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Does anybody else who studies multiple languages...

 (which I’m assuming is the vast majority of people following this blog) go through waves in terms of their interests/ focus on one language. One month I’ll be so into one language and so motivated to study it, then suddenly I want to get back into another. I’ve been on Spanish for the past few months and today, suddenly I want to watch some Korean dramas and be all about Korean. I’m going to Mexico in less than a week but at the very moment, I’m thinking about when I’ll get to go to S. Korea. But this always happens to me. Sometimes it’s months, sometimes weeks. This is crazy! 

فمهما يَقولواسأبقى أُحبُّكْ …
وَهُمْ يَعرِفونْ بِغيرِ هَواكِ أنا لنْ أكونْ …
وَهُمْ يَعلمونْ بأنَّكِ حُبٌَّ يَفوقُ الجُنونْ …
لِذا يَدَّعونْ ! لِذا يَحقِدونْ !
لأنَّكِ حُبٌّ سَيَبقَى بِقلبي وِهُمْ زَائلونْ !

- عبدالعزيز جويدة .


In the wise words of Taylor Swift, I am not the kind of girl who should be rudely barging in on a white veil occasion.

But then again, here I am openly plotting ways to crash my ex-boyfriend’s wedding, so what do I know?

crazy ex-girlfriend - coming this fall to tumblr


crazy arabs driving Must Watch

Meet Sexy and Musky Emirati from Ras Al Khaimah Mohammad.

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