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Divided We Stand - S2 E1

anonymous asked:

Would you mind translating lyrics of the song 'vi er perfekt men verden er ikke det' I'd really appreciate that :)

hey, lovely! 💖

ofc! i whipped this up for you (just remember that lyrics don’t translate too well and that i’m not a pro, so there may be some awkward phrases ahh)  (^:

cezinando - we’re perfect, but the world isn’t


We’re perfect, but the world isn’t
Eyes blanker than what the papers really looked like
Before all the punches and kicks
I’m just a boy
Alone with all the thoughts like ‘ahhh’
We’re perfect, but the world isn’t
Plates for the elephants
If we say the same things until we’re used to it
There’ll be some truth in it, in the end

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*In Victor`s voice* AMAZING!!! <3

Just watch this video, it`s such a blessing ^^

And okay, can this performance be called a Ballroom e youkoso and YOI crossover?