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if ur still taking prompts how about a story about a crazy cat lady who collects supernatural cats ~

She had gotten most of the cats through adoption agencies. Some had been strays, others she had raised from kittens, and a small number of them were ghosts, but most had been through adoption. She could understand why; not everyone wanted to look after a fire-breathing feline or a cat who was a skeleton in the moonlight.

In total, Susanna had 47 cats. She hadn’t expected to get so many, but she could never say no to them. Anyway, she reasoned, somebody had to look after the weird ones, and she reckoned she was the best person for the job.


say hello to my sister’s newest addition to our crazy cat lady collection! her name is leia organa this the first tiny kitten I have ever held as my other cats were adopted at like a year old but still I am so in love

It wasn’t that unusual for Jack to be out for the evening and attending a charity event. It was actually near and dear to his heart to give back to the community. He was involved with more than just one, though with the NFL’s focus on the month of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, not so out of place he was attending something for the Susan G. Komen group. Plus he grew up in a family of women; it was his mother, his older and younger sister, and one of those crazy cat collecting aunts that he had been raised by. So there was that connection as well. he wore a fitted suit that evening, electing to wear a pink tie in show of support for the evening. 

Jack was introduced around to different people, stopping to take photos with those who stopped the professional athlete. He was currently in conversation with a big-time Wall Street guy who was talking about the Giants awful start to the season and the loss to the Buccaneers that Sunday. He sipped at the champagne flute in his hand, happy to add in his two cents when he could get a word in edgewise. There was a momentary pause from the other as the man seemed to spout someone he knew and mentioned about introducing Jack to one of his colleagues. 

The older man waved over whoever the other was, Jack’s back still turned so he didn’t see who it was. ‘Kyle, so glad you could join us this evening,’ The other said apparently to his colleague who was approaching. The older man turned to look back at Jack waving to the other, “I want you to meet one of my best employees,” Jack turned to face the best employee the man talked about and just as the guy said ‘Kyle James’, blue eyes had already taken in the other and had been sipping his champagne - you can guess how this ended - Champagne went down the wrong way and he ended up in a coughing fit.

“Sorry,” he hacked moved his mouth as the older man put a hand on his shoulder asking if he was alright. Jack nodded, still coughing to clear his throat. “Just went down the wrong way.” He waved off the other as he cleared his throat. He didn’t add on that the coughing fit was brought on by Kyle James, his one night stand from the night before.