crazy ant

Les Mis fandom: “Valjean eats bread!” 

….ok, understandable..

Falsettos fandom: “Mendel eats dirt!!” 

…wait, what are you..?

Dear Evan Hansen fandom: “Jared eats bathbombs!!!” 

what the.. oh my God, stop!!!

In order to stop the invasion of Yellow crazy ants you must forge the first great alliance between Honey Bees, Ants and Termites. Write it like an epic fantasy novel.


“After watching Josuke and the others get involved in this incident in Morioh, there’s one thing I can say… That the young people in this town have hearts of gold. The same hearts of gold shining with justice that we saw when we were in Egypt. I saw within Josuke and the others… As long as they have that, they’ll be fine. We wont have to worry about this town any longer. Now then I guess I should say goodbye to the son i’m so proud of.” 

reylorobyn2011  asked:

I wasn't aware that CaptainSwan had ants 🐜 why????

I don’t know if Cs antis were as bad as Reylo’s one, I liked Kylo/Rey but Cs was my main OTP then, I didn’t even lurked in Reylo tag.

Captain Swan is a canon hetship which makes it  “penis parade” as opposition fanon ship claimed. When Hook was Emma’s Swan adversary they had 1 sword fight (she kicked his ass) during which he told her “when I jab you with my sword you’ll feel it“ and haters blown this innuendo way over proportion. Captain Swan was called rape culture and Hook as a villain pirat (pirat = rapist) a rapist that didn’t deserved redemption, shippers rape apologists. Popularity of Captain Swan made ants crazy with hate. Shitload of hate was spew over CS tag, constant shipwars, harrasing shippers and actors. The amount of angry anons was ridiculous, death threats and slurs. I got anon hate that gleefully wished me to get raped “many, many times” and to get a cancer. So yeah it was vicious and massive hate campaign. Haters renamed Captain Swan as Craptain Swan etc.

It’s a lot less now that CS is canon for few seasons and haters moved on. Hope reylo’s haters give up too :)


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable|| Cant Bring Everyone Back
It can be said that humans live by destroying. In the midst of all that, your power is kinder than anything else. But once a life is taken, it doesn't come back. No matter the Stand, it cant bring back.

okay but consider daiya x haikyuu crossover:
  • Tanaka and Noya glaring daggers at Miyuki but Miyuki purposedly ticks them off with his comments. ‘ hahaha! arigatõ! “
  • Miyuki always teasing poor little Yachi because she’s a nervous sunshine and always gets flustered / embarrassed over things.  #Kiyoko saves the day.

  • Mochi joining the KIYOKO PROTECTION sQUAD (although Noya and Tanaka are also glaring at him, the first minute he goes all gentleman like  when he greets them, but once they see he has difficulties with girls too - note: wakana - they have a manly embrace - ‘ YOU’RE ONE OF US! ‘ )

  • Okay but also consider SEIDO X KARASUNO MANAGERS like haruno and yachi would be so precious together okay.

  • Furuya , Sawamura, Hinata and Kageyama on competitions, racing like crazy ants - ‘ the idiot hoard just got larger . ‘ (Tsukishima)
  • Daichi is yelling at them to stop and Kuramochi actually runs after them to punish them - coach Kataoka is seen by very few chuckling at their idiocy and Miyuki’s sides are hurting from laughing. 

  • Sawamura and Hinata bonding: OSH OSH OSH, OOGYAH, UWAH GWAH’S echo + ‘ YOUR TEAM HAS MORE THAN 100 MEMBERS?! SUGOOOOOIIII! “ also sawamura bragging to hinata about his cool southpaw form.

  • Yamaguchi and Nori bonding over their insecurities and pure souls and what about YAMAGUCHI, NORI AND YACHI?  !!! #OT3

  • Isashiki scaring Hinata and the first years considerably: “ IS THIS HOW YOU EDUCATE YOUR KOUHAI?! “ - he thinks they are too soft on them 

  • Hinata at Ryosuke’s appearance - he is creeped out: “ is he dracula-san?” # he ded

  • Hinata is introduced to coach Kataoka through Sawamura and also starts calling him BIG BOSS and Hinata goes all rigid because he reminds him of a general or something. “ …SAWAMURA! 10 LAPS AROUND THE FIELD ! “ # rip eijun

  • Daichi actually asking for advice on captain matters to Yuuki, because he carries this fearsome aura (but really he’s a dork deep down.)

  • Sugawara and Haruichi getting along just fine. Or let’s say he bonds with both the Kominato brothers.

  • Tsukishima and Miyuki would get along so well because of their sarcasm and remarks. ‘ …. finally someone who is more normal. ‘ 

There are over 1,200 species of ants throughout the world. Some can inflict tremendous pain, such as Paraponera clavata, commonly called “the bullet ant”, for its powerful sting. Others are harmless, such as Paratrechina longicornis, commonly called “the crazy ant”, that poses no danger to humans.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable|| Another Misunderstanding 
 It pisses me off when someone talks bad about my awesome hair. I cant even help it!!” 

Tawny crazy ants multiply faster than rabbits on an abacus, which would be fine if they didn’t absolutely despise all the technological feats of man. Some experts suspect they’re attracted to electricity itself, like a bunch of unlucky fetishists, while others believe the myriad nooks and crannies offer a good hiding spot for an ant species that isn’t capable of building burrows of its own. Either way, the result is the same. Whether it’s power outlets, NASA computers, chemical plant machinery, or even your precious Xbox, crazy ants are here to do two things: fuck up your gadgets, and chew bubblegum.

Of course the electricity kills them – they’re not immune to lightning (yet). But that doesn’t matter. Once the first wave arrives and gets zapped, their charred corpses emit a pheromone that attracts more crazy ants. The reinforcements use their deceased brethren as a biological bridge right into the guts of your sweet new Ultra HD TV, piling in until the device flash-fries itself in act of totally understandable suicide.

This is not a freak occurrence. In city environments, crazy ants can decimate every electronic device in an entire neighborhood. We’ve been sitting here fearing targeted EMP weapons, and all the while, biology has been toiling away on the far worse organic alternative.

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