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Made some transparent Ricks because… Why not? Imagine the possibilities!!!

Feel free to use if you want to for whatever nefarious purposes you like.

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Jamilton Series: Part Sixteen

Dear kiddos, what to say to you? You’ve been on this journey with me for sixteen entire weeks. I’m sad to see it come to an end, but I’m also really excited for the new series I’ll be working on after winter break, and I hope you’re excited for them, too. Thank you so, SO much for buckling your angst seatbelts every Thursday for the past few months. Thank you for the likes, reblogs, and lovely messages telling me what this series has meant to you. As bittersweet as this moment is, I truly hope you like its conclusion. I love you guys so much! <333 (Read the series from the beginning here.)

One Month Later

“Out of all of our debates, I’m so glad this is the one we compromised on,” Alexander said as he and Thomas walked the streets of the city, hand in hand, snowflakes flitting and falling around them.

“Yeah,” Thomas said with a smile. “That’s the art of the compromise, knowing when it’s most needed.”

The two boys had wanted to celebrate each other’s progress–– Alexander had been consistently taking his meds for a month, and, along with regular therapy, was improving, and Thomas had accepted he was depressed and was open to his friends and Dr. Von Steuben helping him.

Alexander had wanted to take Thomas out to dinner, while Thomas had insisted he take Alex on a date to MoMA. They’d argued over it for days until James and Lafayette suggested they compromise. After arguing over whether to compromise or not for about an hour, they decided it was actually a good idea.

And so they were going to see a Broadway production of The Cherry Orchard.

Recovery had not been an easy journey, and they knew it was far from over. Thomas still flinched every time Alexander sneezed or coughed. He was utterly terrified that his boyfriend would try to slowly die again. He’d taken to checking Alex’s temperature every time the boy so much as sniffled.

Alexander allowed it, even though he promised Thomas he would never do that again. Thomas was grateful to Alex for that, knowing it could get stifling to be so doted over at times.

Maybe Alex was so accepting of Thomas’ need to check his temperature nearly every day because Alex himself needed to make sure there were no razors around the house quite often–– especially when Thomas was feeling particularly down.

Recovery was a rollercoaster, and even though sometimes they felt like they were going to be thrown off the ride, they simply tightened their seatbelts and held onto each other. So far that had always gotten them through.

It had definitely gotten them to the front of the theatre that night.

“You ready, babe?” Thomas asked with a smile.

“You bet,” Alex replied with a grin.

Their hands intertwined, they got their tickets scanned and walked into the theatre.

“I’m so proud of you,” Thomas whispered to Alexander as the lights dimmed. He pressed a kiss to his boyfriend’s temple.

Alex took Thomas’ hand and squeezed it before bringing it to his lips. “And I’m so proud of you.”

They watched the curtains open, and were soon sucked into the pure joy and excitement only live theatre could bring. Even though they were quickly transported away from their problems, they knew it would not last. But they were okay with that.

Things had been worse, and things would get better. And through it all, they would always have each other.


me: i’m okay. this is all going to hell but i’m okay
crazy ex girlfriend: the instrumental to ‘what’ll it be’ plays in the background while greg doubts rebeccas feelings for him 
me: …. no no no no
crazy ex girlfriend: greg self-sabotages and pushes rebecca away before he can get pushed away because he doesn’t think he’s enough 

What Lies Within

What is it behind the sharp, pointed edges and those cracks on your armour, Uthvir? The most important question is not what you are. It is who you are…

Uthvir and Squishy/Desire are @feynites​‘ characters from the Looking Glass. My early St Valentine’s gift for Fey & all Uthvir’s fans. A small prayer for happiness, although whatever will happen, needs to happen… :)

Process GIF here.

{1980} Open your eyes || M&M

It usually ended up like this: Marlene sitting on her couch while both of her cats cuddled her and she just stared blankly at a wall listening to music and drinking firewhiskey. However, the beginning was the exact opposite.

As soon as she find out that Benjy was coming to London, Marlene felt excited, too excited. It was safe to say that she was thrilled to have her friend back. Only Merlin knew how much she missed him when he was gone, so it was logical that she counted the days and minutes, waiting for his return.

They’ll spend as much time as they could together, but then, the unavoidably thing happened: he had to go back and whenever that happened, all her happiness vanished and turned into sadness. Marlene had become so used to having him around during Hogwarts than even now - three years after he graduated - she didn’t seem to get over it.

Usually, the following days after his departure, Marlene remained quiet. She just went to work and then back home. That would last for a couple of days until she was back on track.

Benjy had left two days ago and now, she was at home. Dorian was curled up next to her right thigh and Lady Jane on her lap, rubbing her head against her stomach. Marlene was too immersed on her thoughts that she couldn’t help to flinch when the bell rang. She picked up Lady Jane and walked towards the door and opened it.

Marlene blinked rather startled, not really expecting to see Remus Lupin at the other side of the door. “Hey” she said quietly. “What are you doing here?” She frowned. “Is everything okay?”


When I look at 2016 Jungkook, he still seems a little shy and playful, sometimes quiet and awkward like he was when he was 16, but there’s something really genuine, mature, and effortless about him that shines through whenever he says anything at all. Like whether he’s talking about his parents with tears in his eyes or answering a question on a variety show… he seems to know exactly what he’s talking about and there’s something really honest about his delivery that I freakin adore???

Not that he wasn’t genuine before, but I’m so proud of how much surer he seems of himself lately. And it’s even crazier thinking about how much more he will grow in the years to come.