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Full Moon and Cannabis; the best of friends.

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Notice how everyone (usually) is aware when it’s a full moon? Common phrase is ‘Watch out for crazy folks, it’s a full moon tonight!’ well they aren’t crazy they just don’t know how to handle the energies the moon is throwing at them. Time to use this energy to our advantage, it’s the witch-way after all.

Smokey Mirror Spell


-          Your Altar (however you prefer to set it up, I’m more of non-traditional altar fan myself)

-          A Mirror to set on your altar, at least 8X10 size. Larger mirrors are fine, you can set them behind your altar.

-          Dry Erase Markers (single or multiple colors)

-          Your choice of smoking utensil

-          Your choice of cannabis

With your altar set up place your mirror where you can see yourself in it. Take your markers and write/draw your intentions/sigils/symbols/doodles all over the mirror. Get creative with it, it’s all about you and for you. Once you’re done pack your bowl (or roll your joint/blunt) and let your smoke session begin. Blow each hit on your mirror to help seal your intentions and wishes and activate them. Once you’re done leave your mirror on (or behind) your altar till the next moon phase then place your mirror where you can look at it every day to keep it fresh in your mind. You can do this for as long as you want or need to.

Tips and Tricks!

-          If you use a bong, use moon water as your bong water then pour it outside when you’re done.

-          You can substitute smoking with edibles and it’d work just the same.

-          If you would rather use paint or whatever on your mirror that also is perfectly ok.

Blessed Full Moon Ya’ll

I was tagged by @eyesthesizeofmoons, @qushqween, @high-honey-pie, @thankyoufortrippingwithme, and @chronicallycloudy. So here’s an after interview dab. Absolutely relieved. Also, bonus, my sweet kitty Marvel napping in the background. Both of the pets hate smoke, so we always make sure to blow away from them.

I’m gonna tag @cliche-kitten to take a hit because she just got a sick new bong!


They served him the MAXIMUM SENTENCE!!!!! Meanwhile rapist #BrockTurner served only 3 months, and murder #GeorgeZimmerman is a FREE MAN. 

Its so fucked up how the system works, How is he facing 10years for a couple of bags of cannabis.. He may have a prior record etc and its still not right, especially in these years of legalization.. Might not be legal in NJ but it will be soon, now that the country is noticing that there’s nothing wrong with it.. 

Crazy how a cannabis dealer can get multiple years in jail for selling something that the earth produces (meanwhile, buzzfeed shows us how to make alfredo using cannibus butter) but an officer can kill innocent people and get rewarded with leave pay (No jail at all).. Its just not right.. Its 2017 and people are getting tired..