crazy about nature

ID #61047

Name: Dominika
Age: 21
Country: Poland

I’m an introvert. I want to be some of the X-men’s one day. I’m crazy about nature.. clouds, the sea, trees, stars, the moon. The night is my favourite time of day. I just love coldness, quietness and empty streets. All of that makes my heart so calm. My goal in life is to be always open-minded.

Preferences: N/A

A disturbing thought regarding gem production

I just realized something: Peridot arguing with Yellow Diamond over the potential renewable resources of the earth makes A LOT more sense now that we know Homeworld is running out of quality gem material. She wasn’t made “like they used to” make Peridots. She’s smaller and weaker and has no weapons and, she thought, no powers–even shapeshifting powers, which we know ALL the crystal gems (including Pearl, a “made-to-order servant” gem, and Steven, a half-human hybrid) possess. Of course she’d care about resources–her own weaknesses are a direct result of the shortage.
The thing that makes this disturbing is….YD didn’t give a fuck. The Diamonds, evidently, don’t care about making their gems better. They just care about making them. They’re basically churning out cheap versions of gems and giving them tech to make up for their shortcomings. Now, imagine centuries down the road when their resources dwindle more and more and the gems they produce are weaker and weaker and, possibly, more often defective and discarded (a horrifying thought, given that they’d likely either be harvested and recycled, or used in experiments like the fusion monsters/Cluster… *shudder*), and they just keep giving these runty, weak, or even physically disabled gems technological enhancements until Era 5-6-7-whatever gems are mostly gem cyborgs.