top.

“Eh-” you starts off, but Chanyeol wouldn’t let you finish, “I know I’m being cheesy, doing this at the top of the ferris wheel, but this might be my only chance for a while, and I’m done waiting,” he pauses for a moment and frustratedly runs his hands through his hair, messing it up in a rather cute way. “Aaah this is hard!” He yells out before seeming to calm himself down. He takes a deep breath before looking you in the eyes.

“(Y/n), I like you. A lot. No, not even that. I love you. I love you a lot (Y/n), so would you please love me back and be my girlfriend?” He asks you, his eyes sparkling and his ears slightly getting red. You stare wide-eyed at him, still processing what just happened.

“E-eh? Me? Girlfriend? Chanyeol do you know what you’re doing? Do you know what this will do?” You ask him, slowly starting to believe this is all a prank, and you really don’t like that thought. Your heart fluttered every time you looked at him, and the thought that he might prank you with a fake confession, hurt you. A lot.

The ferris wheel starts moving again and Chanyeol speaks up again, seemingly a bit frustrated, although his face didn’t show.

“Of course I’m sure! I wouldn’t ask you out if I weren’t 100% sure of what I was doing. I don’t care about what might happen, I just want you.” He says, his voice cracking slightly at the end.

You swallow silently and your voice trembles as you speak up again. “So this isn’t a prank?” You ask softly.

Chanyeol stays silent for a short while before standing up, walking towards you, and kissing your lips softly, this time for a little bit longer. “I wouldn’t dare to lie about this.” He breathes softly as he takes a step back.

You stay silent, not able to find any words. The Park Chan Yeol just kissed you. “I-I… yes.” You say a bit breathless.

Chanyeol let out a relieved sigh and sits back down on his bench in front of you. The two of you stay silent for a while, before the silence gets broken by Chanyeol’s soft sniffling as he tries to hold his laughter.

“You should’ve seen your face just now. So cute.” He ends with a slight squeel, which makes you burst out laughing.

“Says the over sized baby.”

Come Down- Daryl Dixon

Plot/Request: Anon requested- “Hi! Would love a o/s where Daryl x Reader are in the middle of a massive fight. Things are said that shouldn’t be. Reader thinks it’s the end for them so she takes off. Daryl comes to her the following day and tells her he’s not going to give up on them. Extra fluff! (can be set pre apocalypse or mid apocalypse)”

Word count: 1501

Warnings: swearing, minor character death, 

Note: i’m so sorry this took so long omg. life’s been kinda crazyyyyy… also sorry there isn’t a lot of fluff for this.. fluff can be hard mannnnn


Coming back from a run was always a possibility. Not a certainty.

But so far, you’d come back from every single run you’d ever been on. No bites nor lethal wounds to be found on your skin. Still, Daryl would worry whenever he wasn’t with you. He treated you like a child sometimes, and it drove you crazy.

Keep reading