crazy cocktail

Taehyung Scenario: Strawberry Kiss.

The Valentine’s Day Series.

Genre: Romance.

Taehyung is determinate to please you.

You glanced at your left and couldn’t help but smile while you got a bit more comfortable on your seat. Taehyung by your side grinned when he saw your smile and then let out a little laugh.


You giggled too and shook your head. -It’s nothing, just thinking-

He took a glimpse of you from the corner of his eyes and then focused again on the road. -Thinking about what?-

You smiled directly at him this time. -It’s a secret-

Truth was it wasn’t that much of a secret, you liked each other a lot and by now both of you were very aware of that fact. This wasn’t your first date together, in the five months you have knowing and frequenting each other you had had several dates, but today you knew was special, it was valentine’s day after all.

Taehyung made a turn, making his way down the street to park the car. He got out and you giggled again when you saw him rushing to open the door for you. He extended his hand and gave you a mellow smile, you corresponded it a bit more shyly this time. 

When you were out of the car you saw how his eyes roamed up and down your body which made you internally high five yourself, proud of your outfit choice. For tonight you went for a black flowy skirt that was a bit high waist, you had a long sleeve pink top that had pretty laces details on the cleavage area. Your hair fell at the sides of your face, completely straight and shiny, your makeup you spend hours getting it perfect but at the end it was worth it, you knew he wasn’t going to be able to torn apart his eyes from your pink lips.

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“Who do you think I am? Tell me! Who do you think I am?”

When the media fails to acknowledge bisexuality as an option, it diminishes the power of representation we might be given, would showrunners only deign to call bisexual characters what they are. Bisexual lives are so rarely portrayed as real or valid. Part of why Orange Is the New Black, in particular, is such a compelling show is that it doesn’t shy away from difficult, complex topics like transphobia, racism, rape, injustices of the U.S. prison system, classism, mental illness, and many others. So it’s odd that bisexuality is the one frontier the show has yet to cross. What will it take for pop culture to step up and admit that bisexuals exist, and that we are just as much a part of the crazy cocktail that makes up human sexuality?

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Can you do the chocolate volcano prompt with bellarke?

“im a bartender and you just came in here without shoes sat down and ordered a chocolate volcano and idk what the fuck that is and im scared to ask” au from this post. Hope you enjoy!

[AO3] [FFN]

He doesn’t notice her when she walks through the door, not immediately, but he absolutely notices her when Miller taps him on the arm and nods to a pair of women who have just started heading toward the bar.

“What do you think her deal is?” Miller asks. At first, Bellamy doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. They look like a normal enough duo of women, a blonde and a brunette all decked out in sparkly clothes and heavy-looking necklaces. But then he sees it––the brunette is towering over the blonde in her high heels, while the blonde is striding along in completely bare feet. The blonde’s not even carrying her shoes in her hands, like some women do when they’re leaving the bar at the end of the night, and she doesn’t have a bag big enough to stow shoes in.

She just…doesn’t have shoes. At all.

And it doesn’t look like she cares, either, because her eyes are bright and her smile is nearly blinding when she laughs at something her friend says.

“Hi!” she says, sliding onto a stool right across from Bellamy, her friend taking a seat to her right. Miller gestures that he’s going to cover the other end of the bar and retreats.

“Evening,” Bellamy replies, hiding his grin. “What can I get you?”

“Martini with a twist,” the brunette says. As he grabs the gin, he raises an eyebrow at the blonde.

“For you?” he asks.

The brunette elbows the blonde in the side with a snicker.

“I would like a chocolate volcano,” the blonde says decisively.

Bellamy stares at her. “A chocolate volcano?” he echoes. What the fuck is a chocolate volcano?

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