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The signs as I know them
  • (I know there are already a couple of these out there but I wanted to make my own based on people I know!)
  • Aries: Loving and warm people who’d kill anyone who’s ever laid a hand on you if they care about you. Likes to argue, will probs win even when they’re wrong. Dorks who try to make themselves seem like they don’t care, even though they care a whole lot. Afraid of being used or taken advantage of, which sometimes leads them to cut out people who actually have good intentions. Needs to learn to slow down and look at things from different angles. Amazing, deep eyes.
  • Taurus: Cute and smiley people who’ll make you feel comfortable around them. They can be awkward but they tend to not even notice it and just keep talking. Sees red when they’re angry. Outgoing but shy at the same time. Very blunt. Their schedule for the day is either packed to the brim with exciting adventures or occupied by sleeping on the couch all day. Quirky, beautiful smiles.
  • Gemini: Secretive and outgoing with apple cheeks and flawless hair. Easy to be around. Will keep you wondering if you really know them or if it’s just the face they put on for the world. Makes you laugh and feel happy. Give amazing hugs! The more you learn about them, the more intrigued you’ll be. Tend to be really sassy and use a ton of sarcasm around people they don’t like, and people they’re crazy about. If they act natural around you, you’re probably fine. You might find yourself wondering if they like you or if they don’t, and you probably won’t get an answer unless you ask them directly.
  • Cancer: Quirky and insecure. Will seem like they own the world and like they’ve got everything under control, but in reality they’re VERY aware of their own flaws and needs. Won’t ask you for anything unless they’re really desperate for the help. Once you get to know them they’re actually just kids trapped in adults’ bodies and they need a lot of support to feel okay. Will go to the end of the world for you if they care about you. Can be possessive and jealous but only because they care so much.
  • Leo: Proud with a spark in their eyes. Always seem happy or content on the exterior. Love being shown affection, especially in public. Tend to shut down if you tell them something they don’t want to hear. Not very good at keeping in touch, because to them everyone keeps being their friend unless something has happened between them. Thick hair, often curvy bodies. Intriguing facial structures, you’ll want to look at them forever. Don’t handle it well when someone or something threatens their ego or pride.
  • Virgo: funny and unique. Won’t seem smart when you first meet them but they’re probably the next Einstein. Able to make you laugh at literally anything. Seem really small when they’re sad and you’ll find yourself wishing you could just give them the biggest hug in the world. Very clumsy, and very lovable because they’re capable of laughing at themselves instead of being ashamed.
  • Libra: Outgoing and easy to be around. Will make you smile. Uses a lot of body language and their body is probably smacking. Good at working with their hands, typically very artistic and creative. Their schedule is ALWAYS packed. They’ll either make you feel like the most important person in the world or like you mean nothing to them; they don’t mean it though, it’s just that they want to make time for everyone so you may not get to spend very much time with them very often. Veeeery charming and will probably flirt with you (and everyone else).
  • Scorpio: Polite and chatty. Always up for hanging out. May seem arrogant, but it’s typically just because they know their worth. Has a charming smile and pretty teeth. Tend to stay in the back and don’t always make very much of an impression you’ll remember. Opens up as you get to know them. Seem like they’ve got their entire life structured and planned out until you actually get to know them; they just do what feels right.
  • Sagittarius: Amazingly loveable. Won’t say much in big groups unless they feel like it’s important. Not afraid to take the lead and to things others won’t. Give great hugs. Their eyes make them look wise and talking to a sag will make you feel understood. Very open and welcoming. Easy targets for bullies as they tend to stand up for and care about everyone but themselves. If they like you they’ll want to be around you and spend time with you. Sometimes says dorky things if they speak before they think. Observers.
  • Capricorn: Loud and proud. But very down to earth and in touch with themselves. Loves to have fun and be around friends; that’s when they feel at home. Round and friendly faces. Amazing and contagious laughters. They’re opinionated but sometimes doesn’t think they’d arguments through before they speak. Easy to talk to, but you might feel a little intimidated by them. Love to hang around and do nothing. Doesn’t take things too hard.
  • Aquarius: Flickering eyes and big genuine smiles. Seem very quiet when you first meet them but that’s only until you get to know them. They’re loud and love to talk to other people. Always ready to go out and have fun. Doesn’t take anyone’s shit. Amazing friends who’ll always look out for you and talk to you if you need them. Thin but beautiful hair. Knows what they want and goes for it. Easy to scare. Don’t like being alone.
  • Pisces: Beautiful and elegant people. Great smiles. Friends for life, but you have to be okay with the fact that you’ll probably be initiating the contact. Best people to go to if you have something you want to get off your chest. Will call you out in your bullshit in a very blunt way, but you’ll probably love it. When they smile at you it’s like the world stops moving for a second. Can be too nice and let people walk over them if they don’t want to pick the fight. Great at flirting.
A disturbing thought regarding gem production

I just realized something: Peridot arguing with Yellow Diamond over the potential renewable resources of the earth makes A LOT more sense now that we know Homeworld is running out of quality gem material. She wasn’t made “like they used to” make Peridots. She’s smaller and weaker and has no weapons and, she thought, no powers–even shapeshifting powers, which we know ALL the crystal gems (including Pearl, a “made-to-order servant” gem, and Steven, a half-human hybrid) possess. Of course she’d care about resources–her own weaknesses are a direct result of the shortage.
The thing that makes this disturbing is….YD didn’t give a fuck. The Diamonds, evidently, don’t care about making their gems better. They just care about making them. They’re basically churning out cheap versions of gems and giving them tech to make up for their shortcomings. Now, imagine centuries down the road when their resources dwindle more and more and the gems they produce are weaker and weaker and, possibly, more often defective and discarded (a horrifying thought, given that they’d likely either be harvested and recycled, or used in experiments like the fusion monsters/Cluster… *shudder*), and they just keep giving these runty, weak, or even physically disabled gems technological enhancements until Era 5-6-7-whatever gems are mostly gem cyborgs.