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I don´t think I ever introduced my cats to you. Meet Lorena and Nino, my pets and children. They are brothers (believe me, if you want!), and they are five. Nino is the most attached to me, but Lorena is very affectionate, although angry.
They are my life, my joy and theirs I receive the purest love that I can have in all my existence.

Lorena is in the photo on BW and Nino in colored photo.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 2.9.17

theme thursday: valentine’s day gift ideas for kids

giant coloring poster: cats! by atelierruetabaga

happy thursday everyone! today’s theme will focus on finds for the little ones in your lives — fun activities and gifts perfect for kids. atelierruetabaga’s giant coloring posters are available in several themes. as a kid at heart, and a former art major, i’d LOVE to get my paws on this bad boy and start scribbling!


etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the crazy cat lady | 12.9.16

holiday cat cards by jamieshelman

thedancingcat by etsy shop jamieshelman is my favorite kitty illustrator on etsy. one of these days i need to commission a custom grizz-and-rog piece!! their holiday lineup of cards, posters, prints, and more is ideal gift-giving for any cat person on your list.