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Les Mis fandom: “Valjean eats bread!” 

….ok, understandable..

Falsettos fandom: “Mendel eats dirt!!” 

…wait, what are you..?

Dear Evan Hansen fandom: “Jared eats bathbombs!!!” 

what the.. oh my God, stop!!!


These ants are going crazy. 

In order to stop the invasion of Yellow crazy ants you must forge the first great alliance between Honey Bees, Ants and Termites. Write it like an epic fantasy novel.


“After watching Josuke and the others get involved in this incident in Morioh, there’s one thing I can say… That the young people in this town have hearts of gold. The same hearts of gold shining with justice that we saw when we were in Egypt. I saw within Josuke and the others… As long as they have that, they’ll be fine. We wont have to worry about this town any longer. Now then I guess I should say goodbye to the son i’m so proud of.” 

  • Ed: I mean considering our situation them putting you in a birdcage makes the most sense.
  • Oswald: Really you want to start making bird jokes now?
  • Ed: *Smirks* Im just trying to pass the time Oswald I wasnt trying to... ruffle your feathers.
  • *Oswald tries to grab at Ed to strangle him while Ed laughs*

I just got called out not too long ago for not shipping Paperhat. Looks like this fandom is already going down the tubes.
Heck! The person who called me out made this huge rant on youtube telling everyone to move to another fandom if they don’t ship Paperhat.
Really? Crazy fangirls like that are going to give this fandom a bad name.
Yeah. I don’t like Paperhat and I never will. I think it’s abusive and they have no chemistry together. But holy mother of god do you really have to make a call out video about my opinion and encourage those to go to my twitter and send me hate?! and calling those who don’t ship PaperHat stupid assholes and wanting them to leave the fandom?
That’s just straight up toxic.
I even lost a friend for not shipping PaperHat. Like are you that stupid enough to end a friendship over a damn ship?
I hope this fandom doesn’t give me anymore bad experiences.

Note: The callout video was taken down. Thank goodness.

This One’s Mine

Request: There were waaayyy too many requests due to the whole daveed versus anthony thing to copy and paste here lol but yeah here’s part three!

Summary: Anthony and Reader talk things over, and Daveed discovers something new.

Warnings: somebody gets their heartbroken lol, mentions of Rafa and his song Guillotine bc i’m absolute rafa trash, like a lil language, angst?

A/N: I’ll try to make this gender neutral one day but today is not that day, apologies 

Word Count: 2522

Part One - Part Two

It’s been a week since you had last spoken to Anthony in person, and you didn’t dare visit the theatre after learning he had developed feelings for you. Daveed, as well as several of the cast members, wondered why you had suddenly stopped visiting. You had gotten texts from Lin, Oak, Renee and especially Anthony, but you gave short answers or ignored them all together. Whenever you met up with Daveed, he’d relay messages to you from the cast and try to get you to go back to see them, just as he was doing now as you two stood in his kitchen.

“No, Daveed,” you told him for what seemed liked the millionth time that day. 

“Come on Y/N!” your boyfriend insisted, “Everyone misses you like crazy.”

You continued cutting vegetables that you were going  to add into the stir fry you were preparing for and Daveed, muttering, “That’s nice.”

Daveed sighed and just watched a moment. He asked you, “What’d I miss?”

“Oh, are you singing now?” you joked, chopping up carrots. 

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I love how Hisoka is COMPLETELY absent in the Chimera Ant arc and you think “Hey, wow, we might actually get through an arc without this pedo clown popping up!”
But no. He is LITERALLY in one of the last scenes in the last episode of the arc. Just sitting there gazing over the city. Pondering life. And I love how Illumi acknowledges the fact that he has been totally MIA.

Illumi: I know you don’t watch the news or anything but while you were off finding Chrollo or something, there were these killer ants and it was pretty crazy tbh.

Hisoka:….. Ants?

Illumi: Yeah it was wild. btdubs, Killua and Gon are probably gonna die.

Hisoka : *stands up and strikes a pose* no unripe fruits are gonna die on my watch

nimblenonsense replied to your post “You’re probably tired of hearing about ant salvation, but I just got…”

Yeah, if you’re in the Gulf Coast region of the US, those are probably the razberry crazy ants. Near all commercially available baits and poisons don’t work, and we had a guy from Texas A&M come through our full neighborhood and do a study for pesticide companies to find something that worked. Check if your neighbors have problem with the ants, if they do, the only way to make it stop is that the whole neighborhood has to get anti-ant’d at the same time :cccc

Not even remotely, I’m in the upper midwest, the land of ice and fire. 

Yet we somehow had three different types of ant in our kitchen alone last year and sporadic invasions of the bathroom and home office. I dunno if you’ve ever heard a PC processor churning up ants when it got turned on after we’d been gone for a weekend, but the computer almost didn’t win. 

We’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do re: the yard and we’ve done all kinds of house repairs to get rid of them and laid every poison available to us. 

I watched the ones in the kitchen chew through fucking silicone calk.

We completely abandoned part of the basement last year until we were able to hire someone to come bomb it for us and now we have an annual plan we pay into to get the house treated every few weeks/months depending on how bad it is. So far we haven’t seen any since the last treatment so hopefully I wont be dealing with ants coming out my keyboard again/inside my tea kettle. My OCD just can’t handle it.


take the fire exit out
of our pale lives,
break bread with
thorough losers,
rain dance in the
in alaska,
wander like satellites
under full moons
in nothing
it all

swing hard
and miss,
gamble our soles
on uneven ground,
travel like
fire ants,

led by something

nimblenonsense  asked:

You're probably tired of hearing about ant salvation, but I just got linked to you and the suffering. Have you happened to try Sevin Dust? It sounds like you have an infestation of crazy ants, which are a co-operative colony ant that don't build nests, love to cluster around electric sources, and get absolutely everywhere. Where I'm at, they beat hornets and -fire ants- by sheer numbers.

We tried literally everything that you can buy yourselves over the counter and nadda. The only thing that works is getting the house/surrounding areas bombed regularly by professionals with stuff that makes it very hard for me to breathe, but then we are ant free inside the house for a couple of months.

It’s expensive as all hell but it’s worth it not to have ants crawling out of my keyboard cause haha, my sanity cannot deal with that anymore. Nope nope nope.


Christmas Island Crab Migration

The Christmas Island Red Crab is a land crab that is only found on Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean. Though they’re land crabs they spawn in the sea and undergo a mass migration to the water’s edge yearly. During this time the island is covered in a carpet of crabs- they’re all over the roads, trees, sidewalks- EVERYWHERE. Their journey is arduous and many of them die, either from being run over by cars or yellow crazy ants which shoot them in the face with formic acid and then eat them as they decay.

However, the people of Christmas Island are sensitive to the plight of the crabs, and rather than kill them off, they build tunnels and bridges to help them get across the island safely, and even close off certain roads to decrease fatalities. They’ve also undertaken baiting programs to kill some of the yellow crazy ant supercolonies, since they’re not native and wreak havoc on the islands wildlife.


Chew Toy

The phone rang; it was the low inoffensive bleating of an office line, meant to attract attention instead of demanding it. A hoofed hand lazily reached over and turned on the speakerphone. “Yes, Ms. Muston?”

The squeaky, timid voice of Jackie Muston, the front desk secretary, sounded over the speaker. “Your two ‘o’clock with the Paws’n’Claws Organization is here, Mayor Swinton. Also, your three ‘o’clock canceled.”

“Understood. Thank you,” Swinton drawled, knocking back the last finger in her Lalique lowball tumbler. “Send them up, please.”

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okay but consider daiya x haikyuu crossover:
  • Tanaka and Noya glaring daggers at Miyuki but Miyuki purposedly ticks them off with his comments. ‘ hahaha! arigatõ! “
  • Miyuki always teasing poor little Yachi because she’s a nervous sunshine and always gets flustered / embarrassed over things.  #Kiyoko saves the day.

  • Mochi joining the KIYOKO PROTECTION sQUAD (although Noya and Tanaka are also glaring at him, the first minute he goes all gentleman like  when he greets them, but once they see he has difficulties with girls too - note: wakana - they have a manly embrace - ‘ YOU’RE ONE OF US! ‘ )

  • Okay but also consider SEIDO X KARASUNO MANAGERS like haruno and yachi would be so precious together okay.

  • Furuya , Sawamura, Hinata and Kageyama on competitions, racing like crazy ants - ‘ the idiot hoard just got larger . ‘ (Tsukishima)
  • Daichi is yelling at them to stop and Kuramochi actually runs after them to punish them - coach Kataoka is seen by very few chuckling at their idiocy and Miyuki’s sides are hurting from laughing. 

  • Sawamura and Hinata bonding: OSH OSH OSH, OOGYAH, UWAH GWAH’S echo + ‘ YOUR TEAM HAS MORE THAN 100 MEMBERS?! SUGOOOOOIIII! “ also sawamura bragging to hinata about his cool southpaw form.

  • Yamaguchi and Nori bonding over their insecurities and pure souls and what about YAMAGUCHI, NORI AND YACHI?  !!! #OT3

  • Isashiki scaring Hinata and the first years considerably: “ IS THIS HOW YOU EDUCATE YOUR KOUHAI?! “ - he thinks they are too soft on them 

  • Hinata at Ryosuke’s appearance - he is creeped out: “ is he dracula-san?” # he ded

  • Hinata is introduced to coach Kataoka through Sawamura and also starts calling him BIG BOSS and Hinata goes all rigid because he reminds him of a general or something. “ …SAWAMURA! 10 LAPS AROUND THE FIELD ! “ # rip eijun

  • Daichi actually asking for advice on captain matters to Yuuki, because he carries this fearsome aura (but really he’s a dork deep down.)

  • Sugawara and Haruichi getting along just fine. Or let’s say he bonds with both the Kominato brothers.

  • Tsukishima and Miyuki would get along so well because of their sarcasm and remarks. ‘ …. finally someone who is more normal. ‘