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if you still think Ke$ha is just a shallow pop star, take two hours out of your day and go watch the first season of My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Kesha spent years working as a waitress before she finally made it to stardom. She writes or co-writes all of her songs herself, and has done so since she was a child. Kesha has a MENSA level intelligence but she uses it for her art instead of a STEM field because that is where she feels happiest.

Kesha has publicly spoken out against bullying and intolerance at every performance, and she sponsors several programs against bullying in high schools. She is also a big LGBT advocate and embraces her queer fans with open arms.

There are multiple Kesha songs (“The Harold Song”, “Wonderland”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Love Into the Light”) with a deeper message that she wanted to release as singles, but record execs refused to let her branch out and move beyond the party girl image. If you don’t want to watch her show, take twenty minutes to listen to these four songs and you’ll see that she is much more than the constructed image.

Kesha is a real, kind, and caring person who desrves our trust and love.

Here is a fluffy, cute, endless mix of love songs for your one true pairing. 

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all about us feat. owl city - he is we ♡ such great heights - the postal service ♡ lucky feat. colbie caillat - jason mraz ♡ come away with me - norash jones ♡ love is an open door (cover) - kate kim and joshua moon ♡ the moon song - karen o ♡ happy - nevershoutnever ♡ somewhere only we know - lily allen ♡ truly, madly, deeply - one direction ♡ island song - ashley eriksson ♡ love bug - jonas brothers ♡ anyone else but you - the moldy peaches ♡ vanilla twilight - owl city ♡ san francisco - the mowglis ♡ crazy beautiful life - kesha ♡ lovefool - olivia ong ♡ awake all night - cody simpson ♡ lovefool - olivia ong ♡ kiss me - ed sheeran ♡ counting stars - one republic ♡ old flames can’t hold a candle to you (deconstructed) - kesha ♡ can’t stand it - nevershoutnever ♡ take me the way I am - ingrid michealson ♡ toxic (cover) - melanie martinez ♡ winter wonderland - jason mraz ♡ something good can work ♡ i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie ♡


Proof Kesha can sing


Kesha - My crazy beautiful life / Trailer