craziest night of my life


I don’t remember exactly how it started. It was the craziest night of my life, up until that point at least. Since that night nothing has been the same.

I was standing against the wall, lost in my phone, texting my best friend, Brenda, who was once again late for the concert she insisted I attend with her.

“Brenda where the fuck are you?”

I stare at my phone for what feels like an eternity waiting for her response. Finally a reply comes across.

“Sorry.  I’ll be there soon.”

I huff, my frustration fueled tears catching the eye of a rock star wanna be who stops dead in his tracks to ask if I’m okay. I look up briefly, noticing his piercing blue eyes, and smile through my tears and nod, embarrassed that I wasn’t invisible and he saw me.

I wipe my tears away and text Sharon again warning her of her impending death. I look up to see those same piercing blue eyes standing over me. “You’re crying. Girls don’t usually cry for no reason. I can’t leave you alone like this,” he insists. “Your boyfriend make you cry?”

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Pro tip || Phil Lester

A/N: Hey! Surprise!! so many of you wanted me to write a Phil imagine so I did! This was a request by @shyecti! Sorry for the awful name by the way I just had to!

POV: Reader

Word Count: 1.4K


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He walked in and for a second time slowed down and the earth stopped turning. Working as a waitress on the weekends I see a lot of people all the time. Most of them just look the same to me, but he was different.

The stranger had dark black hair and really light skin. Although he was wearing an expensive looking suit he was wearing bright red socks underneath his leather dress shoes. He was maybe a little bit older than me but I was never the best at guessing somebody’s age.

I was interested to see if somebody was accompanying him but he seemed to have come on his own.

It was a Saturday night and the restaurant I was working at had been pretty busy all day, now that it was getting late there were mainly a few couples who were drinking wine left.

To be honest I was totally exhausted, I had exams all week and having to run around the restaurant all day really made my feet and back hurt. The cherry on top of this great week was probably the little kid that spilled spaghetti all over the apron, that I had to wear as my working uniform, today.

With surprise, I noticed that weird-sock guy didn’t sit down at one of the tables. I was standing behind the bar and cleaned a few glasses since all of the guests were currently sorted and secretly watched him.

He spoke to one of my colleagues and seemed to have ordered something before he started walking directly towards me.

The young man that had all of my attention sat down on one of the bar stools right in front of me. I freaked out a little, he was even better looking close up.

“Good evening. Can I get you something?” I asked him with a friendly smile.

“Sure, I’ll take a gin tonic while I wait.” He said, his Northern accent prominent in his deep voice.

“Already on the way.” I chirped with a nod before I started preparing his drink.

By now I figured that he had ordered some take away and he was just waiting for the food to finish.

I was just pouring the gin over a few ice cubes that I had put in a glass as he introduced himself to me.

“I’m Phil by the way, are you new here? I have never seen you before.”

There was something about him that fascinated me. I was so glad that he decided to start a conversation.

“I’m Y/N, I just work here on the weekends.” I explained politely and handed him his gin tonic.

He took the ice-cold drink into his huge hands and delightfully took the first sip.  

“And what do you do when you don’t work here?” Phil wanted to know, setting down his glass and looking at me. He seemed genuinely interested.

“Well, during the week I struggle at college.” I said with a little laugh, but it was one hundred percent true.

Since I have to work all weekend I need to do all of my school work during the week and also attend my classes. It was pretty stressful and sometimes it just got too much especially because my parents expect me to have amazing grades all the time.

“You may not believe it but I can totally relate to that!” Phil laughed while I shot him a confused and shocked look.

“OH no, I’m not at college anymore, I graduated like 3 years ago, but I haven’t forgotten those times.” Phil explained eagerly as soon as he saw my facial expression.

That made sense to me, I would have been surprised if he weren’t older than me.

‘He is only 3 years older than you’ the voice in my head screamed with excitement. That was indeed a reasonable age gap.

“So, what are you majoring in, Y/N?” He asked me curiously and the way he said my name made my heart melt.

“English Literature” I answered. “…I know it sounds boring.” I quickly added, already expecting the standard reaction.

“Boring? I also did English Lit but then I started an additional IT course and now I run an IT firm. Life has a weird way of working, but I am not complaining.”  

I tried to not seem too impressed but that sounded incredibly interesting. The reason why he wore such a nice suit was because he was the head of a business that seemed to be pretty successful!

“Enough about me, I want to know more about you. Why do you struggle at college? Is Mrs. Horthon still teaching English Lit?” Phil wanted to know, laughing a little.

“Oh my god, you know her!? She was awful! We threw the biggest party of the whole semester after she retired.” I told him excitingly remembering the possibly craziest night of my life so far.

“I wish I was at that party!” Phil chuckled and then asked me to continue talking about myself.

“Well, I guess I’m just a little bit stressed out all the time. I barely manage all of the work I need to do for college but I can’t quit this job because I need the money.” I explained with a sigh as I dried off another shot glass.  

After that me and Phil ranted about tuition fees and he even told me that he had to work at a pizzeria during his college times.

“The order for Lester is ready!” Andy, one of my colleagues exclaimed.

“Oh that’s me then.” Phil told me as he got up from the bar stool and put on his jacket.

“It was really nice to meet you Y/N.” He smiled and said goodbye as he placed some money on the counter to pay for his drink.

I was disappointed that he had to leave, I wanted to talk to him all night. Just as he walked away I realized that I would probably never see him again.

‘Phil Lester, the one that got away’ I joked in my head, remembering his last name.

I never really believed in love at first sight but because of him I wasn’t so sure anymore.

With a sad smile, I grabbed his money only to find out that he had given me a roll of cash. With pure shock, I realized that those weren’t one dollar bills but one hundred dollar bills!

I had never in my life seen so much money at once before. It was so much that I wouldn’t have to work at all anymore, but I couldn’t keep it.

My eyes quickly scanned the room for Phil’s black hair but he was nowhere to be seen. I headed over to Andy, the colleague that got Phil his food.

“Where is the young man with the weird socks ?!” I nearly shouted at him, earning a few rude stares.

“He took his food and left?? Why??” Andy told me, looking at me like I was out of my mind.

“He already left? He left a way too big tip, I need to give it back.”

“C’mon a tip can’t be too big, I bet he just liked you.” Andy tried to convince me but as I showed him the money in my hands his eyes doubled in size.

“Holy shit, Y/N! That’s like more worth than my entire existence!”

“Not helping, Andy!” I complained.

Not knowing what else to do I opened the roll of money. My heart nearly jumped out of my rib cage as I saw a little note between all of those dollar bills.

It was a simple sheet of white paper that somebody had quickly scrabbled something on.

I hope this helps.

I was internally screaming with both happiness and utter frustration. But then I saw that there was also a note on the back.

Ps. Now that you won’t work here anymore I need a way to still see you. Why don’t you call me?

0987654321 – Phil

“Ha I told you he likes you.” Andy grinned and although I playfully hit his shoulder I was staring down at Phil’s phone number with a huge smile.

The craziest night of my life

So I had an actual insane night the other day and I want to share it. This is probably gonna be a long story so this is only if you have nothing better to do but laugh at me for the next five minutes. 

So the story starts when I’m getting ready to go on a date with this guy from tinder and his profile screams sugar daddy. His bio literally said “Date me cause your boyfriends broke.” So I’m like hell yeah POT date! And as I’m getting ready I’m like, hmm I wonder if my fellow sugar baby friend has been on a date with him. So I text her and she’s all like, DO NOT GO ON A DATE WITH HIM, HES SUCH  AN ASSHOLE. I was taken so off guard so I called her and I’m like wtf I’m leaving for our date in 20 minutes! And she tells me how they went on a date (to the same restaurant) and he was such a douche and tried to finger her in the restaurant, AND he’s not interested in sharing his wealth at all. So I’m like… well fuck its a free meal. LOL. So I go and of course he was such a douche. He was on the phone when I got to our table and he was on his phone for like half the date. The first thing he asked me was for my IQ score. And I was like… Um I don’t know? So he took that as me being stupid because I haven’t taken the test. He didn’t let me ask him any personal questions because he’s ‘too important to display his life to random people’. Like I asked if he had kids and he was like, “Thats not an appropriate first date question, is it?” And I was just like what the hell am I supposed to ask you on a first date then!? I could vent about that date all day but thats not the point of the story. 

So during the date I’m texting Blue and telling him how awful of a date I’m on (Yes we have a very open relationship). And he told me that he put his kids down to sleep and wanted me to come over for drinks. So I uber over to his house and we start drinking some vodka drinks on his patio. I’m telling him all about my awful date and how disrespected I felt, and he just kept making me drink after drink. And soon enough, I realize I’m kinda drunk. Actually, I’m really drunk. So we both decided that I shouldn’t spend the night cause I don’t want to cross that line with his kids so I uber back to my apartment.  And I finally made it back to my place after this crazy night and all I want do is smoke and go to sleep.

So I got to my cabinet where I hide my paraphernalia and realize ALL MY WEED IS GONE. My grinder, pipe, and like literally everything I have is GONE. So my first thought is that my apartment complex confiscated it because I requested a light bulb change and gave them access to enter my apartment when Im not there. FUCK. So I search my whole apartment and my stuff is no where. So I freak out and call my mom. Yes, I called my mom about my weed (keep in mind its midnight and I’m drunk af) and I’m all like “Mom someone stole my weed!” and freaking out on her and she’s just all like “calm down, the maintenance man probably took it knowing you can’t do anything about it, just buy more, go to sleep.” And I’m like, “Noooo mom that was my favorite pipe, I love that pipe, we had such good memories” and I’m spilling my guts to my mom. And I’m thinking I want to catch this guy who took my weed! There’s cameras in the hall! So I look in the hallway to see if there’s cameras in there, and theres some kid sitting at the end of the hallway looking at me like I’m crazy. 

So I finally accept that my weed is gone, and go sit on my couch and look over AND MY WEED AND EVERYTHING IS SITTING RIGHT THERE UNDER MY TV. So of course, I smoked a celebratory bowl lol. And as I’m chilling drunk and high af, I hear a knock on my door. And I’m all like OH SHIT ITS THE FUZZ (cause I’m faded). So I open the door… And it is the most attractive male I have ever seen in my life (that might be an exaggeration but everyone is the most attractive person you’ve ever seen when you’re as fucked up as I was). And I realize it was that kid that was sitting at the end of the hallway! And we have this conversation that goes like this…

Him: hey I locked myself out of my apartment

Me: oh that sucks, did you call the emergency number?

Him: yeah no ones answering.

And he totally knows I’m high cause I’m giggling at everything lol so I decided to just be upfront with him…

Me: hey do you smoke?

Him: yeah

Me: wanna come in and smoke a bowl?

Him: sure!

I SHIT YOU NOT IT SERIOUSLY WENT LIKE THAT. So he comes in and we smoke and get to know each other. We had to ask what each other’s names were like five times lol. And were totally vibing off of each other and the rest of the story is explicit😉 But long story short, were seeing each other tonight! So yeah, that was my crazy story about my crazy night. And that was the short version! lol

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sugarweregoingdownheadbanging-d  asked:

Can I have a Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns imagine where the three of us are at my house just playing video games (a lot of sexual tension involved) and afterwards Dean want's us to play truth or dare and from there it gets a little naughty if you know what I mean :D

A/N: I once did a foursome story with all of The Shield and all of the attention was on the reader. But, in this threesome, all the attention is on Dean.

Warning: vulgar language throughout, and come swallowing

Dean’s P.O.V.:


          How the hell did I get in this position? Everything that led u to this moment is almost a blur and I’m kinda confused but also feeling so pleasured. I’m slouching a little in my friend Y/N’s chair in her living room, completely naked with my legs spread open while Y/N’s also naked and basically eating my dick. Fuck, it feels so good. But I can’t make any noise to show how great I feel cause my other friend Roman Reigns is standing beside me with no shirt on and his jeans and underwear pulled down to his ankles. There’s a very good reason why he’s like that too: because I, the lunatic Dean Ambrose, am sucking Roman’s big, meaty cock. He’s loving it, Y/N’s loving it and hell, even I’m loving being able to suck on that thick sausage!

    The whole time I’m pleasuring my old teammate, he’s moaning ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ and even my name! Roman’s also groaning, thrusting his hips, running his fingers through my hair and pinching my nipples. Y/N, who is running her fingers softly over my abs, is letting me caress her head while she bobs it up and down as she continues to suck me.

    But this still all really weird to me. Like, I kinda remember how we got into this glorious threesome; it just happened so fast and I just don’t recall how I ended up sucking Roman’s dick. Ha, I bet I can remember before any of us comes.

        Eight o’ clock at night. Roman and I are at our friend Y/N’s place because she invited us to stay the night. Because of our job, Roman and I don’t really don’t get to see her that much, so we both said yes. Y/N greeted us warmly once we got to her house and then we just watched some stuff on T.V. and popcorn for a couple of hours.

      Once it turned ten, Roman suggested that we play a video game. Him and his damn love of video games. i wasn’t up to it that much, but Y/N said ‘yeah, lets do it!’ and popped in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and made us do a free for all.

  “I’m gonna whoop ya’ll’s asses,” Roman declared once the game started.

“Sorry, Roman, but I it’s gonna be me doing the ass whooping,” Y/N retorted.

    “Oh. If only you meant in real life and not on the game,” I replied with a smirk, “cause I definitely would not mind getting spanked by you.” I looked at my female friend and saw that she was licking her lips. Then I looked at my Samoan friend and saw him shifting in his seat. But not in the way where he thought it was getting awkward, he was shifting for the other reason!

    Ten minutes into the game and Ramon and Y/N were tied for first place with twenty kills, which, I guess, put me in second place. With two kills. But then, by some awesome miracle, I finally managed to get five kills.

   "Woo! Suck my dick,“ I cheered.

“Just you wait, Ambrose,” Y/N replied.

   "Wait for you to…?“

“For me to get my revenge kill!” Which Y/N did get as soon as she said that.

     Roman started to laugh, but stopped after I got another kill off of him. “Dean, I swear I’m gonna fuck you so hard!”

    “Oh Roman, you’re making my dick hard,” I said, mocking my friend. But it was true; I was getting a little hard after Reigns said that. Which was weird.

      Our dirty talk went on for a while longer, and then we stopped playing the game after Y/N came out as the victor of our match. After we stretched our legs, I suggested that we play a game that didn’t really require any electricity: Truth or Dare. Roman didn’t want to play at first, but then Y/N told him that if we had to MW3 for him, then we could play Truth or Dare for me. I started the game with Roman.

     “Okay man, truth or dare,” I asked him.

 The Samoan thought for a while. “Dare,” he finally said.

   “Hmm, I dare you to eat one of my toenails.”

     “Gross, Dean! Most of your toenails have gunk under them!”

     “Doesn’t matter; you have to do it, it’s a dare.”

“Yeah, Roman, do it,” Y/N agreed with me, making our friend roll his eyes at us, but still laughing himself.. So I clipped my toenail from one of my big toes and Roman ate it without chewing.

“How’d it taste, “ I asked my male friend.

   “So grimey,” he answered before taking a sip of water. “I guess it’s my turn now, right?”


   “Okay. Hmm,.” Roman turned towards our friend. “Y/N, truth or dare?”

     “Well since I don’t want to end up like you, I think I’ll take truth,” Y/N replied, giggling.

      “Alright then, here’s the question; is it true that you and Wade Barret had a one night stand?”

      Y/N stayed silent for a full minute with a serious expression on her face. But then she cracked a smile. “Yeah, it’s true,” she said.

“OH MY GOD,” Roman and I shouted at the same time.

   “Come on, guys,” Y/N said, “it’s not like was bad or anything.”

    “So you admit it was good,” Roman questioned.
Y/N sighed before she answered. “It was the craziest night of my life.”

“Damn,” was all I could say.

      “I won’t go into any detail, but I will say that Barret really knows how to use that tongue of his.” “Oh god,” Roman jokingly shouted. “All right, that’s enough of the Barret/sex talk!”

     So we went back to going with ‘normal’ dares and questions…for a while. After  few humorous truths given by Roman and Y/N, I decided to ask Y/N a dirty question.

  “So, my sweet cupcake, do you ever touch yourself and think about me while you do it,” I asked.

 Y/N chuckled. “No, Dean, But I bet you wished I did.”

“You bet I do,” I laughed back. “Your turn.”

    “Okay, Dean; since you wanna get nasty with your questions, how bet I get nasty right back?

“Go ahead.”

    “Do you ever jerk off and think of me when you do it?”

  “You know I do.” I answered Y/N with a wink and a lick of my lips.

  Then it was Roman’s turn. “Y/N,” he said, “truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she replied.

  “I dare you to show me and Dean your tits.”

    Y/N raised an eyebrow at Roman. She definitely did not want to do that. “Roman, no way am I doing that!”

   “Come on, Y/N. A dare’s a dare.”

  “Whatever,” was what my female friend muttered before she threw off her shirt and took off her bra. Those breasts of hers were so beautiful. Also, I don’t know if Y/N was cold or horny, but her nipples were hard.

      “Alright,” she said, “my turn since Roman picked on me. Dean-”

“Shit,” I mumbled.

    “Yeah, shit, cause I got a really great dare for you Dean, if you choose it. So, truth or dare?” I really wanted to know what Y/N had in store for me, so of course I chose dare. “Okay, Ambrose- I dare you to kiss Roman.”

“Hell no!”

    “Yeah Y/N, I’m not kissing Dean,” Reigns nearly shouted.

  “Well, Roman, I actually remember someone saying ‘a dare’s a dare’,” Y/N replied, making our Samoan friend roll his eyes and cursing under his breath.

“Come on, Crazy Boy,” he said as he pulled me close to him.

    I shrugged my shoulders and thought ‘why not’. Roman and I awkwardly put our lips together and started to kiss. It was weird at first, but then Roman put his tongue in my mouth and ran his fingers through my hair while still pulling me closer and closer to him. Next thing I knew, I was sitting on his lap while we continued to make out with each other and moan in each others mouths. I think Y/N was enjoying it cause I could see her massaging her breasts and [inching her nipples.

      I tried pulling away from Roman after a few minutes had gone by, but he pushed me down on the floor and started kissing me harder than before. I tried getting back up, but Reigns was much heavier than I was. I also tried to resist him, but that wasn’t happening either - especially not after he sucked and nibbled on the sweet spot on my neck. Fuck, it felt so great. I could feel Roman’s cock getting hard right on top of mine and, well shit, I’d be lying if I said that that feeling didn’t turn me on.

    Roman finally broke the kiss so he could say “I didn’t know your mouth tasted this good”. That’s when my dick got hard. Roman could feel it too- I mean, how could he not feel it?!? Our dicks were right on top of each other, the only thing that was keeping them from actually touching were our pants!

      I groaned from that feeling and Roman smirked at me when he heard it. So he threw off his shirt and tore off mine, right before he put one of his hands down my briefs and jerked me off.

     “Ahh, fuck,” I groaned as Roman twisted his hand on my cock and I’m licking my lips while watching him do it. Then we both heard panting and moaning that wasn’t coming from me. Reigns (sadly) stopped jerking me and we both looked over to see our other friend pleasuring herself.

    “Baby girl,” Roman said to Y/N, “did you want to join in?”

“Yeah,” she moaned.

     “Good, cause I got a great idea of how I want to do this threesome.”

 “Threesome,” I repeated with a raised eyebrow.

   “Hell yeah, a threesome,” Roman replied, “and I know just how I want this to go. Y/N, Dean, take your clothes off.”

      Y/N and I were so horny that we didn’t question Roman’s command. Once we removed our clothing, Roman pushed me on to Y/N’s recliner chair and said “Y/N, he’s all yours.” So she just jumped on top of my cock and bounced so hard that we could hear the sound of her ass hitting my legs. She and I even kissed for a while before our buff friend moved to where he was standing beside me. He pulled me away from Y/N’s lips and kissed me, then kissed Y/N.

    “I’m sorry, baby girl, but I’m gonna need Dean’s mouth for this,” he told her.

  “Go ahead, Roman,” Y/N replied, still bouncing on me.

   “Thanks.” Then he turned to me. “I’ve got a great plan for your mouth, Dean.”

    “I think I know what you’re talking about, buddy,” I replied wetting my lips with my tongue. Then I opened my mouth up wide and let Roman put his dick in there. I sucked it and Roman immediately threw his head back in pleasure.

       I guess he didn’t like me going slow, cause he started thrusting his hips as fast as he could while Y/N went back to bouncing on my cock. Twenty minutes later she came all over me.

      “Damn, Y/N,” Roman moaned as he saw the mess that our friend left on me. “I thought that you’d last longer than that.”

        “How could I not come with all this hot action going on,” Y/N asked, referring to me giving our Samoan friend a blowjob. She got off of me and stood on the floor.

    Then I stopped sucking on Roman so I could talk to Y/N.

  “Hey Y/N, how ‘bout you finish me off since you got off early,” I suggested as I started running my hand up and down my hard member.

   She smirked at me, got down on her knees and smacked my hand away before she started sucking on me.

      Hmm, so that’s how this all started. All that happened an hour ago and I still haven’t come yet, which is okay cause I love to go all night anyways. Roman is still thrusting in my mouth and I can feel that he’s about to explode. Y/N isn’t blowing anymore; she’s now giving me a hand job with the awesome twists of her hands on my cock.

  Roman thrusts so hard and so fast that his hair over his face. He quickly swipes it back over his head and continues to fuck my mouth. But he soon reaches his peak and comes in my mouth. Roman takes himself out of me and watches as I swallow his milk -which is something that I never thought I’d do.

     Roman smiles and kisses me while Y/N continues to stroke my hard member. She re-wets her lips and goes back to sucking me. A few bobs of her head, and I come so hard that I think I might pass out from it. Y/N swallows and then kisses me. Then she kisses Roman and they both sit on the floor to take a breather. I stay on the chair, rubbing Y/N’s juices that she left all over my body. I stop doing that and instead suck the juices off my fingers.

    “So, sweetie,” I say to my female friend. “Was this a more crazier night than the one you had with Barret?”

   “Definitely,” she answers with a smile on her face. We both turn our attention to Roman.

   “What,” he asks with a raised eyebrow.

     “How was tonight for you, Roman,” Y/N says in response.

  Reigns winks at both Y/N and I and says “Baby girl, this was the best night of my life.”



Monday night was one of the craziest nights of my entire life. Maybe the craziest, but I’m still close to the event to be certain.

On January 11th, I had the honor of being a moderator at the Iowa Brown & Black Forum for the Dem candidates for the 2016 election. I knew I’d be participating since early December, but since January 1st I’ve been working on it nonstop. That means writing questions, researching questions, finding a wardrobe option (I ended up going with old faithful – a dope ass cape dress – after seeing so many celebs wearing capes at the Golden Globes Sunday night), keeping up with news, rehearsing in Miami, rehearsing in Iowa, and finally, going live. 

I wasn’t exactly nervous beforehand, but I did feel a lot of emotions all at once about it. My mother texted me during my layover in Minneapolis to tell me she was proud, and asked me to sit with the gravity of getting to speak with world leaders on a national stage in one of the most important elections in her lifetime. I did my crying, and dancing, and smiling, and cheering, and the event was wonderful. 

And I’m honestly still undecided after the forum. Bernie Sanders hit all the right notes about race, income inequality, and foreign policy, but I’d like to see more of his official policy plans spelled out. Martin O’Malley really shocked me in a positive way. I know he’s trailing far behind Clinton and Sanders in the polls, but he was able to call back to his record in Baltimore to his advantage, which can’t possibly be easy. He also isn’t wrong about diversity or justice, he just might be a little new and the DNC really isn’t giving him a chance to be heard. Hillary Clinton did a really great job. I think we all knew where she was headed with the mic-drop “Tell us what white privilege means and an example of a time you experienced it” question, but it got a little lost in the fields outside of Chicago. 

But my biggest takeaway from the event is that the democrats are a lot better positioned than the republicans at this point, and that all of these people are people. I think the candidates may have been more nervous than me and my moderators. And frankly, forums and debates for the rest of the election cycle need to be more like Fusion’s. The questions were better. The set up seemed more fair. I just can’t sit through another 2 hour debate that feels like it was phoned in, and Fusion certainly didn’t do that. 


*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ Story time *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

Last night (like 11 pm) my friend and I were like let’s go find pokemons and got in the car down to my local park and there was this group of guys there all looking at their phones and Kia (friend) was like wait are they playing Pokemon go? And then one of them started yelling about something probably zubat I mean fuck them and we were like YESSS so we get out and befriended these guys like sharing chips and portable chargers and shit thus beginning the pokesesh where we went on a pokewalk around shepards bay

We walked all around the bay and there was like cherry blossom petals on a pokestop so we went to investigate AND IT WAS A FREAKING LURE IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE LIKE WTF WHO WHERE ARE YOU MYSTERIOUS GOD OF LURES so everyone congregated there and I mean like people were driving from across the suburb to it we made MORE friends

And then back at the park we started at someone, we never found out who probably fuckin lure god again, lit two lures right next to each other
It’s like 12 at night by now and we’re all like okay should we go? We should go there
So friends get back in their car and we set off back around the bay to the park where there’s just a fuck load of people sitting on the park benches and on the swings in the rain and shit in between the fuckin lures

There was like 20 people there all debating which teams are best what pokemons they have, what’s in the area, what’s your strongest Pokemon it was freaking magical

The lures run out and someone mentioned that across the river they found a pikachu so we all go separate ways and kia and I headed over the river in the car and were like laughing about how many friends we made and shit and oh my god there was like a pot of gold only it wasn’t gold it was lures

there were so many pokestops with lures on them it was so crazy yo and all these people showed up and everyone is just double parking in the middle of the road because we’re all playing pokemon
Legit there were cars lined on both sides of the road all the way down it was insane and were just surrounded by lures and all these Pokemon and everyone was so friendly and it was like 1:30 in the morning and my phone was slowly dying but we’re all just gathered there as the rain buckets down

I would’ve stayed out there all night but I had an early morning but fuck man it was the craziest night of my life
Pokemon go brings people together