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Hi there! Headcanon on what kind of actions would the S and M brothers take to seduce their crush?

Shu: He’d subtly tease her during class, like if she gets an answer wrong or if she dropped something, in order to get her attention. If they were partners or in a group project, he would make lowkey sexual jokes in order to make her flustered. When they get to know each other, he’d start softly touching her thigh and waist.  Shu doesn’t come off too strong when he’s seducing his crush, he’d want to do enough to see her blush and squirm.  “Why are you blushing naughty girl~? I’m just softly touching you.  To think you heat up this much from just being touched… You’re bad aren’t you?”

Reiji: He, of course, is not one to show his feelings much. He tries to pull off that cool, mysterious facade that drives girls crazy. He’d offer to help his crush with her studies that she’s struggling with to get alone time with her (consequently, making many girls jealous.) If she gets off topic, he would snap at her telling her to stay focused on her work, but secretly just wants her to pay attention to him.  “Are you paying attention mortal? I don’t have time for this…if you’re gonna be off in another world then maybe we can find you another tutor..Hmmm? You don’t want that…Perhaps you’ve learned to desire me…isn’t that right mortal? So you shamefully admit…such obedience will give you a very pleasurable reward later”.

Ayato: Ayato would depend on his good looks and talent to seduce her.  He would flex in front of her and lift heavy objects like if it was nothing in order to impress her.  If they were talking, he’d bite his lip and subtly check her out.  Ayato would tease her with sexual innuendos and if she asked for something, he would respond with “And what do I get out of it~? Yours Truly expects you to do something for him.  Now don’t be selfish Pancake and get on your knees…”

Kanato: He doesn’t feel he needs any charm to win a girl over. His natural cuteness is enough, and we already know that he’s clingy and terrifyingly protective, meaning he’d never let her leave. He’s a touchy guy (only to the one’s he likes) therefore would randomly cling onto her, even in public, and won’t let go. He’s not much of a hand holder, though. Once they’re alone, though, that’s when the beast inside he’s been holding back gets out.  “Are you scared of me~?  Keep making that cute expression…. I wanted to do this for so long~.  We’ll be boyfriend and girlfriend after this…no…you’ll be my one and only dolly…”

Laito: Laito is pretty flirty with everyone but his attentions would mostly be focused on his crush.  He would invade her personal space on many cases in order to see her get embarrassed and flustered and tease her for it, calling her “cute”.  If she was with a group of friends, Laito would come up and wrap his arms around her waist and call her his “girlfriend”.  “Fufu~ LIttle Bitch is my cute girlfriend now isn’t she~?  She is mine to do whatever sins I want to her precious beautiful body nfu~.”

Subaru: This tsundere doesn’t show much emotions towards anyone but his crush, but he tries to keep it lowkey. It’s always hard for him, though, because he has so many emotions for this girl but doesn’t try to unleash them all. When he seduces her, he makes it seem like he’s not trying. For example, he’ll lift heavy objects like it’s nothing or wear shirts that show off his muscles, pretending he’s not trying when he really is. When she points it out, he’ll reply with something like “Tch whatever” but on the inside, he’d be happy that she noticed. “It’s not like I’m trying to impress you stupid girl….Someone weak like you can’t lift something like this.  Tch it’s not my fault I’m stronger than you mortals!! But..yknow…if you need someone to protect you…I’ll kill any asshole that hurts you….”

Ruki: Like Reiji and Shu, the oldest Mukami would try to be subtle with how he approaches her.  Ruki would start off with simple things like walking her to class and intimidating anyone who bothers her.  Little by little his actions become more intimate and seductive.  He would calmly play with her hair and nibble softly on her ear, whispering sweet nothings.  Ruki would pull her on his lap, claiming she belongs to him as he slowly rubs her thighs.  “From now on…you are only my Livestock.  As your Master I will protect and nurture you but only if you dedicate yourself to me…otherwise you’ll be punished~”

Kou: He does what we would expect him to do, full on flirt with her and sort of just expect her to fall head over heels for him because he’s an idol. Although, in scenarios where she doesn’t flirt back, he notices himself trying harder on getting her to notice him, figuring she’s just playing hard to get. He’d be very touchy, mostly on the thighs and around her waist. He’d be the type to wink and say lewd things here and there, laughing at her embarrassed reaction. He would claim her to be his girlfriend despite her complaints.  “M-Neko-chan~ you didn’t walk to class with me today! You always have to be by your boyfriend’s side!!  Don’t pout at me~. Maybe you angered me on purpose you dirty kitten, maybe you’re asking for a punishment~.

Yuma: Yuma would constantly tease her for being short and compare how tall and strong he is compared to her. He would work out in front of her and if he caught her staring, he’d slowly strip his shirt off, smirking at her expression. Yuma would always take the opportunity to whisper dirty things in her ear such as “I caught you watching dirty girl…. I think Sow wants to see my body over hers doesn’t she~?” and “Something as small as you wouldn’t be able to walk the next day”.  He’d have to keep himself from laughing at her tomato red face.

Azusa: He wouldn’t try to do anything that makes her feel uncomfortable, but he’s still clingy and will randomly cuddle her or grab her hand, and when they’re alone, lay on her boobs like they’re pillows. When he’s feeling freaky, that’s when he would slowly make his way up her shirt while softly kissing her neck. He would of course stop if he notices she’s feeling too nervous, but most the time he just keeps going while whispering sweet things in her ear like “I love you~ please stay with me…and me only…let’s not go to school today.  Just stay here…with me…and let’s make love…all day…”.

I bet Sangwoo actually really wants Bum to model that bra for him (◔◡◔✿)

(p.s pretend Sangwoo isnt crazy here obvi i don’t support them being together (✿´ ꒳ ` )) 

Context: Our group is in a tower belonging to a mage who can control fire and we are currently looking for the mage in question as well as his treasure hoard.

DM: You approach a gold door which looks to be hot.

Paladin: I touch the door.

DM: It is incredibly hot, you immediately pull away.

Crazy Bard: I’d like to stick something in the keyhole.

DM: What are you trying to stick in the keyhole?

Crazy Bard: …Something…

DM: *Sigh* fine, roll

Crazy Bard: *Rolls nat 20*

Crazy Bard: I’m sticking my dick in the keyhole.

DM:Your dick is VERY much on fire…

Crazy Bard: I put it out with my kilt.

DM: You can’t it’s magic fire.

*Everyone dies of laughter as the Bard’s nether region burns to a crisp*