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2p allies reacting to their crush kidnapping them? Like the crush was yandere over the 2p.

Ooh, how the turns have tabled.

2p America:

-He’s impressed and even more in love with you. He’s quick to tell you that you didn’t need to trouble yourself, since he was already yours. 

2p England:

-Is it possible for him to love you more? He giggles and happily beams at you from the chair you’ve tied him too, and starts to happily chatter about the wonderful life the two of you will have together.

2p Canada:

-He’s also pretty awed about the fact that you managed to kidnap him. After a quick confirmation of your feelings, he’s more than happy to prove that he’s all yours.

2p France:

-Well this is a surprise. Still, it saved him the trouble of kidnapping you, so he’s rather calm about it. He’s actually pretty pleased about the whole affair.

2p Russia:

-First off, how? How did you manage to knock him out and drag him here on your own? He can’t quite decide if he’s more annoyed or amazed. He tells you rather bluntly that he feels that same way about you, so could you hurry up and untie him?

2p China:

-He finds it pretty hot. He’s also excited about the fact that you are as obsessed with him as he is with you. Untie him already so he can kiss you.

They’re all amazed and more than happy about the whole situation. Really, there’s no one better suited for a yandere than another yandere.

Crazy He Calls Me
Billie Holiday with Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra
Crazy He Calls Me

Song: Crazy He Calls Me / You’re My Thrill

Artist: Billie Holiday with Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra

Record Label: Decca Records 24796

Recorded: October 19, 1949

Location: Galaxy News Radio

Here’s a nice jazz standard from good ol’ GRN or as Three Dog announces, “It’s Billie Holiday with…”Crazy He Calls Me”.

Earlier this week was Billie Holiday’s 100th birthday.

Whether she sang from BioShock’s Rapture Radio, LA Noire’s KTI Radio, or Fallout 3′s GRN, her voice is always timeless.

Listen to the flip side “You’re My Thrill” here.

“On Turning Eighteen”

I know these days will not last
calendar pages flip quickly
while we near a day of blue robes,
hanging tassels, and neatly folded memories.

you are to me
a home cooked meal
to a to a university student
warm with love
made with care
with a succulent smile
and a satisfying snicker

the comforting feeling
of my mother’s call from the kitchen
becomes the beeping of an alarm clock
The glare of sun forces the ripping off of covers

a freezing snowfall and a cup of joe
accompanies the stroll
to this lecture and that lab
casual conversation of alcohol
drowns out the stresses of 8 AMs

the intimidation of leaving home
causes a pained independence
and a widely met confusion

They continue to utter the phrase
“real world”
the fake reality takes over
an actual life experience is lost
because we remain trapped,
surrounded by four walls
in cold blue chairs and the piling up of assignments
there is not a moment left for good times to build

a mess of contradictions
leads us out
among an alphabetized line of acquaintances

a plague of promises
brings the sickening disease
of empty friendships

bright exit signs light the highway
and are passed carelessly
because the music is turned up

After a four year deadline,
bittersweet goodbyes
and soft embraces follow 

hope hugs the wishes that are released
with the smoke from 18 birthday candles

the second hand has several ticks
to go until we begin
and we turn textbook pages to
a brand new start

—  Adulthood. 

The very last Marveltober. This has been a crazy experience, I can’t believe I did the whole month and never fell behind! I’m gonna post a group photo tomorrow~ but for tonight, Inktober #31, my small magical son, the first one I planned for this month~

Fate is a bitch (2) - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Well, originally this story wasn’t suppose to have a second part but tons of people asked me so, here’s a second part :-). I hope you will like it


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You strongly believed in Destiny. 

No matter what people could say, how many arguments against it they had, and how much they were sceptic about it…it wouldn’t change your mind. You strongly believed in Destiny.

Because it was impossible only coincidences brought you were you were now…At your wedding with the famous Bruce Wayne. 


It all happened about four years ago, when your son, Billy, somehow ended up getting caught by the Justice League and you almost used your elemental powers on them and punched Superman and…it was kind of a mess. 

Basically, you ended up being part of the League. 

Which was something, for someone like you, who was from a poor neighborhood, who had so many struggles in life and who found a kid once, a kid who was living in an abandoned station of the subway (you don’t even remember what brought you there…well, Destiny obviously), a kid who changed your life, and that you just had to adopt. 

At barely 25 years old. Oh the struggles were no where near to end. 

Then you met that guy, that dark and broody guy who stood up for your son when everyone else wanted to “fire” him from the League because he was but a ten years old child.

And that always seemed to smile when you were in the vicinity, though according to everyone else, the Batman never smiled. It was weird right ? And you caught yourself more than once wishing he was smiling because you were there, but it was impossible. 

Sure you and him always seemed to be able to talk about anything without any restrain, like you felt you could tell him everything on your heart, and more often than not, he talked to you about his own troubles and fears…The Batman, talking to you about his troubles and fears ! But it was impossible.

Oh you fell for him pretty fast, and hard, so so hard…But you thought it as impossible. He was older, he was clearly a man with tons of issues that couldn’t hold a relationship (according to his Bruce Wayne persona), he was the goddamn Batman…It just couldn’t be ! 

And yet. Yet. Your sons set you up. Damian and Billy. They tricked you into coming to dinner to the Wayne Manor and…Then Bruce fucked everything up. He avoided you. He stopped talking to you..Because he was afraid to drag you into his dark life. 

But when you almost died, and stayed in a coma for three months. When he just had to take care of your son and make sure you were gonna be alright…He realized that, well, destiny. 

And that’s when things started to get crazy. 

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