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anon asked: byeler + summer camp au

A cat was brought in for one episode of vomiting and rubbing at its eye.  The cat would not allow a thorough oral exam without hissing and trying to bite.

When examining the eye a small hard object was discovered embedded in the lid – not just firm, but HARD.  It could not be seen unless the eyelid was manually pulled down.  An attempt was made to remove it and it was STUCK SOLID, which was deeply concerning.

As it turned out, the tiny dark object seen in the lower lid?

A FULL-SIZED SEWING NEEDLE, thread still attached!  The cat had tried to swallow it, but instead it stabbed through the roof of the cat’s mouth all the way up into the interior of the eyelid, narrowly missing the globe of the eye.  No wonder the cat didn’t cooperate for an oral exam.

The cat exhibited no ill effects after treatment with pain relief and antibiotics, and avoided surgery for an intestinal string and needle foreign body.  Cats are truly ridiculous and amazing!


I’m going to be your wedding planner. You need one desperately. Like in the movies with the headsets and black pantsuits. Yeah, wow. I would actually totally crush that look.

i may or may not have totally tweaked her face lol shh

nyarnamaitar  asked:

Can I ask you why you have a bad feeling about Hiddlesworth lately? It’s been a while since I really followed Chris’ and Tom’s relationship so I’m a bit confused. Hope you don’t mind me asking this!

hey there! sorry for the late response – i was away from a computer for four days, and i hate the mobile app for answering asks (among other things), so i wanted to wait until i was at an actual ‘puter again

to answer your question though, it doesn’t feel like chris and tom are as close as they once were. tom looked eager to jump back into that close, synergistic relationship they had during thor 1, avengers and dark world (i mean who could forget that time tom sang dankeschön to chris?). 

but during ragnarok filming, there was a noticeable absence of that affection from chris, who seemed to have been kind of standoffish a lot of the time, with the exception of when they did ragnarok interviews together (which were too few, imo)

when they were filming ragnarok tom was kind of touchy-feely: 

and you got a very real sense that he wanted to follow chris around like a lovesick puppy: 

then there was the instagram post tom made:


like that’s. yeah. it just…it all feels so one-sided

but that’s why i’ve been feeling like hiddlesworth is winding down :/

hi hi hi I’m new to The Glass Scientist tumblr fandom! I’ve been reading the comics for a while now but I’ve never posted any of my fanart, so why not I guess? But hhhhh I love it very much,, if you wanna talk to me about it or request a doodle feel free!! :OO

  • luca: what happens to nitrogen when the sun rises
  • noé: it becomes daytrogen
  • jeanne: i'm going to bed.
  • vanitas: good nitrogen
  • dante: sleep tightrogen
  • dominique: don't let the bed bugs bitrogen