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Life Goals

My goal in life is to own a bunch of cardboard cut- outs of celebrities. Then when I get older I’ll put them all in the basement, and tell my grandchildren never to go down there. They’ll ask, they’ll pondered and even peek under the crack of the door until one day they’re curiosity will get the best of them.
On that day they will steal the key from me (cause you know there has to be a key), and make their way down the dark steps of the basement. At the bottom will be a light switch and when they flip the switch they’ll be greeted with hundreds of old celebrity cut-outs all staring at them.

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Flock you don't seem as shell shocked or sucker punched sick as the rest of us. What is your secret? I know that you ship and believed that Sam and Cait were together but just hiding so how come I'm such a mess and you're so calm/stress free? Is it seeing so many crazy celeb relationships play out in your previous job? In your heart of hearts do you think this was Sam's reveal of his gf without it going to mainstream press? That's all I got. Oh, and I want to punch wanker in the balls.

I think it’s 50/50 zen and a by-product of being ingrained in and working within celebrity gossip culture. I know for a fact that celebrities’ personal lives are often manipulated, manufactured or downplayed for public consumption. I know for a fact that multiple celebrity couples bald-face lie about their connection when asked about it. As personal a connection as we all feel to celebrities, we are a by-product of their professional lives. As such, each decides for themselves (sometimes through hard-learned lessons) how much of the personal they want to give away to us. For some celebs, it’s every damn thing. For others, it’s just about next to nothing. I think because I’ve seen celeb personal and professional lives as business for so long, I separate the two pretty starkly. It’s where my interest in it collides with the knowledge that it’s also none of my fucking business. 

I’ve often said I don’t begrudge Sam and Cait for wanting their privacy. Hell, I want mine, too, and there are about five people on the planet who have half an ant’s ass crack of interest in my personal life, but that doesn’t mean I won’t defend it with everything I have. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to navigate the waters of public scrutiny when the number of people knocking on the proverbial door and asking to be let in is in the hundreds of thousands. I can’t say I’d do any better than they are, although from a gossipy standpoint, they could be way more canny and less obvious about the things that magically, accidentally and with no planning *wink, wink* just so happen to slip by the gates.

So, yeah. Long story short, I’m zen and I’m always gonna be zen. The rest is just lacking the ability to be caught off guard.

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Life as a Delivery Driver..

Can be a fun but crazy job haha. I work at a restaurant that’s open late night in Los Angeles as a delivery driver. We deliver anything from pizza, deserts and pastas. I’m actually just getting off my shift and somehow stumbled upon this Group haha. We get a ton of celebs and crazy shit and always wondered how it might be for other people out there. Any crazy or cool or awful stories? Only two I can think of that was really cool and hilarious haha.

One time I made a delivery to a house during the day to some really nice house right where Beverly Hills begins. It’s like 2pm and they order a bunch of food and when I come in, I talk to some tall African American dude talking to some girl. I didn’t pay it any mind until I walk in. I see a bunch of guys coming out of the pool through the screen door and as I set the food down, they’re all getting dry. They give me a nice tip and as I’m about to leave, I realize it’s Samir Nasri (back when he was in Manchester City) and some of his friends! I flip out, his friend laughs at me and we got a photo together haha then as I walk out I realize the guy I talked to in the beginning was Yaya Toure and I’m like holy shit, but by the time I realized it, he was gone haha but definitely a fun moment!

Another hilarious moment was when I made a delivery in Hollywood. Some regular middle eastern dude who was drunk had some really hot girl (escort) come up as I was going up also. We’re both waiting at the door and this dude opens and he had already tipped me but then proceeds to tel the girl, “no tip for him?” He then makes her kiss my hand and I was like hahaha what the fuck is going on. Then I left. It was funnier than explained I think but still funny shit haha

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