crazy craving

We live for crazy, careless summer nights, that always fade into memories, which bring us the feelings that we crave since then.
—  i wanna live in those moments forever..

Peter Parker Imagines

  • Words (x)
  • Treat You Better (x)
  • Mine (x)
  • To Lose An Heir (x)
  • Forever & Always (x)
  • Chocolate Kisses (x)
  • Radioactive (x)
  • I Choose You (x)
  • The Hidden Hero (x)
  • Portrait of Love (x)
  • His Excuses (x)
  • Heathens (x)
  • Blood VS. Water (x)
  • The Rubik’s Cube (x)
  • Partners in Crime (x)
  • You Make Me Wanna (x) (extended)
  • One Call Away (x)
  • Bring It On Home (x)
  • Smi)e (x)

Tom Holland Imagines

  • Over Dramatic (x)
  • I Still Feel Like Your Man (x)
  • The Great Gymnast (x)
  • The Innocent Boy (x)
  • The Montréal Girl (x)
  • Crazy Cravings (x)
  • Hello Autumn (x)
  • Baby Holland (x)
  • British Blood (x)
  • Little Flirt (x)

Harrison Osterfield Imagines

  • Tom’s Little Sister (x) (extended*)
  • His Replacement (x)
  • The Deceitful Man (x)
  • Quarantine (x)
  • Babysitting Business (x)
  • The Broken Shadow (x)

Sam Holland Imagines

  • Be Patient (x)
  • Gentle Touch (x)
  • Little Moments (x)
  • Banana Pancakes (x)

Harry Holland Imagines

  • Penny Lane (x)




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(Insp.) I’m sorry but awkward!Arthur just pushes all my buttons plus it’s funnier if you think Uther already knows and loves Arthur anyway and then has to listen to Arthur compare himself to linguini or something

merlin art tag

Best Mistake - Part 1 - Smut

Originally posted by prettiestcaptain

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 2,347
AN: IDK I WANTED TO WRITE THIS DON’T JUDGE ME. There’s some Polish in here, I used Google translate so it may not be correct. I left the word meanings at the end. Thanks to @writing-obrien and @celestial-writing for being my pals. Also, his hand looks so yummy in this gif. okay bye.

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

This wasn’t how this was supposed to go. You sat and stared at the little white stick in your hand, the little pink plus sign mocking you. Your eyes swept across the floor to see the other discarded tests around your feet, all with the same result. You were pregnant.

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Crazy Cravings | Tom Holland

Summary: In which Tom Holland has to somehow find a way to satisfy his wife’s crazy pregnancy cravings…

Warning: none

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Oneshot

Requested: anonymously


The beautiful light of day had long since ebbed and dwindled to nothing, now that midnight had steadily approached. The air was slowly becoming cooler and damper than it had been. It was a pretty clear night, the glimmering starlight and the radiance of the bright moon illuminating the dark sky.

The area of Southwest London had been asleep for a long time, all the houses showcasing that their lights had been turned off hours ago and that all the souls inside were fast asleep. Though in one particular house, one soul refused to go to sleep. Instead, she lay wide awake.

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Do Something Already

A Shawn Mendes one shot. Requested by @alone-in-madness

Request: I think i already respuest something but i have another idea🤐😂 you and shawn hate each other so much (secretely in love but things that happened wont let you love each other) but your families are so close, you go in a trip together and because of some mistake you have to share rooms. in the middle of a fight, somehow you end having crazy passionate craving hungerly type of sex and you confess feelings ❤❤❤ LOVE U

A/N: I still don’t think I’m any good at smut, but let me know what you think :)


It was the weekend I dreaded every summer. I felt like some dumb, stereotypically angsty teenager, but I genuinely didn’t want to go on this family trip. While Muskoka was beautiful, it was also boring. All my friends were still in Toronto for the long weekend, while I was being forced to spend my time at a rented cottage with my family and the family of my parents’ friends.

The son of my parents’ friends was my age, which means you’d think after all this time being forced to hang out together we’d become friends, but in fact the opposite was true. Shawn was the scum of the earth, and the reason I dreaded going so much for what had become an annual tradition. It didn’t matter how good looking he was or how nice he was to his younger sister or the passion he put into his music, he was still an asshole. I felt my stomach drop when I saw him come outside with the rest of his family once we’d arrived at the cottage. 

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Quick fact. Ready?
When one experiences food cravings, the thoughts often associate the particular food as a reward of some sort, which often overrides the reward centre of the brain. This involves the activation of three specific parts of the brain; the hippocampus, the caudate, and the insula.

Sentence Meme: Pregnancy Version
  • "Are you pregnant?"
  • "Do you want a boy or a girl."
  • "Have you had any crazy cravings yet?"
  • "He's/She's kicking again."
  • "How're the mood swings going?"
  • "I can't see my feet!"
  • "I don't know who the father is."
  • "I feel fat."
  • "I look like I swallowed a planet!"
  • "I need a pregnany test."
  • "I'm eating for two!"
  • "I'm getting an abortion."
  • "I'm late."
  • "I'm not ready to be a mother/father!"
  • "I'm pregnant."
  • "It's a boy/girl."
  • "My water just broke."
  • "Push!"
  • "The baby didn't make it."
  • "Who's the father?"
  • "You're not fat, you're pregnant."
You find out you’re pregnant ♡ Grayson

A/N: I think the title explains enough, lol. Grayson and reader are a bit older in this! As always I hope you enjoy 😊 This imagine is full of fluff and I felt a bit emotional writing it, just because the idea was so so cute. Love you all! Xx 

Word count: 2.124


Originally posted by thiccethan

You had not been feeling very well these past few days. To be honest; really, really bad. You had been acting cranky, feeling tired, nauseous and were experiencing terrible stomach cramps. Because of your unpredictable behaviour there had been some tension between your boyfriend, Grayson, and you. Sometimes (most of the time, unfortunately) it had led to a discussion or two.

Grayson was normally very calm and understanding; he secretly thought you were about to have your period. But he was only human too and even he couldn’t help but lose his temper sometimes.

The funny thing was actually that you had skipped your last period and you were late for the upcoming one, which was something you couldn’t remember ever happened.

The idea that you could be pregnant hadn’t even crossed your mind, which was a very odd thing. With all the symptoms that were going on there was still no alarm going off in your head.

Tonight was Grayson and yours anniversary. Exactly today you were married for three years; years full of adventures and happiness. He wanted to do something special for this occasion, but you were having the worst night ever. So instead of going out tonight, he had to cancel the reservation for your favourite restaurant. You decided to stay in to watch a movie with snacks (which you had been craving like crazy lately).

You felt very bad for turning him down but he reassured you several times that it was completely fine. He insisted that you stayed home to get better. Celebrating could happen later this week.

‘I’m still so sorry,’ you apologized to Grayson. You were snuggled up against him, feeling warm and safe. A pair of sweatpants and one of Grayson’s shirts was the only clothing you were wearing. Grayson and you had made yourselves comfortable on the couch with a blanket, your head pressed to Grayson’s chest while he was rubbing your back. 

‘Y/N, it’s fine, really. We can celebrate it another time.’ He kissed the top of your head. You sighed. For some weird reason you felt like crying, although you didn’t even feel sad. Jesus, what was going on? You were an emotional rollercoaster today.

Suddenly, without any warning, you could feel your stomach doing a flip. You felt a bitter taste on your tongue. You escaped from under Grayson’s arm and sat up straight, on the edge of the couch. ‘What’s wrong?’ Grayson asked, worry laced in his voice.

You tried to swallow away the weird taste, but it didn’t really help. ‘I-I don’t feel very good,’ you breathed out. You inhaled deeply to block out the dizziness. Grayson gently stroked your back and studied your features, trying to discover what was bothering you. ‘Can I get you something?’

You wanted to answer but a weird sensation rushed through your body, ready to come out. You tasted the food you ate earlier and knew you were going to puke. You quickly got up and sprinted towards the bathroom, covering your mouth with your hand. You heard Grayson’s footsteps quickly following behind you.

Only when you were puking your guts out while Grayson held your hair back, his forehead furrowed in worry, the idea hit you. Maybe you were… pregnant? No, that couldn’t be, right? But it just had to be the answer. It was the only way to explain all the symptoms you were feeling. 

After you thought you were done Grayson grabbed you by your arms and helped you up. ‘I’m gonna make you a bath, okay?’ You nodded absently, the idea of being pregnant not leaving your head. You decided to go to the pharmacist next thing in the morning to buy a test. 

❊ ❊ ❊

After you went to the pharmacy to get the pregnancy test, you almost couldn’t handle yourself. You were so excited that you almost ran home instead of just walking. Yesterday evening you wanted to introduce the idea to Grayson, but at the same time you didn’t want him to get his hopes up.

Yes, you guys had been trying to get pregnant, but there was no rush or anything. Of course; it would be amazing if you could have a child, but after last year you knew you had to be careful.

The last time you told him you were two weeks pregnant he was tremendously happy. You were too, of course. The two of you talked about it every moment of the day and when the baby room was almost ready and you were too, something you didn’t expect happened. You got a miscarriage.

Grayson and you had come out of it very strong and you were even convinced that it enhanced your relationship, but it had been a hard time. You cried a lot in that phase of your life, having trouble coping with the grief. The reason you were so devastated was because you had been trying to get pregnant for almost two years.

The fact you had failed Grayson and the thought you didn’t deserve him didn’t leave you alone for a long time. Grayson had been your saviour and he promised that that wasn’t the case. You were the love of his life.

❊ ❊ ❊

You sighed as you were hanging above the toilet with the pregnancy test underneath you. You were so nervous that you couldn’t pee, a fact which made you giggle. Finally, after contemplating you should give up and go later, you were able to empty your bladder.

As much as you tried to ignore your nerves, they almost made you dizzy. You tried to act and feel neutral; for all you know you weren’t even pregnant.

The time went by more slowly than ever and after five minutes you started to get frustrated. Finally, after waiting what felt like an eternity something on the pregnancy test appeared; a +. It was big and clear, but there were two of them. 

It took a moment before you realised the good news. You were pregnant! You couldn’t believe it. Four weeks already! Oh, God. You felt so happy. How great would it be to have a little Grayson walking around the house - if it was a boy, of course. 

Something you found weird was that there were two large pluses, instead of only one (like the package showed). After reading the instruction you came to the surprising conclusion that if you had one plus you were pregnant with one baby. If more than one plus appeared chances were (for 95 %) that you were pregnant with twins.

Your eyes went big when you read that, your heart starting to pound very fast. Being pregnant was one thing, but having twins was another story. Grayson would freak out. Speaking of Grayson; he was upstairs doing some work, not having any idea of what was going on downstairs.

❊ ❊ ❊ 

‘Gray! Grayson!’ you yelled. You were nervously standing in the living room, the pregnancy test hidden behind your back. ‘Y/N! Baby?’ Grayson yelled back. ‘Are you okay?!’ 

‘Yes! Can you come down for a minute?’ You heard Grayson hurried footsteps instantly, rushing downstairs. His eyes were big and full of worry. ‘What’s wrong, baby? Is everything okay?’ You smiled. ‘Everything’s fine, Gray. Relax.’ He rushed towards you and tried to take your hands, but you took a step back. Grayson looked at you, his face expression confused. He had no idea what you were going to tell him.

‘I have news,’ you spoke, creating a mysterious silence. When you didn’t continue Grayson looked so confused you almost felt bad for him. ‘What is it, Y/N? Help me out here, please.’ Okay, here goes nothing, you thought. You smiled like a goof and showed him the test. ‘We’re going to be parents.’

Grayson’s eyes flickered from the test back to your eyes, and then back to the test again. ‘I’m pregnant, Gray,’ you spoke softly, a big smile from ear to ear on your face. Just like you it took a moment before Grayson realised what you just stated.

‘Oh my God. Oh my God!’ he squealed and took you in his arms. He swung you around the room and you giggled, your face pressed to the crook of his neck. He smelled heavenly.

‘We’re going to be parents! I’m going to be a dad!’ he cheered and put you down. ‘Ehm, daddy,’ you corrected him, chuckling softly. He smirked cheeky at you, knowing exactly what you meant.

‘And I also have something else that I should tell you,’ you said. Grayson bit his bottom lip and his beautiful went even bigger. ‘There’s more?’ he asked in disbelief. You looked back at the pregnancy test. ‘According to this there is a 95% chance that there is going to be two of them.’  

‘Wait… Twins?! Y/N, this is unbelievable!’ Grayson pulled you closer and kissed your forehead. After that he kissed you passionately on the lips and then leaned back to cup your face. ‘This is amazing. I can’t describe how happy I am. It also explains why you were feeling so weird these last few days.’ He laughed.

He wrapped his arms around you and together you just stood there, both loving the moment you were sharing. It felt so unreal. You were going to be a mother; starting a new phase in your life. You were so caught up in your own thoughts and all of the emotions you were feeling, you didn’t realise right away Grayson shoulders went up an down in a shaky rhythm. He was crying. 

A feeling of warmth filled you, happy that Grayson felt comfortable enough to expose himself like this and show his feelings. ‘Aw, babe,’ you grinned softly. ‘It’s okay. Let it all out.’ It didn’t take long before you started sobbing as well. Oh well, who the hell cared? You were going to be a mom and Grayson a father; you felt like the happiest person in the world.

❊ ❊ ❊

After talking about it all day and night, you decided to go to bed when it was nearly 1 pm. After you put on one of Grayson’s oversized shirts you crawled under the covers. Grayson joined you not much later. You had too much energy and you figured it was going to take long before you would eventually fall asleep.

You went laying on your back while Grayson lay beside you on his left, his elbow supporting his head. He looked at you with so much admiration it made your heart flutter. ‘You’re going to be such an amazing mother, Y/N. I can’t wait.’

You smiled and locked eyes with him, your heart swelling up at the thought this person was going to be the father of your child. How could you ever get so lucky? A question to which you had no answer to.

‘And you are going to be such a wonderful dad,’ you whispered and brought your hand up to stroke his cheek. He smiled and moved his hand to the hem of your shirt. ‘Can I?’ he asked uncertain. You nodded and slowly he lifted it up, exposing your stomach.

‘I don’t think you can really see something already, baby,’ you giggled. Grayson chuckled. ‘I know… But still, I like the fact that two little persons are already growing inside of you. Almost as if we’re a family already,’ he whispered and placed his big hand onto your stomach. You shivered at the touch of his warm skin.

You watched him as he stroked your belly gently, a smile appearing on his face. Gosh, he was so beautiful. He moved his body lower and placed a sweet kiss onto your belly button, which caused your insides to melt. He placed his chin onto your stomach and looked up through his long eyelashes. You grinned and sweetly ran a hand through his fluffy hair.

‘Honey… what if… you know, I have a miscarriage again?’ you asked slowly, trying to keep your voice as steady as possible. It was quiet for a moment as Grayson stared into your eyes.

Eventually he spoke, his voice sounding a bit husky. ‘Then we’ll try again. And again. And if it happens, I know we’ll get through it. I promise. We can get through anything.’ You sighed, feeling content with his answer. He was right, as always. There was absolutely no use in worrying about things you had no control over, let alone something that would maybe never happen.

Right now, everything was more than perfect. ‘I love you so much, Gray…’ you whispered, afraid your voice would crack. Grayson smiled. You felt his warm breath on your skin as he placed another sweet kiss, going lower this time. Next he placed a kiss just above your waistline. You knew to what this would lead. ‘I love you more, baby. You deserve all the love in the world.’

Just For Me (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warnings: Slight cursing, some fluff, drinking, a little bit of angst and jealousy

Word Count: 3.9k+

A/N: This is probably one of my favorite fics I have written so far. I’m SO sorry it’s a little long. I’m really looking forward to writing a part two to this, maybe with some smut ;) Anyways hope you all enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it :) 


You and Bucky had kind of history you guess you could say. You had feelings for him but you couldn’t tell if he felt the same way. Bucky is a very hard person to read. A few weeks ago you and him had gotten drunk in the living room of the Avengers Tower whilst playing a drinking game. The game ended shortly after it was starting to get to the point where the two of you were just drinking. So after one too many drinks the two of you both got to talking, mainly about your guys’ childhood, how it was growing up, traditions, stuff like that. Not long after that you had reached a touchy subject in your childhood and there was a moment of silence/pity between you and Bucky. Bucky took advantage of the moment and leaned in and kissed you, it took you off guard at first but you started to kiss back. He was a little hesitant because of fear of hurting you, but you didn’t want it to stop. As the kiss started to deepen of course Bucky’s fear got the best of him and he pulled away. You looked up at him with confusion and longing on your face as he started to stand up. He looked back at you for a second with sad eyes and made his way out of the room without a word. Ever since then Bucky has been avoiding you. You thought that you guys might have had something, but now seeing the way he has been you’re not so sure. Whenever you would try to make conversation with him he would always respond with blunt answers. It was driving you crazy, you craved his attention, you missed him as a friend, even though you wanted to be more than just that. So the past two weeks you having doing things to get his attention, even a reaction out of him would suffice. Things like walking around in nothing but short booty shorts and a fitted tank top, and when you would go swimming in the Avengers pool you would wear the tiniest swimming suit that Natasha lent to you. You were hoping to get some sort of reaction from him but all you got were short blank stares. So you got talking to Sam and you talked him into making Bucky jealous, thinking that might get his attention. At first Sam was skeptical but then after begging him, he caved. It also might have helped that Nat promised to go on a date with him if he helped you out. 

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47 Minutes

All right. Here is my fic for Hannah’s Writing Challenge! @hanny-bananny

Pairing: Spencer x Reader

Quote: “If this is you, and you’re out there, come home. Please.”

*Edit made by @dontshootmespence*


They say there is no greater pain in life, no greater loss one can feel, than that of a child. To lose a parent is eventual and inevitable. To lose a loved one is tragic, but tolerable. To lose a friend is heartbreaking, but the ability to move on is still there.

But not with a child.

Parents always presume their children will be the ones burying them, not the other way around. Children are brought into this world as a blank slate, a new face, a continuation of their parents’ legacy. And when that new fire of life is snuffed out far before its time, there’s no coming back from that. Marriages seldom stay together. Husbands and wives find themselves unable to be around each other. If they couldn’t even protect their child, what business did they have pretending they could still be happy together?

Forty-seven minutes. That’s how long it had been. For forty-seven minutes, you held her in your arms, feeling her skin growing colder, hearing her tiny heartbeat growing fainter, listening as her short breaths slowly faded away. For forty-seven minutes, you were the perfect family: you, your husband, your child. For forty-seven minutes, you’d been everything you’d ever wanted to be in life: a mother.

And when that forty-seven minutes was up, they took her away from you. They wrenched her from your arms, apologizing over and over again, saying that continuing to see her like that would only make things worse. What did they know? How dare they speak to you like they even knew? How dare they take your child away from you before you even had a chance to truly appreciate her beauty? You didn’t care that she had been gone almost from the moment she came out of you. You didn’t care about the psychological damage that could occur from continuing to hold her lifeless body in your arms. She was your daughter. And all you wanted was time with her. Because now she was gone forever. And you would never get that time back.

In the days following your return from the hospital, you had been like a ghost in your own house. Not eating. Not sleeping. Not engaging in conversation with your husband. Not even really existing. You were just…there. On the days when you actually found the strength to get out of bed, you wandered aimlessly from room to room, each one bringing more pain than the last.

First there was the living room, where you had sat nearly nine months ago, anxious but excited, as you waited for Spencer to come home from work, the positive pregnancy test in your hands. Or the kitchen, where your crazy food cravings refused to let you sleep, and you and Spencer had stayed up all night eating ice cream and coming up with the most ridiculous-sounding names for your little nugget (Makierity Sixty-Four was your personal favorite). Or your bedroom, where you had felt the baby kick for the first time, and Spencer had actually started crying as he proclaimed that he’d never been so happy in his entire life. Or the nursery, where the two of you had spent hours trying to put together the impossible-to-build crib only to have Morgan come by and assemble the damn thing in less than twenty minutes.

All of it, all of those beautiful memories, all of the good and the pure associated with those rooms, all of it was gone now.

But that wasn’t as heart-wrenching as the guilt that piled up in the pit of your stomach any time you looked into Spencer’s eyes. You had always hoped that your child would get his eyes. So bright and beautiful. They always had made you feel like you were the only person in a crowded room when he looked at you with them. They were gentle eyes full of love and compassion, both traits that Spencer had in abundance. You had always loved how they would soften when he would talk to the baby at night, filling its head with all kinds of wonderful stories and mind-blowing statistics. If he wasn’t careful, you would have another little genius on your hands.

But now, those eyes appeared lost and dazed. The hope in them had burned out. Now when you looked into them (something you found yourself doing less and less of as of late), you couldn’t help but feel that there was something else lurking behind the dark irises. Something past the pain and the heartache. And it was with this observation that you began to question: Does he blame me for what happened?

Now you knew Spencer would never say anything of the sort to you. After all, he’d been doing everything in his power to try to bring you out of your slump, even though you could tell it was taking everything in him not to fall apart completely. He’d had members of his team come by to try and cheer you up. JJ informed you that she, too, had suffered a miscarriage, and Hotch you knew had lost his wife to a serial killer. And while both of those were tragic in and of themselves, neither of them could truly understand the pain you experienced carrying someone inside of you for nine months only to lose them moments after bringing them into this world.

Forty-seven minutes. That’s all the protection you could provide her. Forty-seven fucking minutes.

He didn’t deserve this. He didn’t deserve to be stuck in a house with someone who had taken away the one thing he wanted most. You knew early on that Spencer wanted to be a dad. You saw how much he loved and adored his godson Henry, and you wanted nothing more than the chance to give that to him. He deserved some bit of happiness to counteract with all the trauma he had endured in his life (you didn’t know all of it, but you knew enough to know that boy had suffered enough sadness to last him a lifetime).

But you couldn’t even do that. And that’s why you had to leave.

You waited until Spencer had left for work. He only recently started going back, and you were glad that he would have something to help distract him from everything that had been going on. Maybe with luck, he’d have a case which would permit him to be gone for a few days, giving you both time to clear your heads. Maybe when he came home and found you weren’t there, maybe you would both realize this was for the better. After all, why keep around someone who’s only going to cause you grief?

Leaving behind nothing but a hastily scribbled note stating that you were fine and that it would be in his best interest not to come looking for you, you set out. Where were you going? What was your plan? If you ever did plan to return, when would that be? All these were questions you hoped to answer while you were gone.

However, that was three days ago. And now you were currently sitting in a motel about twenty miles out of DC with no plans of where to go and what your endgame was. Your phone had been ringing so much that you finally turned the damn thing off, unable to listen to it anymore. Maybe thirty missed calls would give Spencer the hint that you didn’t want to talk to anyone. You just wanted to be alone. Alone to stew in your thoughts.

But after three days of drinking yourself nearly into a coma in this stuffy, ratty motel room, you couldn’t stand the isolation anymore. You needed to get out and go somewhere. Anywhere. Anyplace that had people. People who didn’t know you. People who would look at you with something other than sadness and pity. A place where you could start over and forget about the pain you had caused back home in Virginia.

As you loaded your bags into the back of the car and debated for a moment whether or not you should bother turning your phone back on, you heard a sudden beep coming from the glove box. There was only one thing in there that would be beeping like that, but there’s no way it was activated. You never gave that number out. There’s no way anyone would have called it…

You slowly reached over and opened the glove box, pulling out the old flip phone nestled underneath old receipts, insurance papers, and other random brochures you and Spencer had accumulated over the years. For the past few years, you had kept a separate phone in your car in case of emergencies only. You’d heard enough horror stories from Spencer about bad things happening to people stuck on the side of the road with a dead car battery and, even worse, a dead phone battery. Not wanting to ever find yourself in that situation, you always made sure to have your back up phone charged just in case the time called for it.

But you never gave the number out. You doubted Spencer even knew you had it. Not that you didn’t trust him, but you felt that the less people knew about it, the less chance there was of it ever going missing or being stolen. And yet, here it was, beeping up at you, flashing the message “1 New Voicemail.”

Probably just a wrong number, you thought to yourself. Someone calling looking for someone else. Or a telemarketer trying to sell me something. It’s nothing. I should just delete it.

But as your finger hovered over the ‘Delete’ button, curiosity got the best of you. Might as well see what this mystery caller wanted right? You’d had barely any human contact for the past three days. Might be nice to hear another voice.

However, as you hit the play button and brought the phone to your ear, your jaw instantly dropped and tears formed in your eyes as you heard your husband’s voice come through the speaker, sounding pained and choked with emotion.

“Y/N? I…I hope this is you. I had Garcia do some digging and she found this number registered in your name. Your maiden name. I take it you’ve had it for a while then. I figured it must be for emergencies or something, but that doesn’t matter right now. I just need you to hear me. I just need to tell you that…I miss you. I miss you so much. And also to tell you that…I understand why you left.

“I know everyone can say that they understand your pain and that they know what you’re going through, but they don’t. No one truly understands your pain like you do. Even I don’t, and I hate that I don’t. I saw the hurt in your eyes every time you looked at me. And I hated that I couldn’t take it away. I hated that you were in so much pain, and that I couldn’t fix it. Believe me, I wish that our lives had turned out the way we wanted. You, me, our daughter. One happy family.

“But maybe that wasn’t what our life was meant to be. I know it’s hard to hear it, sweetheart, but sometimes that’s how things go. What’s most important to know is that this wasn’t your fault. No part of this was your fault. And if that’s what you’re afraid of, I want to assure you that I don’t blame you, Y/N. I never blamed you, and I never will blame you. What you gave me was the most beautiful thing anyone could ever ask for. It may have been brief, but it was perfect. That moment…those few minutes with our daughter…they were perfect.

“And maybe one day we’ll get that moment back. Maybe one day we’ll get to try again. But even if we don’t, that’s okay too. Because if this whole situation has taught me anything, it’s that I don’t want to spend another minute of my life without you. All I really need to be truly happy is you. And though it may seem like this ache will never go away, I promise you it will. I promise that I will never stop loving you, and I promise that we can get through this. Together.

“Please, Y/N. If this is you and you’re out there, come home. Please. Come back home to me. I have nothing in my life if I don’t have you. I love you so much, and I want to help make this right. If you get this, if you’re listening…remember that I love you. Always have, always will.”

The message ended, but you hardly noticed as you sunk forward in your seat, your face buried in your hands, as sobs wracked your body. You always knew that Spencer had loved you unconditionally, but to hear it all laid out there like that…you couldn’t understand why you even left in the first place. How could you have left someone like that? How could you have believed a man like that would ever blame you for something you both knew deep down wasn’t truly your fault? How could you even be considering leaving behind the best thing to ever happen to you?

When you had lost your daughter, you thought your life was over. You thought there was no way either of you could ever come back from this. But you had evidently severely underestimated your husband and all the good he truly had to offer you. He didn’t blame you. He wasn’t angry about what happened. All he wanted was you, back in his arms, safely. Who were you to deny him that? Who were you to walk away from a love like that?

You glanced down at the glittering band on your left hand. You’d always said that you would never give your heart away to just anyone. It had to be someone truly special. Someone who would never hurt you like you’d been hurt in the past. And you knew, five years ago, when Spencer had slipped that band over your finger, when he had made that promise to love you for better or for worse, you always assumed he would mean it. And now this was it. This was the proof you needed. For better or for worse. That’s what you had told each other.

It took some time to calm yourself down, but once your crying had stopped, you found your mind to be clear. You knew what you had to do now. This self-destruction was getting nowhere. You knew the healing process was going to be long and it was going to be hard. But you also knew that with your sweet, loving husband by your side, there was nothing you two couldn’t overcome, so long as you overcame it together.

It was late when you finally pulled into the driveway. You half-expected Spencer to be asleep, or maybe even still at work. You knew how he had a tendency to stay late when his head was too full and he wasn’t ready to face home. However, to your surprise, as you got out of the car, the porch light suddenly flicked on. Seconds later, the front door creaked open, and there he stood, looking about as disheveled as you (clearly neither of you had been doing a lot of sleeping lately). But as you stepped closer, you saw it: for the first time since this all happened, his eyes lit up at the sight of you. As if nothing brought him more joy than the sight of you right here, right now.

“Y/N…” he whispered, as if he couldn’t believe you were really here. You opened your mouth to respond, but found yourself unable, and instead fell gratefully into his welcoming arms. And as he held you tightly, nuzzling his head into your neck, as you sobbed on his shoulder, clinging to him for dear life, you realized that this was truly where you belonged. Things would get better in the end, so long as you had Spencer.

It may have taken forty-seven minutes for you to lose your child, but it only took about forty-seven seconds for you to realize that not all had been truly lost in the world.

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Technically speaking there is a 'man period' (it's a drop in testosterone instead of a change in estrogen) and since everything happens to Steve 4x as much, imagine his mood swings and crazy cravings at all hours... basically just want Manperiod!steve :D

All lanes of traffic were at a complete standstill and the only thing keeping Steve in his car was Bucky’s voice over the Bluetooth.

“Okay, what did Banner say exactly?”

He let out a frustrated sigh and scrubbed a hand over his face. “That it’s a drop in testosterone. He said that it’s completely normal, it happens to every guy, but cause of the serum I get it four times worse,” he explained, his voice trailing off into a wine. “Buck, everything hurts. I’m achy all over and everyone keeps-“ he cut off when the car next to him started hoking it’s horn. “What? What d’ya want?”

The man honked again and started cranking his wheel, doing his best to get himself in Steve’s lane.

“Why?!” Steve demanded, throwing his hands up. “We’re not going any faster, pal! What’s the point?!” he yelled.

The man responded by flipping him off and wedging himself in front of Steve’s car.

A spike of rage shot through Steve and he laid into his horn. “I see you, asshole! I see you with your Hitler mustache!”

“Hitler mustache? Stevie, calm down. Breathe.”

A gasp of a sob left him as anxiety replaced his rage. “I’m under attack, Buck,” he said, his voice going an octave higher. “There’s Nazis’ everywhere.”

“It’s alright. Just take a deep breath.”

Steve just sunk deeper in his seat. “I can’t!” he wailed. “I can’t breathe! I can’t think! I-I can’t remember anything!” he gasped out. “Buck? Buck, are you there?”

“I’m right here, Stevie. It’s okay.”

He sniffed and nodded. “Before I talked to Bruce, I went to get one of those brownies. You know I love those brownies. From that place.”

“Yes, you love those brownies.”

“But when I tried to order them, I couldn’t remember that brownies are called brownies,” he rushed out, his voice catching. “I called ‘em thin cakes! I called ‘em thin cakes, Buck!”

“Okay, maybe you should pull over. I don’t want you getting into an acci-“

“The hell are you doing?!” Steve exclaimed, watching with wide eyes as another car forced its way in front of him. “What are you doing?!”

Yet another driver chose to answer by flipping him off.

Steve physically jerked back. “What?! Oh you son of a bitch! You’re going on a watch list, buddy!”

“Steve, stop screaming.”


It was that moment that the car behind him decided that it was a good idea to not pay attention to traffic. The force of the Jeep hitting the back of Steve’s borrowed Audi shoved him forward into the car that had just cut him off.

“Steve? What happened?”

He sat there shocked for a moment before the tears returned and he slumped forward onto the steering wheel. “Buck, please save me.”

Give me Finnick returning from the war and kissing his wife first on the lips and then on the stomach

Give me Finnick and Annie cuddled up at home at night, talking about baby names and all the possibilities for their little family

Give me Annie ecstatically yelling for Finnick to come look in the mirror with her because she finally can see a baby bump

Give me Finnick buying too many stuffed animals and baby toys for the nursery and Annie banning him from going to the store on his own when she sees all the receipts

Give me Annie getting crazy intense sugar cravings and Finnick calling up Peeta desperately asking for baked goods because Annie NEEDS THEM NOW 

Give me Annie telling Finnick whenever the baby is kicking so he can put his hands on her tummy to feel it

Give me Finnick worrying about not being a good father because of his past and Annie rolling her eyes while she tells him about all the wonderful things he’s done for her and the baby

Give me Annie worrying about not being a good mother because of her mental illness and Finnick reminding her that she’s been recovering in leaps and bounds ever since the war ended and that he knows she’ll be perfect

Give me Annie absentmindedly singing lullabies with her hands on her stomach while Finnick watches with a grin on his face because he thinks it’s beautiful

Give me Annie excitedly arranging little outfits for the baby, complete with sets of little baby booties

Give me Finnick growing increasingly anxious about Annie and the baby, always hovering by Annie during the day and reaching for the phone to call the hospital whenever she fidgets uncomfortably and Annie needing to stop him from panicking and dragging her to the hospital too soon

Give me Finnick surrounding Annie with books to read and snacks to eat and notebooks for her to write in when she’s on bed rest

Give me Annie tying knots to distract herself while she’s in labor while Finnick tells her stories and strokes her hair

Give me Finnick holding his son for the first time, too overcome with joy to speak, leaning against Annie’s shoulder and kissing her temple every few minutes because he’s so happy to have the two people he loves most together and safe and happy

Give me Finnick carrying his baby around when he’s a few days old, his muscled arms looking massive around such a tiny baby 

Give me Annie kissing the baby’s forehead and cheeks and nose and tiny earlobes and fingertips and toes

Give me Finnick shooting out of bed each night when the baby cries and insisting that it’s his job and Annie needs to sleep even if Finnick is always the one getting out of bed to help and is probably only running on caffeine and sugar

Give me Finnick presenting his baby to all the victors proudly and getting overly offended when Johanna makes an unnecessary comment about his absolutely perfect newborn son

Give me Annie curling up next to Finnick at night after they’ve finally gotten their son to fall asleep and telling him that she’s never been happier, and Finnick agreeing and thinking for the first time in his life that maybe all the pain the both of them went through was worth it

Give me the life that the Odairs deserved dang it Suzanne Collins 

One-Shot Masterpost

(will be updated each time I post)

The One That Started it All- Drunk!Emily spills details about hers and Ali’s sex life to the whole group (x

Part 2, Emily is in trouble and morning sex ensues (x)

Ali gives birth to a baby boy (x)

Ai’s crazy cravings, Em will go anywhere (x)

Kenneth meets his grandson, learns Emison are engaged (x)

Emison’s child has a bad nightmare (x)

Ali is self-conscious about baby weight, Emily comforts her (x)

Ali finds herself in hospital (x)

Em comes home from work to find Ali and the baby sleeping (x)

Emison’s baby takes his first steps (x)

Fetus Emison, Emily is confused ‘That night’. Ali helps her out (x)

Em takes baby in the pool for the first time, Ali is nervous (x)

Em’s first day back at work (x)

The girls surprise Ali with a baby shower (x)

Ali and Em spend date night playing truth or dare (x)

Em gets overly protective when AD chooses Ali to have a turn at the game (x)

Emisons baby gets sick (x)

Em is tired of waiting for an answer as to why Ali kissed her (x)

Fetus Emison,Ali gets texts from A at a sleepover and turns to Em for comfort (x)

The baby hasn’t kicked for a while, the girls comfort each other (x)

First night home with the baby, Grandma Pam helps out (x)

Ali and Em explaining to their teenage child how he came to be (x)

Ali and Em find out they’re having a son (x)

Ali gets jealous as Emily gets hit on in a bar (x)

Ali and Em bring their new-born baby home (x)

Emily tells Toby about Ali and the baby, he offers some good advice (x)

Em and Ali decorate the nursery together, after Em has cold feet (x)

The girls meet baby Finn for the first time (x)

Emison have a fight, Emily spends the night outside Ali’s door (x)

Part 2, make up cuddles and fluff (x)

Em talks to Ali’s stomach as she thinks she’s sleeping (x)

Em comforts Ali during a hormonal moment (x)

Em runs into an old girlfriend while catching up with Ali in California (x)

Drunk Ali, first night out after baby is born (x)

Emison deciding on their baby’s name (x)

Emison taking Finn, Grace and Lily to Disney Land (x)

Emily drags a homophobe/a guy trying to hit on Ali (x)

Spoby come to Emison for parenting tips (x)

Finn gets in a mood at Spoby wedding, Hannily take him outside (x)

Emily gets into a car accident (x)

Part 2- reunion (x)

Emily gets Jealous as Ali makes a friend (x)

Emison move into their new home (x)

PLL’s go to the beach and Em can’t stop staring at Ali (x)

Emily gets overprotective when Ali is chosen to play the game (x)

Emily leaves a mark on Ali, payback ensues (x)

Sabrina turns up on Emison’s doorstep demanding answers (x)

Emison get a print of new-born Finn’s handprint (x)

Emily asks Ali about the scar on her thigh (x)

Emison and Finn morning fluff (x)

Finns first Word (x)

Emison, the morning after 5x05 (x)

Fetus Emison on New Years Eve (x)

Ali discovers Emily’s secret tattoo (x)

Emily finds herself in an awkward position after losing her engagement ring (x)

Emison take a bath after a hard week, Em says ‘I love you’ for the first time (x)

PLL’s get drunk, leads to questions about 5X05 (x)

Overprotective Emily at school with very pregnant Ali (x)

Finn finds a photo of Wayne and starts asking questions (x)

Lunch time with Finn doesn’t go well (x)

Emily gets annoyed that Ali took Ian to the kissing rock first, fluff (x)

Emison reunion after Ali goes to Jason’s in 7x16 (x)

Spencer struggles with Eleanor as Toby is away, Emison save the day (x)

Emison pack the bag for the hospital (x)

Emison tell Grace and Lily they’re going to have a brother (x)

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Harry talks, him dealing with your out of control hormones when pregnant.

I kinda just documented the whole pregnancy bc this talk got me excited. Xoxo


The day you and Harry found out that your family was expanding by one precious little human was quite literally the happiest day in both of your lives. There was nothing but loving words whispered amongst misty eyes and heavily beating hearts as Harry would gather you in a long, tight embrace; the fourth pregnancy test sitting on the bathroom counter bearing witness to Harry’s hands palming the soft skin of your belly from above your sweater and his kisses dropping down to your head, your damp cheeks, your dainty fingers.

The day your OBGYN confirmed what the both of you already knew in your hearts Harry had started documenting the pregnancy. He insisted you stand next to the wall, a sports bra on with your arms slightly cradling your still flat belly. With his Polaroid camera he took the first picture of hundreds. He had even gone out to purchase another vintage leather journal to start to document your eating habits, your sleep, mood, and any other comments he found pertinent. You loved how excited he was; he had a lighter air about him and as you two would lay in bed at night he would play with your fingers in the moonlight, giving breath to endless possibilities for your, his, and the precious baby’s lives. “Jus’ can’t stop thinking about the babe.” He’d have a far off look in his eyes that would cause you to fix him with a watery smile. “I can’t believe he or she is in there… a part of me and you, love.” And he’d pepper your face and belly in kisses amidst “I love you’s.”

When your morning sickness got bad Harry was right there with you, holding up your curly hair and rubbing your back. He’d make you warm tea before scribbling intently in the journal. You’d watch him curiously and he’d raise his head “finish your tea love..”

Your first sonogram filled both of you with a feeling that was indescribable. You had never seen Harry so humble, so soft spoken, and in awe. The room was nearly silent; it felt too holy too precious for any words. In that moment Harry would feel the closest he had ever felt to you.

You were the sweetest woman many people had ever met, even sweeter than the candies you had found yourself craving like crazy. So it came to a surprise to Harry when your first really bad mood swing surfaced. It would be over something silly like the lack of scented candles in your home (you enjoyed them more now that you were pregnant). Harry would be taken aback but would quickly compose himself as you felt a vicious temper flare. “It’s ok, love…” and “you want to go shop for some? We can go right now.” Harry knew you like the back of his hand so he knew his calm tone and sweet, coaxing words would help bring you down; you were his wife after all.

But Harry was the absolute best during your third trimester when the pain in your feet became unbearable and even the mere mention of Harry leaving to the store had you breaking down in tears. He’d massage your swollen feet for hours without complaining, engaging you in silly conversation that would have you laughing so hard the baby would kick. And he’d drop everything to be by your side and comfort you, showing you the polaroids of your growing belly and the sonograms that would make your feel so content. And when you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night, he’d wake up at the call of his name and help you rub cocoa butter on your round belly and tell you stories about his band days, causing you to giggle and forget that your back was aching and your stretch marks were spreading.

And when that fateful day came when your water broke, Harry was right by your side, never once leaving you even when you cursed his name and cried during labor and delivery.
And once your precious little angel was in your arms, Harry would call your name softly before giving you the leather journal that had been by his side as he was by your side through the pregnancy. You’d hand him your precious baby before opening the journal with shaky fingers.

I’ve never thought I could love her more than I did yesterday, but as I held her in my arms, the doctor affirming three times that life is growing inside of her, my love for Y/N grew tenfold….”

With tears you would flip to another page, the first sonogram stuck to the thick page. The fact that Harry had written little love notes amidst the documentation of the pregnancy would cause you to burst into tears.

“Shush, love. Don’t cry..” Harry would murmur lovingly down at you, the small addition to your family asleep and looking so perfect in his arms.
And you’d smile up at him through your tears, three words on your lips and an intense, burning love deep in your heart.

BabyDaddy!Cal Pt.6

A/N: I’m really struggling putting these chapters out and I feel bad for it, but I want y'all to know I’m doing the best I can. Surprisingly, I typed this up a bit fast and it turned out well in my opinion, so I’m guessing the writers block is diminishing. Y'all know to get this to 100 notes and feedback is very much appreciated (especially rn). Hope you nuggets enjoy💕

**WARNINGS**: Smut because it’s highly requested and  to makeup for my struggles in the last chapter

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six,seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty{END}

“So, now that I’ve told you the latest drama, how’s tour been?” Connor smiled through the screen of your phone while cuddled up into Felix’s chest. You hadn’t spoken to your boys since you’d left for the tour two weeks ago and missed them dearly.“You and nugget okay?”

“It’s great and we’re fine."you reassured as you munched on some pickles. It’s crazy how often you crave the salty snack. "It’s fun as hell traveling the world.”

“I bet. You’ve seen more places than both of us ever will.” Felix chuckled.“What about you and Calum? How many times have you beat him?”

“Like three.” Calum hopped into your conversation as he plopped down beside you, placing his head into your lap the best he could while your belly poked his head.“ I deserved it, though.”

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