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4 benderrific Legend of Korra fan films

The world of Avatar has inspired countless fanworks for over ten years now. Let’s take a look at some Legend of Korra fan films!

A New Beginning

Art School Dropouts absolutely nailed Korra and Asami’s characters here, and we dare you to count the punches!

Battle for Republic City

Ryan Glass has created a short film with crazy production values-choreography-visual effects, showing the fight that lead to the founding of Republic City.

5 Everyday Uses of Firebending

Mako’s scarf makes a comeback in this fun short by Cameron Sun– and be sure to check out his numerous other bending videos!

Little Air

Probending practice takes an adorably badass turn in this hilarious scene from eatalllot featuring a girl channeling young Korra, and you gotta deal with it!

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OK BUT GUYS can we talk about how momo’s performance on hit the stage talked about abusive relationships??? it CLEARLY was about abusive relationships but she also showed how society tends to ignore that truth. like with the backdancers, they covered their eyes and kept walking bc they didnt want to know they didnt want to see they didnt do ANYTHING to stop mina’s suffering. and then when mina dies momo “breaks” but then joins them and closes her eyes so she cant see what shes done to mina and also walks away. im just speechless SHE DID THAT MOMO AND MINA THEY DID THAT IM SO. SHOCKED I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY

My Promise |Baekhyun Scenario

A fluffy date on Baekhyun’s day off. 

(there are hints of smut but nothing more than pg-13ish and a sentence or 2 that implies more than pg-13 actions) 

It was finally the end of EXO’s restless weeks of promotions and Baekhyun wanted to spend every moment of his one day off with me. He told me to meet him at a coffee shop at midnight so that we could have all 24 hours just bfor us.

I arrived around 11:45 and there was a worker there to let me in, but as soon as I sat down at a table that was decorated with sunset roses and 2 cups of what smelled like red velvet hot chocolate, he disappeared into the back room never to reappear again this evening.

I sat waiting for Baekhyun, but midnight came and went. I was all alone and it was almost 12:30 when I heard a sound coming from somewhere in the coffee shop.

The voice was faint, but I knew exactly who it was. His distinctive smooth vocals that would caress the air as he sang while the light taps of his feet on the rustic wooden floors set a slow and relaxing tempo. He wasn’t that close, but I knew he was here.

I heard the gentle steps approaching as the voice grew louder and the words more distinct. I smiled, not looking away from the now luke-warm hot chocolate, since I knew that the second I did, I would be attacked with one of the worst tickle fights of my life since that was our usual greeting. I would normally just let it happen, but I would rather, in this moment, just let his voice serenade me instead.

As the chorus was coming to an end, he slowly moved to lean on the table across from me, trying to pull my gaze up from my drink. I snuck a glance and blushed as I caught a glimpse of the man who was all mine. His dark silk shirt was unbuttoned at the top and he had on tight black jeans that accented his newly dyed hair. His eyeliner only enticed me to glance up again to admire his beauty and talent for a moment longer.

Baekhyun was giving me a slightly amused smile as he continued to sing softly acapella. I noticed that the song was almost over.

I glanced through the window just behind him, only to notice that the snow has slowly began to fall gracefully from the sky. I smiled softly and looked away from the window to the love of my life as the last words of the song were sung.

As he finished, the lights in the café dimmed to the point of barely being on and Baekhyun pulled out a box of matches and lit the few candles that were scattered on the table, illuminating his features.

“Hi,” He said softly as he pulled his chair closer to mine.

“Hi,” I responded with some bewilderment at the effort his put into the night already. I saw him admiring the smile that had crept upon my face as he grabbed my hand and gently kissed it.

“Can I get a real kiss now?” I asked as he shifted to wind his arms around my waist.

“That depends,” He said in his playful tone as a mischievous smirk found its way onto his face.

“On what?” I asked as I slowly moved my lips closer to his.

“Is that extra hot chocolate for me?” he erupted into his contagiously boisterous laughter.

“I can’t imagine it belongs to anyone else.” I responded as I closed the gap between us.  

Baekhyun immediately responded to the kiss and I savored the moments like these where we could get lost in each other with no interruptions.

His hands roamed from my waist to my thighs and he was venturing into territory that should only be encroached on in a much more private place than a coffee shop, even if we were alone.

“Baek-“ I breathlessly moaned as I broke away from his lips, “we can’t…not here…”  His lips moved to my jaw and then along my neck until he found that one spot that always makes me melt into his touch. “Later….I promise…but not here…” I barely got my words out before Baekhyun took hold of my bottom lip with his teeth and lightly tugged.

“If that’s a promise, then we can continue on with our date and come back to this later,” he seductively answered.

He moved my head into his lap and began telling me the stories of his travels abroad: The fights between Kyungsoo and Chanyeol, the crazy amount of money Suho spent to keep everyone happy, and the crazy new choreography that both Sehun and Jongin almost broke their necks trying to perfect.

We talked through the night, and before I realized it, the sun began to rise outside of the café.

Moments like these with Baekhyun were my favorite. We were laying in the early rays of the morning, letting the light caress our faces as he gently played with my hair. He combed his fingers through my soft curls as we watched the colors of the morning blossom.

“I know I promised you a whole day,” Baekhyun began with sadness creeping into his usually warm smile, “But we have to leave to go back to China this afternoon.”

He leaned down and gently kissed my forehead. “I’m sorry.”

I sat up and pulled him towards me for a passionate kiss.

“Then I guess we should head back to your place so I can help you pack…” I said softly on his lips as I pulled ever so slightly away.

“Is that all you want to do?” He asked softly as his lips found their was to the corner of my mouth.

“Well…If I recall…” I began as I unbuttoned a few more of the buttons on his shirt, “I have a promise to keep…and we don’t want to turn me into someone who doesn’t keep her promises, now do we?”

Baekhyun kissed me fiercely as he pulled me outside to hail a taxi.

This day together might be cut short, but I was going to make sure it was one where we could never forget a single moment.





I found it. Found. It. The best anaconda video. Yo.


Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne ft. 2Chainz, B O B / Sori Na Choreography‬


Alright so idk if you’re into kpop but I headcanon that Yuri most certainly is. Now this song… I just need Yuri and Beka dancing to it SO BAD. There’s no lyrics on this vid sadly, but it’s easy to find the lyrics on YouTube if you need/want them😊


Silly Girl (J-hope x Reader)

Requested by anon. Enjoy!

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Being best friends with Hoseok was a gift and a curse at the same time. It was a gift because he was one of the most energetic person around and had such gentle soul that no one ever could harm, he just had this blissfull aura that made you love him. he was there for you when you were happy but when you were also down, he gave you the motivation to go on and do what you wanted to do in life, no matter what.

It was a curse because along the road you relaised that the love you had for him was not friendly. You didn’t want a hug and a kiss on the cheek, you wanted more than what a friend could give you, but you didn’t have the courage to confess. You just bit your lips and tried to settle for a close friendship, even though you knew that at some point you would have to come clean,


When Hoseok brought up the idea for a collaboration you immediately said yes. Hoseok had a crazy amount of talent and you loved working with him, your fans on your growing youtube channel always asked for more J-hope and since you were doing collaborations for the beginning of 2017, it was exactly what you needed.

The problem was that your fans wanted you two to do Jay Park’s song “All I wanna do”, it’s a great song but you knew that you would have to be extremely close, the idea of it made you blush. Hoseok on the other hand was very happy about it and he could not wait to start practising


“Already warming up?”

He asked you as he walked in the studio you rented for the next 3 hours. You were streching so you won’t pull any muscle and soon enough he joined you.

“So how are you? you’ve been missing those weeks”

“My family came to visit, you know how they get”

This was true, your family did came to visit. What you did not say was that you just wanted a break cause your feelings for him have been growing and you needed to stay away from him for as long as you could.

“I think that’s enough, let’s do this damn thing”

Hoseok was always a light ball of joy and you loved it, but now it just made you even more nervous since he is rushing one very awkward situation.



You said once again as you started laughing and blushing like crazy. The choreography was great and very creative, but it required a lot of touching and being close with him. You pulled away from him to calm yourself and keep your cool.

“Why are you acting like this little lady?”

“I’m okay, let’s try this one more time”

Hoseok could not really understand what’s up with you, he was too busy trying to oull himself together and not show any sings of affection towards you. Although seeing you blush and smile like a little girl was pushing him to the edge of confessing. The risk of completely losing you was holding him back.

You tried to do the choreo from the beginning and not even 1 minute into the song you pulled away laughing. You were always very proffesional so this kind of behavior was catching him off guard.

“Look if you want to confess your love for me, just do it”

He joked, but you didn’t catch that. You thought he was serious, that he figured you out and it was honestly terrifying, you froze in your place and your eyes went wide, the colour completely washed on your face making you as white as a new sheet of paper. Words got caught in your throat and it felt like your mind was shut off.

“(y/n)? Are you okay?”

You looked like you saw a ghost, could it be… as he took a step to approach you, you flinched away like he shocked you with a taser. You didn’t know what to do, your mind just started flooding with thoughts and it felt like you were going to black out.


That’s all you managed to say before you got your stuff and runned like the wind. You stopped running when you got in the garage, that is when you felt the keys of the studio on your hand, you had to go back to lock the place and put the keeps back… you had to face him NOW.

You dragged your feet very slowly towards the doors, hoping that he had already took off. You opened the door to see if he was in, and sure he was, sitting down on the floor and looking at you.


He said in a breath and got up. He run to you and you just looked down, but that did not last long, he put his thumb and index finger under your chin to look straight to his sincere and soft eyes.

“Why did you run?”

You didn’t answer, you didn’t know how to answer that so you let the silence do it for you. You just looked at him with your puppy eyes, your eyes started to fill up with tears and your bottom lip trembled, you were scared.

“No, no, no you know I hate it when you cry”

He hugged you tightly as you let the tears stream down. You didn’t move any facial muscle, the hot salty tears just runned down by their own and you didn’t bother to stop them.

“I didn’t mean to insult you”

“I love you”

You whispered to him. It just came out and it honestly felt like a weight was lifted off your shoulders. Now it was his turn to freeze, his muscles tighten and for a few seconds he felt like his mind exploded. Then he relaxed, you made the first step, he was sure that you loved him, his hands got wrapped around you tighter, his lips touched the top of your head and gave you a sweet kiss.

“I love you too. Is that why you runned away? you were scared?”

You nodded your head. The tears stopped running, sadness and anxiety got replaced with a calm and happy attitude, you felt comfortable and safe in his arms, like you always did.

“Silly girl. It’s okay, it’s okay now… I got you”

Dance school AU where Jason is intrigued by his classmate Hazel’s older brother. Each time Nico comes to wait on her in the evenings Jason tries start a conversation, but the most he’s ever gotten out of di Angelo is a sigh. Hazel finally says something to him about Mythomagic; he has no clue what that is but he plans to look it up when he gets home.

Reyna as a secretly badass street-dancer, Leo making crazy/brilliant choreography that never fails to both horrify and amaze, Percy being one of the only people versatile enough to do said choreography, Annabeth breaking down entire routines after a single observation, Frank doing obscure dances no one has ever heard of, Piper being the best tutor and costume designer for recitals, and Jason constantly asking everyone if they’ve done enough warm ups. Nico’s urban style is something no one ever expects to be as impressive as it is, and Hazel maybe sometimes forces him into tights so she can practice for partner pieces.

i dont unds why there are people saying tabi cant dance well????? for one that isn’t true. If you watch bb’s old videos you can see that tabi keeps up with the choreography as well as the other members. simply put it’s not that he’s bad at “dancing”(or just doing the choreography really) it’s that he simply doesn’t want to lol  Also his “bad dancing” is actually just his dancing style.. Also big bang are musicians they are not typical idol groups with crazy ass dance choreographies. Choreography isn’t the main focus of bb’s songs because it is through music that they want to get to their audience. Btw tabi can dance really well just search up the choom top tag and you’ll see all his out of the world dance moves. please dont discredit him for that 

soekjintonic  asked:

ah your blog is amazing finally someone who says out loud what i think in my head! Like jin is so underappreciated and it just breaks my heart and pisses me off like really pisses me off. When you said jin stans are salty because that's included in the stan jin pack is so true but i mean if no one says anything than who will??? poor jin deserves the world and it's about time that everyone understands and sees that!

Aw thank you, I’m glad you like my blog! Like okay let me tell you : when I think about how much Jin is underappreciated, it literally makes me feel sick, like my stomach hurts and my heart pounds weirdly idk. But really like, Jin can sing like a fucking angel, he is the most good looking guy in the universe and he’s good enough at dancing to be able to follow all the crazy choreographies. He’s a great cook, a good hyung, a goofy cutie, he can be childish and mature, he’s hilarious I mean seriously HE IS SO FUCKING LOVABLE you know? So I don’t understand how people have the nerve to say that he’s untalented and that he should leave bangtan or whatever, like, i’m so petty toward these fake ass bitches - I should stop or i’m gonna kick some fake armys’ asses.

But yeah, this angel deserves appreciation and I will not stop being salty and petty as fuck until he gets what he deserves - love, lines and a fucking role in a goddamn drama.