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foods of thedas :  TEVINTER

as with most things in tevinter, the food aspires to be effortlessly stylish & oppressively opulent. for those who can afford it, every meal is fine dining, combining rich flavours with expensive ingredients. it is a matter of pride for magisters to be able to transport exotic items to their villas, no matter how far away the source is. the most impressive ingredient, however, is lyrium, which is often mixed with spiced wine or tea at the more decadent parties. being able to acquire these ingredients illustrates wealth & power, and many use this to their full advantage with the tradition of VENDITATI LUCRIS – the offering of food made to a new neighbour, as both a greeting and a statement of superiority. traditional dishes include fugu sashimi, bun bo hue, honey-roasted figs, and red jasmine tea.

C: I recently enlisted in US Air Force Reserve and I have basic training AKA bootcamp in about a month. I’m not that nervous about the training, I take care of myself and I know what to expect for the most part. However, I am nervous about my hair. I have microlocs that mimic sisterlocs and so far no one has said I break regulations with them. I’ve worn them in two braids and also in a low pulled back bun. It’s crazy as a black woman we have to worry about this since our natural hair has to conform to other standards.


Best Friend: You two have been inseparable since you first met. You always get in trouble together but you wouldnt have it any other way. He understands you on the deepest level and is always there for you.

Secret Boyfriend: It started off as talking but then he made a move. Now your stuck with make out sessions at his house when his parents are out. You both try to keep it a secret but little do you know…

Likes you…: He knows about you and {secret boyfriend}. He is the only one that does and boy does he wish he didnt. He loves you, hes in love with everything you do. From the way you laugh to how your hair looks when its put in a messy bun, hes crazy about you. However things came to a crashing end when he noticed how you would always look at {secret boyfriend} and his assumption were confirmed when he watched {secret boyfriend} pull you into his house ({secret boyfriend}’s house if thats not clear)

Makes a fool…: Honestly he doesnt know why he becomes this way around you. Its just when he sees you he tenses up and makes a fool of himself. The amount of times hes done it too are far too many to count, one time he literally fell head over heels for you (in his defense he was getting you water and the floor was wet). He has no clue why but he always gets this weird fuzzy/knotting feeling in his stomach whenever he look/thinks about you (which is a lot).

Walks you to Class: You two dont have any classes together yet he always seems to find you in the hall and insists on walking you to class. You arent annoyed by thins but actually its kind of nice. You two have deep discussions on the way to class and if you dont have time to finish them you pick them up the next day.

Buys You Stuff: Lets just say this boy is well off. Whenever he takes you shopping he always ends up paying, you try to pay but he always manages to pay without you noticing. You feel indebted to him but he always says that you can make it up to him by giving him a secret fashion show, which you do. These fashion shows always end with you both laughing on the floor and clothes everywhere.

Shows up Randomly…: Sometimes he has no reason to come over, he just does. but your happy he does because he always entertains you. He just wants to spend time with you because, in his eyes, your the best thing to have ever walked the earth. Your so beautiful, funny and just all around amazing. He could listen to you talk about nothing for eternity and he does when you go on a rant, until you look over at him and ask “what?” with a cute confused look on your face. Oh does he adore that face so much.

Takes care of you: He dosnt know why but theres this feeling inside him compelling him to protect you. When your sick he’ll make you soup and pick up your gross tissues, when your sad he’ll cheer you up, hes always there for you.

Writes songs about you: He dosnt share them with everyone. He hopes to one day get up the courage to share them with you and tell you how much of an inspiration you are. He also feels like the songs are a special thing that just the two of you have and dosnt want to loose that.

A/N: When it says {Secret Thing} put in the name of who you got for Secret Boyfriend also the last few (if you take a screenshot) will be the same because i forgot to mix up the order because i was so excited to post this and do it myself !!! ALSO IM SUPPOSED TO BE STUDYING FOR MY APEL EXAM TOMORROW WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE

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I ship Draco and Luna.

Imagine Draco wandering the halls of Hogwarts late night because he can’t sleep and he’d damn well rather be walking than just laying there staring at a blank ceiling with nothing but his thoughts to keep him company. And he runs into Luna, who doesn’t even try to hide the fact that she’s out of bed at night because no one ever really pays her any attention anyway. She’s barefoot and in cute muggle pj’s with candies on them and her hair is up in a messy bun with loose strands falling behind her ears. Anyway, Draco tries to wait behind a statue until she passes, but she stops right in front of the statue and stares at it. Doesn’t say a word. Just admires the beauty etched in stone and the way the moonlight filters through the stained glass window in between puffs of clouds in the night sky to illuminate the figure in front of her. She’d probably take a good five or ten minutes, just staring in silence. Draco would feel his impatience growing but wouldn’t move a muscle because really, who wants to talk to crazy buns staring at a fucking stone statue in the middle of the night? And he really has no room to talk because his ass is stuck behind said statue until she moves. But she doesn’t move, that’s the thing, and it’s driving him fucking nuts waiting for her to walk away. Finally, she turns away, doesn’t walk off, but says in a quiet and humble voice, “You’ll never be able to sleep with all those wrackspurts in your ear, Draco. You should try warm tea.” And walks off, leaving Draco irritated that despite his best efforts to hide, she knew he was there all along. He huffs off back to the dungeons and is so irritated he scoffs her off, but makes hot tea anyway because it’s the middle of the night and he still can’t sleep and now he’s just pissed. But when he sits on common room sofa and drinks his tea, he starts to calm down, the sofa feels warmer and softer, and he scoots further down into it. He’s so preoccupied with loony bits that he’s momentarily forgotten why he was stressed out in the first place. He thinks of just how crazy she might be, and dozes off right in the lounge. When he wakes the next day the first thing he’d see was his empty tea cup, and he’d call it a coincidence but also entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, there was more to her than meets the eye. he’d silently thank the girl in his head for her advice. And that’s how it’d start.

hong-buns  asked:

uhhhHH ELLE this is weird amongst vixx comeback and all but can you confirm that hamsters are banned in australia i just learned of that a couple days ago and i havent stopped thinking about it since omg

it’s true. we have guinea pigs, but that’s about it lmao

we have rly strict import laws against hamsters and gerbils :^//// they’re prohibited.. probably largely thanks to what happened when rabbits were introduced here