I hit 700! I’m actually now on 702 so that’s insane. It’s also the 45th day I’ve had my blog! Not even 2 months and so many followers already <333 I love every single one of you and I’m so grateful that you’re here liking and reblogging and tagging me in things. I’m mutuals with some really amazing quality blogs on here that i have no clue why they follow me as I am trash (rosewoodzs mrs-hannamarin fuckyeahprettylittleliar vanderyeezus in particular NOT EXCLUDING OTHERS I LOVE EVERYONE ON HERE pls don’t hate me). I am so happy to be a part of this army and SO EXCITED FOR 6X10 OMG LESS THAN TWO WEEKS GUYS. 

Once again, a huge thank you to everyone, i love you all. you guys should talk to me more! tag me in stuff, message me random crap idk I wanna be ur friend <3


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