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Made some transparent Ricks because… Why not? Imagine the possibilities!!!

Feel free to use if you want to for whatever nefarious purposes you like.

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me: i’m okay. this is all going to hell but i’m okay
crazy ex girlfriend: the instrumental to ‘what’ll it be’ plays in the background while greg doubts rebeccas feelings for him 
me: …. no no no no
crazy ex girlfriend: greg self-sabotages and pushes rebecca away before he can get pushed away because he doesn’t think he’s enough 

I just asked the Nostalgia Critic to review Robotboy.

 I kinda hope he does. xD It’d be really interesting to hear his thoughts on my favorite show and presh blueberry son. ;v;

I love the show to bits, but even I can see many things wrong with it and he might see them, too. xDD;;

Some scary shit from yesterday's haul

Yesterday I had a decent haul, but here’s a few scary things I saw/heard during my time at the mall.

-upon entering VS I saw a pretty large, buff man leaned over a table, looking annoyed and messing around on his phone. I assumed he was just standing still while waiting for his girl while the other guys in the store followed theirs around like puppies. I spent a good while in there but noticed the guy never moved and the only person he talked to was one SA. Seeing the way he watched people I can only assume he was plain clothes LP. He’d watch someone for a while then whip out his phone to text someone when they looked at him. I was scared since I got 200$ worth but went out the PINK entrance and was so relived when I was out.

- after VS I went to my car to dump my stuff since my bag was very full. I drove to the other side of the mall to re-enter so I wouldn’t have to walk as much. I entered through the doors to Burlington. And standing right by the doors was a manager, a SA and a cop. Not mall security. A cop.
Tried to be casual and keep walking so only heard a little but the cop said “since they’re gone now there’s limits on what we can do, but we can use the footage and hopefully get an ID. If we get one then we can have them prosecuted for a felony because of the total”
I’m screaming inside my mind and almost ditched right then but kept walking and calmed down. Just goes to show, even if you make a clean get away, you’re not 100% safe. Never lift looking like yourself.

Sorry for the long post but it was a crazy day, be safe bbys!!

Jamilton Series: Part Sixteen

Dear kiddos, what to say to you? You’ve been on this journey with me for sixteen entire weeks. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I’m also really excited for the new series I’ll be working on after winter break, and I hope you’re excited for them, too. Thank you so, SO much for buckling your angst seatbelts every Thursday for the past few months. Thank you for the likes, reblogs, and lovely messages telling me what this series has meant to you. As bittersweet as this moment is, I truly hope you like its conclusion. I love you guys so much! <333 (Read the series from the beginning here.)

One Month Later

“Out of all of our debates, I’m so glad this is the one we compromised on,” Alexander said as he and Thomas walked the streets of the city, hand in hand, snowflakes flitting and falling around them.

“Yeah,” Thomas said with a smile. “That’s the art of the compromise, knowing when it’s most needed.”

The two boys had wanted to celebrate each other’s progress–– Alexander had been consistently taking his meds for a month, and, along with regular therapy, was improving, and Thomas had accepted he was depressed and was open to his friends and Dr. Von Steuben helping him.

Alexander had wanted to take Thomas out to dinner, while Thomas had insisted he take Alex on a date to MoMA. They’d argued over it for days until James and Lafayette suggested they compromise. After arguing over whether to compromise or not for about an hour, they decided it was actually a good idea.

And so they were going to see a Broadway production of The Cherry Orchard.

Recovery had not been an easy journey, and they knew it was far from over. Thomas still flinched every time Alexander sneezed or coughed. He was utterly terrified that his boyfriend would try to slowly die again. He’d taken to checking Alex’s temperature every time the boy so much as sniffled.

Alexander allowed it, even though he promised Thomas he would never do that again. Thomas was grateful to Alex for that, knowing it could get stifling to be so doted over at times.

Maybe Alex was so accepting of Thomas’ need to check his temperature nearly every day because Alex himself needed to make sure there were no razors around the house quite often–– especially when Thomas was feeling particularly down.

Recovery was a rollercoaster, and even though sometimes they felt like they were going to be thrown off the ride, they simply tightened their seatbelts and held onto each other. So far that had always gotten them through.

It had definitely gotten them to the front of the theatre that night.

“You ready, babe?” Thomas asked with a smile.

“You bet,” Alex replied with a grin.

Their hands intertwined, they got their tickets scanned and walked into the theatre.

“I’m so proud of you,” Thomas whispered to Alexander as the lights dimmed. He pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s temple.

Alex took Thomas’ hand and squeezed it before bringing it to his lips. “And I’m so proud of you.”

They watched the curtains open, and were soon sucked into the pure joy and excitement only live theatre could bring. Even though they were quickly transported away from their problems, they knew it would not last. But they were okay with that.

Things had been worse, and things would get better. And through it all, they would always have each other.


Zutara Fanfic Recs Pt 1

 *If not stated rated M it’s rated T*

1.The Last Waterbender (WIP) -Haikoui

The Southern Raiders found the last waterbender, leaving her mother alive, and took the child with them to the Fire Nation as a prisoner.

Last Updated:  Apr 25 2015  Word Count: 118,326

OKay this fanfic is to die for like im serious its one of the best. it made me cry like the lu ten iroh and little katara bond is so strong like ughhh. the zutara in it makes you appreciate the little cute hints like in the show. the zutara gets stronger as you go along and its beautifully written. i cried lol characters are slightly older but i like it that way. this fic is not abandoned so yay!

2.Facets (WIP) -balai

It was unfathomable. Imagine the rumours, the scandal that would spread at the idea of the Fire Lord sneaking about under the cover of darkness, donning the mask of the Blue Spirit. But he would do it. He knew the risks he took. Still, he would do it for her.

Last Updated: Jan 30 2014  Word Count: 61,243

This is another favorite of mine and even tho its incomplete, it leaves a basic understanding of how zutara turns out. this takes plays about 5 years time after the war ended and zuko is fire lord so people want him to get married. so he escapes to the SWT and visits katara. their relationship forms into something beautiful and its great. it does have some saving and fighting in it so it isnt all fluff. beautifully written! 

3.Under the Sapphire Sky (Complete) -DamageCtrl

Clan heir Zuko’s life is saved by orphan turned mercenary medic, Katara. When they part ways, they find that they can’t seem to forget each other, but are unsure why. 

Word Count: 203,201  Rated: M

This is a vampire au but it still has bending and everything. no avatar. azula is pretty kick ass. jet isn’t crazy (he’s still my bby). i loved this fic! it’s well written and its totally twisting your emotions. one second you’re like ZUKO I LOVE YOU and the other it’s ZUKO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. katara is kick ass and toph is a werewolf what yes xd mates are included cough cough. loved it read it you wont regret.

4.Dancing in the Dark (Complete) -DamageCtrl

Having heard a rumor about two tea servers in the lower tiers of Ba Sing Se, Katara and Toph sneak away go to investigate only to have their suspicions confirmed.

Word Count: 64,257 

You get the blutara! you get the zutara! you get iroh setting people up! you get cute zuko! funny zuko! stupid jin and song…this is beautifully written and it stays true to the characters. it made me face palm at moments cough katara stahp cough but i loved the connection between the two! you have an oblivious zuko, a confident katara, and a mischievous iroh and what do you get? beauty. read this and you can thank me later.

5.Rhythm of the Rain (Complete) -DamageCtrl *Zutara fanfic queen*

Rebuilding a nation requires sacrifices. Knowing that the Fire Nation would never accept a Waterbender as it’s Lord’s wife, Katara removes herself from her fledgling romance with Zuko and encourages him to find greatness with Fire Nation noble Mai.

Word Count: 251,513 

This fanfic. THIS FANFIC. this was my first really good zutara fanfic and its art. i swear its art. IT WAS SO CUTE LIKE YOU DONT UNDERSTAND. with the turtle ducks and the zutara and its just beautifuL! proceed with caution get the tissues. like katara is making so many sacrifices for zuko’s happiness at ruling his nation and there’s some action so have a heads up. THIS IS AMAZING MUST READ.

6.Jasmine (WIP) -Yorushike 

Katara, traveling companion of the Avatar, had always dreamed of the day the war would end, but she had never thought that she would be forced to marry Firelord Zuko, who was said to have killed his own father, for this to happen. Zuko had no other goal than to repent for his sins and bring peace to the world, even if both his allies and enemies feared and hated him.

Last Updated: Apr 29 2015  Word Count:  172,458

So i haven’t finished this yet but im currently reading it and its FANTASTIC. i was putting this off because zuko is a bit of a sadist or at least thats the rumors in the book so i was like eww but IVE SEEN THE ERROR IN MY WAYS. i just wanna cuddle him and tell him hes BEAUTIFUL. zuko never traveled with the Gaang. au. you should definitely read this!

7.Love Thy Enemy- (Complete?) -RedNovember

The mighty Fire Empire rules the entire world, after they conquered it a century ago. Now, almost a hundred years later, a tiny tribe of rebels have sent Katara, an undercover assassin, to kill the Fire Emperor Zuko.

Word Count: 136,905

So the reason i put a question mark is because in the last chapter she says there will be an epilogue but its been 9 years since she said that so….ANYWHO! this is a au where katara was raised as a kyoshi warrior along with sokka. when she is old enough to become official, the mistress sends her to assassinate zuko by becoming the first female elite.the bond grows very nicely and even tho no epilogue you can infer! some action of course so must read!

8.The Hunter and the Prey (Complete) -RedNovember

The Prince of the Fire Nation will do anything to find the legendary Avatar, but what if the bait he captures to lure the Avatar decides to fight back and gains his attention in more ways than one? 

Word Count: 144,835

so this is a prequel to love thy enemy AND YOU HAVE TO READ THIS FIRST OR YOU’LL BE SPOILED. so yeah. this book is so sad!!!! the plot twist the love bonding and everything. the heartache. i cant say more or it shall give it away. even tho it’s super sad i loved it. prepare for waterworks!

9.When the Mask Comes Off (Completed) -Jamie Hasaku

After freeing her and her friends from capture, Zuko has no choice but to care for a gravely injured Katara, who was left behind by accident. The trick? Keeping his face hidden so she doesn’t hurt herself even more by trying to fight him.

Word Count: 73,457

this. this. this FANFIC. you get blutara! you get zutara! you get cuteness overload! you get amazingness! you get beauty! you get ART. i absolutely loved this fanfic and you will too!

10.The Dragon and the Siren (Completed) -CultOfStrawberry

Hades x Persephone inspired. In a land of gods and spirits, Katara is the daughter of the Sea, and Zuko is the powerful and reclusive God of the Fire Realms. Zuko has been pining for her for too long… so he finally takes action.

Word Count: 143,362 

  this plotline is so gooood and unique! i love the zutara! even tho zuko is a bit annoying at first, i love how well the bond and relationship develops. zuko’s feelings are so adorable! like seriously read this you will not regret it. the plot has stuck with me even after all these fanfics. thank me later :D

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you n lily are so like best friend homo i love it (ihopeididntoffendyouwiththat- I just mean that you two are adorable friends-

// @lily-clare HAHA ayyyyyyyyyyy thats tru
Who says we weren’t tho ;0