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I am new to the Drarry Squad and to Tumblr and I can’t even express how much fun I have had interacting with you all and being embraced as part of this spectacular fandom! To celebrate this first milestone, here is an excerpt of a longer fic that I am working on…well, working on when I can drag myself away from Tumblr…

Draco settled into his desk and started prepping the files he would need to complete the paperwork from his last mission. Thankfully the Weasel was out of the office today training and Draco reveled in the quiet environment.

Just as he pulled out the appropriate form and set to writing, the office door loudly swung open and Potter entered. Of course he hadn’t bothered to knock, and of course he didn’t say anything as he trudged to the couch in the office and heavily sat down.

Draco had yet to get used to the brutish “manners” Potter exhibited. Potter and the Weasel both had no sense of propriety and it irritated Draco to no end.

Potter grunted and pointed toward Ron’s desk with a quizzical look.

“Honestly Potter, are words too much to ask for? Weasley is doing his training today.” At Harry’s confused look, Draco pointedly rolled his eyes “He won’t be in the office…” Harry’s blank look didn’t clear “I was planning to quietly work on paperwork” the dismissal was heavy in the air, but of course Potter didn’t pick up on it. Instead, he sighed and laid his head back on the couch, closing his eyes.

Draco was perturbed that Potter hadn’t made a move to leave, but yet found himself staring at his exposed throat, slightly lighter than the surrounding skin, he noticed. He traced Potter’s strong jaw with his eyes and tried very hard to pretend he didn’t want to trace it with his tongue. Merlin, Potter was good looking. Internally shaking himself Draco bitingly said “Don’t you ever go home, Potter?”

Harry opened his eyes and trained a weary glance at Draco. They had been in the habit of verbally sparing with each other and though he wanted to say something smart back, he was simply too exhausted – so instead, the truth came out “Not if I can help it, no” he said in a weak puff of air.

Draco startled a little at the truthful admission. Quickly, he covered it with another quip “Oh, no one to pester at home, then?” Harry continued to look at him with weary eyes and he became uncomfortably aware that he was likely closer to the truth than he intended.  

Harry’s eyes closed once more and very much against his will, Draco softened. Quietly, he said “You look tired, was it a rough night at St. Mungo’s?”

Harry swallowed and once again trained his eyes on Draco “Yes. A torture case. He didn’t make it.”

Draco didn’t have to ask to know how hard this was on Harry. It was written in the painful crease of his eyes, the bone-weary set of his shoulders, and the fact that he still hadn’t moved, despite knowing that Ron wouldn’t be coming. Draco stood up and swept out of the office. When he returned moments later, Harry hadn’t moved an inch.

Draco gently settled on the opposite end of the sofa and quietly cleared his throat. Harry slid his eyes open a crack to glance at Draco, and then startled, he opened them wide. Draco pushed a mug of tea toward Harry and he gratefully accepted it. His eyes quickly shot to Draco once more as he realized his tea was prepared exactly as he liked it – strong, with a splash of milk. Harry opened his mouth, but before he could say anything Draco drawled “You’re here nearly every day, I am capable of picking up on some things” and walked quickly back to his desk.

Draco, in what he hoped was a nonchalant voice asked “Are you planning on staying here a bit then?”

Harry looked over at Draco and was struck at how clear and bright his grey eyes were, even as a slight frown lit his face. “I suppose I could head home, Merlin knows I need sleep, but…”

The unspoken words hung in the air. Draco had once heard the Weasel and the Weaslette talking quietly in the office, when they thought he wasn’t paying attention, about Harry’s nightmares that never went away after the war and were always made worse by cases he couldn’t help, even though he was the best healer at St. Mungo’s. Draco knew about nightmares. He had them more often than was decent. The only times he didn’t reliably have nightmares were when he couldn’t take it anymore and took a Dreamless Sleep potion.

Draco cleared his thoughts with an imperceptible shake of his head “Like I said, I was planning on a quiet day of paperwork…you’re welcome to rest on the couch until you feel well enough to go home, if you want.”

Harry’s brows knit together as he finished the last of the tea and levitated the cup to Ron’s desk. He looked back at Draco, his eyes searching for Merlin-knows-what. Draco had to work harder than he would admit to keep his face impassive as he fought down an annoying spike of caring for the handsome brute in his office. Harry sighed and murmured a thanks as he shifted further down into the couch and promptly fell asleep.


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