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distorts are nice

Yall remember *NSYNC?

Remember how they (along with the backstreet boys) were the most popular boybands worldwide during the late 90s and into the millennium?

Remember the member Lance Bass?

Remember how he dated Danielle Fishel and they were “so in love”?

Remember how after they broke up, he exclusively dated women?

Remember all the rumors he had about him not being straight?

Remember when TMZ and Perez Hilton started following him around?

Remember when shortly after all this he came out as gay 4 years after *NSYNC disbanded?

Remember the reasons he gave as to why he didn’t come out a lot sooner than he did?

Do you think people told his speculators back then that they were delusional just like they tell Kaisoo shippers that now?

I bet they did, but in the end:

I rest my case.

the last time i did a ff was back in december when i hit 1k and here i am in april making my follow forever for 6.5k?! this is so so crazy and to celebrate that, i’d like to thank my mutuals who are listed down below! Give them a follow because i love all of them :)

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Life Goals

My goal in life is to own a bunch of cardboard cut- outs of celebrities. Then when I get older I’ll put them all in the basement, and tell my grandchildren never to go down there. They’ll ask, they’ll pondered and even peek under the crack of the door until one day they’re curiosity will get the best of them.
On that day they will steal the key from me (cause you know there has to be a key), and make their way down the dark steps of the basement. At the bottom will be a light switch and when they flip the switch they’ll be greeted with hundreds of old celebrity cut-outs all staring at them.