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Can I Boop Your Nose?

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,539

Warnings: being crazy? Dean being roofied haha

A/N: This is for @impalaimagining’s 2k celebration challenge!!! My word that I picked was ‘Crazed’…I hope that all of you enjoy this! Feedback is greatly appreciated!! :D (*Unbeta’d so any and all mistakes are mine! aka it might be total shit lol)

Dean never thought you’d ever go behind his back like you had a few nights ago. Here he was sitting in a chair, in the mental hospital, in the same room Sam was occupying but now it housed you instead. Dean watched as you sat on the bed, picking up imaginary flowers around you and then proceeded to hand them over to him. Cas told him that you would and have been reacting differently than Sam had. You still see Lucifer here and there, he bothers you at night and whispers lies in your ear. Other than that, it’s almost like your mind is this innocent psychotic child.  

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Same Patterns {Part 3}

Part 1 | Part 2

Summary: You and your broken heart now live separated from the Avengers. It hurts, and they all try the same thing to make you come back - but when will it work?

Words: 689

Warnings: General angst.

You still kept the photos, God only knows why. The glass was smashed, some still attached to the frame, but mostly leaving it exposed to the elements, but you could not seem to comprehend throwing it, or burning it. You kept them beside your bedside, reminding yourself why you were living only ten kilometers from your misfit superhero family, but refused to meet them as often as you could. You hated him. You hate that he still had a hold of your heart, despite breaking it in a million shards. You hated that you were so affected by him, when he could easily replace you for someone else.

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Imagine- Unexpected (Twilight)

A sickly sweet scent invades your nostrils and it sends chills down your spine, that crazy red head has returned. Your close friend Paul tenses up beside you before launching himself after the deranged vampire while you throw back your huge head to release a howl. Almost immediately the whole pack is at your side as you chase down the crazed leech. (Y/N back down.) Sam commands as you pull closer to the vampire, you could feel how worried the pack is for your safety. You phased two days ago after the red head tried to make you her next meal. You try to defy the alpha command, but instead you can only find a loophole.

(I’ll fall back, but I’m not leaving. I’ll follow behind.) Sam gives his consent and you slow your pace until your are running on Seth’s heels, but this feeling inside tells you to move faster. To get your revenge on the bitch who caused you to phase.

(Woah! Y/N, Language!) You growl at Seth’s comment and nip at the back of his leg. (Y/N! Seth!) With a huff you go back to focusing on the task at hand, killing Victoria. You loathe the very existence of her and cannot wait for her body to go up in a pillar of smoke.

(You and me both, Y/n.) you let a snarky laugh run through your head and once more is told by Sam to get your head in the game. That’s when you get to the border, the line that told you where the Cullen territory begins. You’ve only met the oldest member of the Cullen Clan, Dr. Cullen. You found him to be a well rounded and caring man, but that was before you phased. Does that mean your view on him should change?

(Y/N, don’t even consider that. Natural enemies remember.) Another feral growl peels through your snout, this is beginning to piss you off. (Get out of my fucking head!) That’s when you smell it, vampires. Victoria must have switched sides and now the Cullen’s are chasing after her, they almost have her in their grasp. You can see her unruly red hair moving through the forest and it fuels you to move a little faster, you’re now running side by side with Seth and quickly overtaking him. Just as she is about to be caught, Victoria leaps the border. She is now so close that you can feel her skin ripping underneath the tearing of your teeth. You can hear Carlisle tell his coven mates that she is in the wolf territory, that’s when the whole pack leaps into view. Your paws skidding across the rocks, using your leg muscles to your advantage. That little redhead had better run because you’re coming for her.

Just as Paul is about to catch her, she once again leaps over the border. (Y/N. Paul. jared. Keep on her trail, the rest of you fall back with me to protect La Push.) you are beyond ecstatic and continue to chase that redhead, her end is coming. Putting all your energy into running, you are now keeping up with the much stronger and older pack members. You don’t see it coming, she jumps the border and it all happens so quickly.

One of the Cullen’s leap to finally catch Victoria and Paul intercepts him, you stop in your tracks as something inside tells you to stop. (That dumb leech!) You hear jared hiss in the creepy shapeshifter mind link and the growl that rolled off your tongue could not be helped. That’s when you saw him and you could not look away from him, even you had to admit that he is attractive. Maybe even beyond that. He has short curls the color of mahogany, a large build, and a towering height of 6’5. When your eyes meet his gold irises it is all over, all your loyalties are severed and in their place is him. He is your absolute everything.

In that exact moment something snapped within Paul, he went at the man with rage. You could feel it burn through his mind white hot, blurring his vision red.  You did not hesitate in tackling your friend who was moments away from attacking your vampire. (You’re vampire! Do you even know how stupid that sounds?!) paul bares his teeth and you do the same; he tries to get around you, but your teeth latch into his middle and toss him to the side.

(Paul! Back down now!) He doesn’t budge. (Move back or I am going to rip your throat out!) You hear the pack coming, but do not lower your stance a bit. You must protect your vampire. (Stop calling him your vampire!) When they all come into view, all they can see is Paul digging his teeth deep into your shoulder. You back away now, not in fear, but to be closer to him. Paul feels sorry, you can feel his sorriness. The hairs on your neck is raised and when Paul goes to step forward, you snap at his paw. (Paul!) They grey wolf who used to be your best friend, quickly backs off. He crosses onto the pack land, but you do not follow. (Y/N! Come!) Even with the alpha command, you would not budge. Something even stronger is holding you right here.

(Go sam!) Sam looks at me for a moment before he nods his wolfy head. That’s when they’re gone, slowly their thoughts disappearing as they phase human. It’s just you and the Cullen Clan, no longer are you able to keep your growl at you glare at the woods Paul went into. A cold hand runs along the length of your head and back, you feel all your muscles loosening at his touch. You turn your head and finally feel the pain in your shoulder, but it doesn’t matter compared to him. “Thank you.” His voice is perfect and you love the way it sounds, memorizing it perfectly.  Giving him a nod, you take off into the woods. “Wait! I-” His voice is full of something and you phase back as fast as you can. Your bones painfully snapping back into place. Just as you are about to lose the mind link, another wolf lets out a painful thought of apology. You felt all his pain and heartache, but you can’t keep away. You step out of the woods and give your best smile. “I’m Y/N.” He smiles back in your direction, showing off his dimples. “I’m Emmett.”

Loser~Seungri One Shot~

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It had been nearly two weeks since the last time you had spoken to Seungri, the guilt of blowing him off weighing heavy on you. However, you knew you had good reason to do so. You had caught him flirting with one of his fellow YG artists and you had caught wind that he had drunkenly kissed one of his fans. Though you knew that his flirting was harmless, the kiss was weighing you down quite a lot. You were currently out with one of your older brother’s, his arm wrapped tightly around you as he urged you to move on from dating an idol.

“I honestly don’t know why you stuck around anyway. He has cheated on you before. You remember how the saying goes.”

You had long since tuned your brother out, not really in the mood for an ‘I told you so’ speech. Seungri wasn’t a bad guy, but he also wasn’t the best of one. You sighed, lowering your head as the two of you walked. “Oppa, I honestly don’t feel like talking about this anymore. Can’t we just walk quietly until we reach the ice cream place you were talking about?” You briefly glanced up at your brother, receiving a nod as a reply.

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Seungri trailed behind his girlfriend, or the woman he assumed to still be his girlfriend. He hadn’t spoken to her in a while, though he had tried calling her quite a few times. His eyes followed her and the man she was walking with, not really sure whether to believe it was someone she knew or someone she was cheating with. He shoved his hands into his pockets, his eyes resting on the two. His heart ached, his mind clouded with both disappointment and anger. He sighed softly as he tugged his phone from the confines of his jacket pocket, once again pressing in her phone number.

He held the phone to his ear, watching her carefully as it rung. Pick up, please. Was the only thought that ran through his head. He felt hope tug at his heart when he watched her pull her phone from her pocket, though it all diminished as he watched her send him to voicemail. He felt his heart break slightly, the pain enough to make his anger override his disappointment and hurt. “Fine,” He said out loud, holding his phone away from him to hang up. “We’ll see who you really are when I take everything.” He tilted his head a bit as he continued walking, eventually turning off a side street that would lead to [Y/N]’s apartment. As he passed by a bunch of cars, he unleashed the anger that bubbled inside of him. He didn’t often let his anger just explode, but his heart hurt. He held onto the side of a black car, lifting his foot high enough that he could kick off the mirror.

He tucked a small wad of money into the door handle before he continued his trek towards his destination. It wasn’t until later that afternoon that he arrived. He knew for a fact that she most likely wouldn’t return home that night, being that she hadn’t been home any other time he had come to speak with her. As he walked into the massive apartment building, he immediately took notice of the gasps that sounded around him. “I didn’t know he lived here.” “You do know who that is, don’t you?” “Oh my gosh, it’s Seungri!” He ignored the voices, slowly walking towards the elevator that rested in the back of the building. He quickly pressed the call button, leaning against the wall to the side as he waited. He pulled his phone from his pocket, looking over the messages that he had sent [Y/N].

‘[Y/N], why didn’t you answer my call?’

‘Oh, come on. I didn’t mean to stay out late. Will you please pick up?’

‘[Y/N], I’m going to call you right now. I need to know you’re okay.’

‘Why did you hang up on me?’

‘Did I do something wrong, aejeong?’

‘Are you mad at me because of what the news has been saying? You do realize I meant what I said when I told you I’d never do you like that again, right?’

He sighed when the elevator arrived, immediately boarding. He locked his phone and tucked it away in his jacket, pressing a button for the 5th floor. It wasn’t long before the elevator arrived to the floor he wanted, nor did it take long for him to pull out the spare key she had given him a few months they had first gotten together. He unlocked the door with ease, stepping into the apartment. He glanced around, his eyes easily picking up on all the gifts he had given her. He closed the door behind him before he made his way towards the pile of his things by the trash, his lips parting slightly as he stared. He knelt down, his right hand grazing the stuffed animals he had given her for countless birthdays, anniversaries, and even just because. He stood, a new found hurt resting in his heart. He immediately pulled his phone from his jacket, walking into the living room. He paused in front of the t.v, the number he punched in beginning to pack a bit of pain behind it. “What? What do you want, Seungri? Can’t you just leave me alone?” A voice as clear as bells rang through the phone, his heart immediately picking up speed at the sound. “[Y/N], please, I need you to listen-” “No! Leave me the hell alone! Stop calling me!” “But, [Y/N], I didn’t do what,” He paused as the phone beeped, signaling she had hung up on him. He clenched his fingers around the phone, his eyes closing. “You thought I did,” He finished, his anger gripping him by the neck once again.

He pounded his hand against the t.v, the t.v wobbling slightly. He backed up as it fell, watching as it crashed to the ground. Though there was a part of him that felt bad for breaking her property, the pain he was feeling subsided at the simple action. He walked around the table, slinging his phone to the side of the room. He didn’t even flinch at the sound of the glass shattering on his phone, his focus on the table that he was walking around. Once he got into a position that he liked, he lifted the table with ease.

He watched as the objects littered on the table went flying to the ground, the table going with them. He grabbed one of the chairs, twisting around to sling it against the wall. Roughly an hour passed as his temper tantrum continued, the aftermath being somewhat bad. Countless things were littered around the floor, along with photos of him and [Y/N]. He sighed, sinking to the floor as tears began to appear in his eyes. He looked around at everything, only then beginning to feel the guilt that mixed with pain. He pulled his knees to his chest, burying his face into them as he began to sob. He was normally a very strong person, it taking a lot to get him to cry, but the love he had for her made his heart ache to the point he wished he could just rip it from his chest.

You had just left your brother after the day he had spent trying to make you forget Seungri. After that phone call you received, your brother’s plan hadn’t entirely worked out. Most of the time you had with him was spent crying, which was rather unusual for you. You knew you were hurt by what you had heard, seen, and read, but you didn’t know how much. Your brother had insisted on taking your phone, saying that you’d be better off without it for a while. You didn’t object, it gave you a better excuse to not answer Seungri’s calls. You had made it back to your apartment by the time night had taken completely over, your watch reading ‘12:34′. You quickly made your way up to the 5th floor of the building, quietly heading towards your apartment door. You pulled your key from your pocket, shoving it into the knob. You twisted the key, though your actions halted when the door squeaked open without a second thought. You immediately pulled out the can of mace you kept on your person at all times, heading into the small apartment. The place was dark, which resulted in you switching on the lights. You felt the can of pepper spray slip from your fingers as you looked around at all the damage that had been done to your small home. You froze slightly when you heard a whimper, your eyes darting around to the find the source of the sound. Your heart momentarily stopped when you saw Seungri in the corner of the room, your brain urging you to just leave, but your heart trying to force you into going over. “I thought, [Y/N], that you trusted me.” His voice caught you off guard, the sheer pain laced within it sending chills down your spine. You continued to stare at him as he stood, tears streaming down his face. He was holding the small paperback book that he had forced you into publishing because it was your dream to be a writer, along with the small teddy that he had gotten you when you went to the hospital because you broke your arm. “I thought you meant it when you said you’d always be there and never turn your back on me. Well, look at where the hell we are now!” You jumped slightly when he rose his voice, immediately pressing yourself back against the closed door. “Seun-” “No! You didn’t listen to me before, so you’re going to listen now! I gave you everything!” That’s when he threw the book in his hand, it flying across the room followed by the bear.

“I gave you every damn thing and you left me! Me, [Y/N]!” The tears had started streaming down his face again, your heart breaking at the sight. “Did you even love me? I know I did wrong, but I was stupid! I admitted that and I tried to make it better!” You watched as he stumbled slightly, picking up other things he had given her, then throwing them across the room. “Well, what am I supposed to do? They had pictures, Seungri, pictures! I saw you kiss her, I even saw you nuzzle her ear! Who the hell does that when they’re in a relationship?!” You watched him freeze, holding up his hand. He pointed at you, your eyebrows knitting together in confusion. “What you saw was pointless. A fan, a love crazed fan, [Y/N]! I tried to kiss her cheek, she turned her head. I pulled back when I realized what happened. When she began screaming, I whispered in her ear that what she did was inappropriate since it’s very well known that i have a girlfriend. You saw what you wanted to see because you didn’t trust me enough to come to me and ask!” You looked down, tears welling up in your eyes as he continued to chastise you, “And if you don’t believe me, you can ask the guys! They were with me, [Y/N]. They were there. Do you honestly think I’d throw what I’ve put into you away for some lunatic?” His voice broke, her heart doing the same thing. You immediately moved forward, your hands reaching out to grab his arms. Instead of your target being reached, your arms were grasped by his large hands. His hold was firm, leaving you little to no way to escape. He pulled you close, staring down at you with nothing but anger and hurt showing in his eyes. “I would have told you the truth. I would have given you space if you needed to think. I would have done anything to prove to you that I’d never do you like that after what happened the first time.” He immediately pushed you away, your hands shooting out to grab something to steady yourself.

“I called, I messaged, I waited, and now I don’t see why.” You slowly reached out a hand, though he pushed it away as he moved passed you. “Here,” He started, tossing a small box towards you. “I was going to use that when I got home, but you can do what you want with it now. Goodbye, [Y/N]. I’m sorry I wasn’t good enough for you.” With that, he left. You slowly slipped to the floor, reaching out for the small box he had tossed towards you. As you grabbed it, your heart began to pound rapidly. You quickly opened it, wanting to get the reveal out of the way. You immediately gasped, covering your mouth as you saw the contents of the box.

You looked towards the door, your tears overflowing as you replayed the previous scene in your mind. All of that, all of the time, the love, the pain, gone. You closed the box, cradling it to your chest as you let your sobs rack through your body.

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Only Yours

“I wish you could have come along.” Joe’s voice comes through the phone, and I feel a smile spread across my lips as I continue to walk down the hallway.

“I know, it would have been so much fun. But we’ll see each other soon.”

“Not soon enough.” He pouts over the fun, pulling a small giggle from my lips.

“Oh cheer up, your viewers will want a happy Joe for their pictures.”

“Yeah yeah…I’ll talk to you when I’m done the meet and greet.” I hear shuffling from his end, “Love you.”

“Love you too, Sugg.” I say before ending the call.

Joe, my wonderful boyfriend of two years, was in Edinburgh doing a meet and greet, and I had decided to surprise him by showing up. I knew he had the next day off, so my plan was to hang around while he did his meet and greet, then surprise him so we could go for dinner before spending all day together tomorrow.

I occupy myself for the next hour or so before heading out into the venue to check on the progress, winking at a few viewers that recognized me from his vlogs. I see there is still a good sized line up, but decide I’m too impatient to wait, so I slowly make my way towards the front, my eyes falling on Joe. I can’t help but smile when I see him, the butterflies I always get around him flying around my stomach instantly, I feel my entire world just light up with him right there.

And then my whole world comes crashing when I see the girl he’s standing with and him kiss each other.

My mouth drops open as tears sting my eyes. I don’t know what to think, what to say, what to do.

As they pull apart, Joe’s eyes land on mine. I watch his blue eyes widen with shock, his mouth open. “Y/N.”

I shake my head before turning and walking out of there. I can’t do this. Not in front of everyone. Joe’s voice follows me as I walk out, but I notice he doesn’t follow.

I’m sitting in the back room when he finds me, staring blankly at the wall with dried tears on my cheeks. I’ve run through everything in my mind, trying to figure out why he did it, but was unable to come up with anything.

I had been tempted to just leave, but the part of me that needed to know what I had done to deserve it had kept me there, waiting.

“Y/N, love, can we talk?” Joe asks from the doorway, but I don’t respond. With a sigh, he walks in and closes the door behind him, sitting beside me on the couch. “I’m sorry. It’s not what you think it is.”

“You were kissing her, Joe. What am I supposed to think?” I mean for it to come out harsh, but its weak sounding instead.

“Can I explain?” Joe reaches for my hand, but I move it away, another sigh coming from his lips. “I mean it, it wasn’t what you think it is.”

I shuffle in my seat and glance at him before looking back at the wall. “Then explain.”

“It was a simple kiss, just a quick peck on the lips, and they didn’t really ask either. It kind of just..happened. I was surprised, which is why it took my a moment to pull back. Honestly, I did not know she was going to do that. One second, I’m saying hi and asking for her name, next she’s got her lips on mine.” Joe reaches for my hand again, and this time I let him take it. “I wanted to come after you, I swear it. But there were all those people still waiting, I couldn’t just run out. You know I hate disappointing my fans…I probably should have just come after you though.” Joe gives me his signature side smile, and I can’t help but smile back slightly, knowing how much he cares about his fans. “Am I forgiven?” He asks sheepishly.

“You promise it wasn’t you? It was just a slightly crazed fan?”

“Y/N,” He brings a hand up to my cheek gently. “I love you. Only you. And I would never do that to you, I promise.” I instinctively lean into his touch, feeling his warmth spread across my skin.

“I love you too.” I turn my head to kiss the palm of his hand. “But never, ever, let a fan kiss you again.”

Joe laughs as he brings our heads closer together, “I’ll make sure to dodge next time.”

“Good.” I reply, kissing him. “Because these lips are only mine to kiss. No one else’s.”

“Only yours, love.” Joe seals his words with another kiss.


ME AND MY BESTIE LIZZIE LITTERALLY TOOK TURNS WITH EVERY FEW SENTENCES SO GIVE AS MUCH FEEDBACK AS POSSIBLE! (It would be greatly appreciated) her tumblr btw is >>> ( ) As the sun came in through the window that was in yours and Jacks bedroom, yoi turned to jack to see if he was awake yet. When yoi turned over, you were met with the beautiful, sleeping face, that you called your boyfriend. “Jack, are you awake?” You asked while running your fingers through his morning hair. “I am now” he groaned before turning over, looking you in the face. “Sorry, I’m bored” you said with a sly grin on your face. He sighed while smirking. “So you just had to wake me up didn’t you?” He questioned, peaking one eye at you as the other was hidden from the pillow. “I’m sorry babe. But you know we still need to do some last minute Christmas shopping.” You replied, still playing with his hair. He groaned and said “Ok. Where did you wanna go?” “I was thinking we could go to the mall and just look for some stuff for the boys. If we don’t do it today, it’ll never get done.” “Alright babe. Whatever you say.” He told you with a smile on his face. “Now get dressed! They are suppose to be over for dinner tonight so we should get going soon!” You said already jumping up, putting your house slippers on. “Babe look!” Jack said while you slid on your skinny jeans. “What?” You said quickly running over towards him. You looked out the window he was looking out. “Its snowing!” He said with a child-like tone in his voice. “No way! This is so cool Jack! But this is not gonna keep us from shopping if that’s what you want” you said the last part sternly looking him in his eyes. “Ok, ok! We’ll still go y/n if that’s what you want. But dress warm, ok?” He told you as he pecked your cheek. “Of course Jack! How about you wear your beanie, ya know the red one? That’ll look good on you.” You suggested as you werr putting on your Christmas sweater. “I was actually thinking about wearing that one” he said with a grin. “Good” you mumbled before sliding your boots up your legs. “You ready? ” he asked. You nodded before following him out the door to the car. “Its freezing” he mumbled as he just the drivers side door while you slid into the passengers seat. “It’s so cold! Can you turn up the heat please?” You asked as you both got settled. Jack obliged to your command and turned up the heat. He also put on your favorite radio station, ‘Blank Space’ by Taylor Swift blasted through the speakers. As jack drove to the mall, you sang along to all the songs on the radio. In your own little world, you barely heard the constant chuckle coming from Jack. “What’s so funny?” You asked him. “You’re so adorable.” He said taking his eyes off of the road for a second. You blushed slightly leaning back into your seat. You looked over towards Jack as he sang softly to the song, his head bobbing every once in a while. “Stop looking at me its creepy” he jokingly said while continuing to look forward. “I can’t help it. You just look so good in that beanie.” You told him, not once taking your eyes off of him. Jack just smirked, turning the radio back on. As he was looking for a place to park, you snatched his beanie from his head and put it on yours. “Y/n! Give it back!” He pouted. You just giggled looking at his now crazed hair. “Y/n come on my hair is like everywhere now!” He said. He kept a small grin on his face to let you know he wasn’t being serious so you just opened the door right after he parked, making sure you were a good distance away from him. Running between cars and dodging other people, you tried to hide from jack. Thinking you were safe, you got up from your hiding place and started walking into the mall. All of a sudden you got picked up and spun around, but you weren’t scared cause you knew it was just Jack. “Jack!!” You screeched “Put me down!” “Not until you give me back my hat!” “Fine!” He set you down so you could take off the beanie. But when you saw his hair it was hard not to laugh at all of the snow in his crazy hair. “Oh you think this is funny?” He questioned pointing at his hair. Your eyes widened as he reached out at you, tickling your sides. You couldn’t breath you were laughing so hard until a car honked at you. You both jumped slightly realizing you we’re standing in the middle of the road. “Oops” Jack said with a grin before grabbing your hand and quickly walking into the mall. “Thanks for this” he said snatching the beanie off of your head before setting it on his. You huffed heavily, blowing the fallen hair out of your face. “Alright, let’s get started!” You said excitedly clapping your hands together. “Ok, I know jack said he wanted a few sweaters and some vans, so… I guess we can go check out the sweaters first.” Jack told you while you both walked hand in hand into a small men’s apparel shop. “How about this one? It’s Aztec print, I know he likes that kind of stuff.” You said while holding up the sweater for jack to see. “Eh, I guess that’ll work” he said giving you a slight nod of assurance. You just tossed it over your arm before looking through the rack of sweaters again. “While we are looking, what do you think the other guys want?” You asked, glancing up at Jack. “Um, I wrote it all down on here…” He said as he looked through the notes on his phone. “Ok, let’s see here. Nash wants a new hoodie. Cam wants some t-shirts. Sammy wants vans. Taylor wants bandannas, and finally Shawn wants a phone case.” Most of the boys lived where you and jack did, but a few if them were visiting family for the holidays. You groaned at the thought of how much money you two would spend on all of this, but looking at Gilinsky made all of that go away. As you both were browsing the store, you snuck up behind jack and once again, took his beanie. “Dammit (y/n)!” Jack groaned playfully. You quickly ran and hid under one of the cloth racks. “(Y/n) I will take you to taco bell if you give me my beanie back” jack whispered, looking around for you. You kept your hand on over your mouth trying your hardest not to make a sound. Trying to see how far he’ll go, you said “I want 20 dollars and Starbucks.” “How about 10 dollars, Starbucks, and a kiss?” He asked you. It did sound intriguing, but you didn’t give in. “Not acceptable.” You told him, still hiding. “Ok, ok. 10 dollars, Starbucks, a kiss, and we can go shopping for more beanies for you to steal from me.” Jack said with a smirk on his face. You poked your hand out of the clothing, knowing he was close enough to see. “Deal” you said. You felt his hand grip onto yours tightly before he pulled you out of the rack. “Now, the beanie” he said with a smirk. “Fine” you mumbled handing it to him. “You grabbed his hand before tugging him to a table that had beanies laid across of it. "Alright. Pick a few out Y/N, any you would like ok? I need to finish getting the boys their stuff. Love you babe!” Jack said then gave yoi a kiss on your lips. You ooked around on the table at the different types of beanies. There were red, blue, black, silver, “SWAG”, “#HASHTAG”, and Christmas ones. You grabbed the SWAG one and a few different Colored ones. You also grabbed one for yourself. “Jack I got them” you said walking up behind him. “Those are nice. I like them” he said observing the new beanies you had picked out. “Yeah but that ones still my favorite” you said before grabbing the red beanie off of his head. All Jack could do was laugh while shaking his head. “Ya know what Y/N? Just have it! Looks better on you anyways babe.” He told you as he continued to smile. All you could do was laugh along with him as you walked to the check out line. “So did you get everything for the boys Jack?” “Yeah.” You put everything up on the counter and waited for everything to ring up so you could find out the total. “Ok guys! That’s 85.60.” “That’s not too bad…” He mumbled as he looked through his wallet to get his card. “Here you go Ma’m” You linked your arm in Jack’s as he watched the lady behind the counter Swype the card before handing it back to him. “You guys have a nice night!” She said smiling at you. “You too” Jack said before you both made your way to the car. “Has anyone ever told you that you are truly an amazing person?” You gleamed. “Yeah. My side chick tells me that everyday!” Jack said with a smirk plastered on his face. “Ha. Ha. Ha. Very funny Jack.” You said looking at him sternly. “Come on babe, you know I’m kidding! I love you, do you still love me?” He pouted. “Well I don’t know about that Gilinsky. I mean, you still owe me 10$, Starbucks, and a kiss.” You told Jack with sass laced in your voice. “Oh about that, I was lying” he said with a smirk. Your jaw dropped as you slapped his shoulder slightly, squinting your eyes at him. “I’m joking I’m joking!"he said while chuckling. "Here is the ten” he said pulling a 10 dollar bill out of his waller. You took it while squinting your eyes at him. “Ok, let’s go to Starbucks!” At Starbucks… “Y/N, what do you want?” Jack asked as you both waited in line at Starbucks “Can you get me a {ENTER DRINK} please?” “Of course baby! How about you go sit down and I’ll bring it to you.” You went to go sit down and waited for Jack to bring your drink. “Here you go sweetie” Jack said as he gave you your drink. “Thank you Jack!” You said with a smile “ but you do know you still owe me a kiss?” You asked him questionable, raising an eyebrow. Jack leaned in for a kiss. The kiss was sweet and slow and you never wanted it to end. His hand traveled up your body to your check then suddenly, he took the beanie. “Your such an ass Gilinsky.”

[Prompt: Can you do a joker x reader fic where the reader is weirdly obsessed with blood, and people in her class always make fun of her- so when she meets the joker (in some creepy way) she decides to run away with him, even though everyone is watching? Sorry, I know it’s really specific and weird but it’s basically me hahaha, and your ficus are amazing!! 😍]

Pairing: Joker x Reader

“No! No! No! [y/n]! WAIT!” The teacher yelled as [y/n] took a scalpel to the half drugged frog on the table before her, he watched in horror as small squirts of blood splatter the room powered by every weakening beat of its poor heart.

[y/n] stood over the squirming amphibian laughing a bit to loud for any sane person. The look on her face was sheer enjoyment as the last drops of blood leaves the animal’s body pooling in a green hued puddle around the mutilated creature. 

Looking up from her master piece [y/n] notices every eye in the classroom is fixated on her, looks of horror painting their faces. Blinking back the adrenaline from watching the spectacle she had created her cheeks flush red under the many judging gazes.

‘Fuck. Why can’t I control my self! This isn’t good. They report people for things like this… What if… What if they send me to Arkham? Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!’

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Warning: Deans POV throughout the whole story __________________________________________

One of Dean Winchester favorite things to do in the morning was waking up to the love his life. He always adored how her hair fell perfectly against her face, how the sunshine grazed over and she was his. That morning was one the bests.

After a long hunt, he finally got to have a good night sleep, the night before. He slept peacefully in the bed, with (Y/N) curled up against him. When he awoke that morning, Dean saw his girlfriend supporting her head on her hand, while her elbow was planted on the pillow.

“Hey Handsome.” (Y/N) smiled.

“Good morning Beautiful.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave a peck on the nose.

(Y/N) chuckled and leaned in to give Dean a kiss. Dean instantly responded and kiss her back with more fierce. He rolled over and straddled (Y/N) hips, slightly grinding against her. She wrapped her arms around Dean’s neck and rubbed his blonde locks. He nibbled on the bottom of her lip, asking for entrance. She parted her lips and their tongues fighting for dominance. Dean grunted into the kiss as (Y/N) bucked her hips into Dean’s. They were getting somewhere before they were interrupted by the younger Winchester.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Sam closed the door and and (Y/N) laughed underneath Dean. He eyed her and wiggled his eyebrows.

“We’ll finish that later tonight.” He smirked.

“I’m counting on it Winchester.” (Y/N) replied.

(Y/N) got out beneath Dean and went into the bathroom. Dean followed after her and showered with her.

“Shower sex?”

“Shut it Dean, I will not have your brother waiting any more.” (Y/N) said while washing the shampoo out of her hair.

“Please?~” He purred into (Y/N)’s ear and pulled her waist against his own.

“You’re a sex-crazed idiot, ya know?” (Y/N) said jokingly.

“But I’m your sex-crazed idiot.” He chuckled and kissed the side of her neck.

(Y/N) chuckled. “Fine.” She turned around, lust in her eyes. She leaned towards him, their lips only centimeters apart.

“How about ..” She trailed off as she looked down at his lips and traced his chest with her finger lightly, leaving a hot trail against Dean’s skin.

“A no!” And pulled and went back under the warm water.

Dean through his head back and groaned, knowing he wouldn’t get anything this time. He washed his hair after you and both got out together. Both (Y/N) and Dean got dressed and went out the door together. Sammy was in the room next door and (Y/N) knocked on his door. The 3 of them went down to the diner and sat down in a booth.

Dean looked up and pointed to a special on the wall.

“Hey, Tuesday. Pig N’ A Poke.”

(Y/N) chuckled and they all ordered their food. Sam explained what the hunt was about and the disappearances that were happening in town. Dean had a bad feeling about his hunt, but set that feeling aside. He had to save somebody’s life here, if they weren’t already dead.

At night they snuck into the place where the victim was last seen. Everybody took a corner of the small room they were in to check out and see if there was anything at all. Dean heard a voice shout out.

“What the hell are you doing here?!” The stranger said.

Dean, Sam, and (Y/N) all responded quickly and pointed their gun and flashlight to the un-recognized voice.
Dean automatically glanced at the gun pointed at (Y/N), in the strangers hands.

“Woah woah woah woah, we don’t want any trouble. We’re trying to help.” (Y/N) pleaded.

“Are you robbing me?!” The stranger yelled and took a step forward.

“No! Calm down, we’re not trying to rob you!” Sam tried to calm the man down.

“I’m just going to put my gun down, ok?” (Y/N) calmly said.

That’s when it happened. A gun shot. Dean’s blood ran cold. His lungs couldn’t function, it felt like water was filling his lungs.

Her body fell limp on the ground, and the sound of impact of her body shook Dean out of his trance. He ran over to her and slid onto his knees.

“(Y-Y/N)? B-Baby? You’re going to be ok, okay? You’re going to be alright. Sammy call 911 right now! O-Oh God, you’re going to be alright ok? Stay with me, please.” He lifted her head into his lap. Dean felt pools of tears running down his face already.

“D-Dean? I’m scared.” (Y/N) sobbed.

“N-N-No. Don’t talk like that Babe, you’re going to be ok. You’ll be able to walk this one off, just fine. You always do!” He sobbed more.

(Y/N) smiled weakly. “Oh Honey, I’m already losing too much blood. You know I-I’m dying.” She reached her hand up and touched his cheek.

Dean leaned into (Y/N)’s touch and grabbed her hand.

“D-Don’t you dare talk like that, you keep on f-fighting!” He couldn’t stop the tears and the sobs escaping his throat.

“I-I love you so damn much Dean. I-I’m so sorry I can’t m-marry you, or have children with you, or grow old w-with you.” (Y/N) sobbed knowing she can’t spend it with him.

“Oh god, no. T-The ambulance is going to come and p-patch you right up, ok babe?” Dean squeezed her hand tightly.

(Y/N)’s breath began to become choppy. She struggled to breathe.

“H-Hey D-Dean? C-Can you sing m-me a song?” She smiled weakly.

“S-Sure, anything for you D-Darling.” He choked on his sobs.

“You are my sunshine my only sunshine.”

Oh god why did it have to be her. Please, dear god, just take me.

“You make me happy, when skies are grey.”

No, she doesn’t deserve this damnit. She deserves the world. She is pure light in my darkness. My saving grace. What am I supposed to do without her? How am I supposed to live? She saved me from drowning. She helped me from my demons. She made me see the good in people. She helped me find love, damnit she’s the love of my life. Please god, don’t let her go just yet.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

God no please, take me. Take me. Take me. Not her. You can beat me, kill me, steal my soul, hurt me, but please. Just don’t touch her.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away..”

Dean sobbing into (Y/N)’s shoulder and rocked back and forth, knowing, he would never get to see his sunshine again. ___________________________________________

Dean opened his eyes instantly and awoke to (Y/N) laying there. God, she was perfect. His breath hitched and she was just laying there, like nothing ever happened.

“Hey Handsome.” She smirked.

He instantly rolled over and grabbed (Y/N)’s face in between his hands and gave her a passionate kiss. He gave all the emotions he witnessed in such a few, short minutes and passed them into the kiss. He pulled back and looked back into (Y/N)’s eyes and hugged her. He started sobbing into her shoulder.

“Shhhh it’s ok babe, it’s ok.” She stroked his hair as he cried.

“B-But you d-died. Oh my god, I’m so glad y-your not dead. I love you so m-much.” He hiccuped.

“It’s ok, you’re ok. We’re on a hunt in Mystery spot. It’s Tuesday. You just had a bad dream, it’s ok babe. I love you too much to leave you.” (Y/N) smiled.

He sniffled, “I hope I don’t get that dream again..”

She stroked his hair again, “I doubt it, if you do just tell me, ok babe?”

“Of course.” He smiled and gave leaned in for a kiss on the lips, as Sam walked in.

“Woah, did not need to see that. If you guys are both done sucking your faces off, there is a diner down the road if you guys want breakfast. Unless you guys just want to eat each other..” Sam muttered the last part.

Dean eyes widened as he heard that. His breath stopped. Maybe it’s nothing.. Maybe he’s having Déjà Vu. If only he knew what was coming for him.

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You're Safe Now

Request: (Anonymous): Oh oh oh, could you do one where the reader i captured by demons for whatever reason, and Castiel saves her? And the reader has feelings for Cas and it becomes all fluffy, but without really a confession, it just is kinda obvious in a sweet way (he likes her too). :3 Btw, you’re awesome.

Why of course! I love Castiel so much! He needs a hug. 

Warning: Swearing, Torture


You stood writing a list of supplies, including Dean’s usual beer, and Sam’s fruit. All you could hear was the pen scratching the paper as you wrote, and bracelets jingling against the wooden table. Then you grabbed your phone, placing it in your back pocket and folded up the list. “I’m going out on a supply run!” you yelled out to the bunker awaiting a response until finally Sam yelled back “Stay safe!”, and you were out. 

For the first time in a long time the Impala wasn’t your pick, instead you chose walking - feet kicking the uneven rocky gravel, as the night air bit at your open neck. With your hands in your jacket pocket, you looked up at the evenings stars, just poking out of the sky preparing to shine down upon your cheeks. The occasional rumble of an engine passed by, accompanied by the sounds of crickets who sang their nightly song. You couldn’t have been walking more than ten minutes, when something dark covered your eyes, and a scratchy cloth pressed down on your lips. Hunter instincts failed you, nerves overtaking your body as you kicked before being drugged by a needle to the neck, before you completely blacked out you murmured a soft “Castiel, help” before you went limp.

Slowly you opened your eyes, only to remember the events before. Trying to scream, the gag cloth prevented that. Your wrists burned from the rope, you ankles stuck in place, also tied. 

“Hello, we have some question for you” a man dressed in ripped jeans, and a baggy t-shirt with a black jacket stood in front of you, “If you’ll answer them, we might not kill you” he whispered into your ear, after his eyes flashed black. Internally cursing you looked around the room. Nothing to give away a location, just grey concrete floors, and molded over walls. The worst part was the small table on your right, knifes and tools decorated the top of it, each one shining from the dim light swinging over your head. Slowly the demon untied your gag cloth, and began asking questions. Swinging a knife in circles with his fingers he inquired, “You couldn’t have been far from the Winchesters now could you? Where are the two brothers?” he leaned in, scraping the knife against your forearm, easily tearing through your sweater. 

“Bite me” you said, and he tilted his head looking at you before swiftly swinging the knife down and into your thigh. Your scream could’ve sent birds flying from their trees, you were completely unprepared for the pain. 


“Dean! Sam!” Castiel popped into the bunker stumbling and screaming, tie loosened, and hair in all different directions.

“What Cas? What’s wrong?” Sam was first to jump up, Dean followed. 

“Y/N!” he began nearing the boys alarmingly. 

“She’s out on a supply run, she left about a half hour ago” Sam said, furrowing his brows and backing up.

“She’s gone! Taken by I don’t even know what! I heard her plea for help!” Castiel’s eyes looked dead, broken, the blue dulled out by worry.

Dean and Sam shared a nervous glance, “Can you trace where she called you?” Dean said, cocking his gun, Sam grabbing his demon blade. Without asking Castiel touched both their foreheads, and they were all at the spot where you were taken.

Dean looked around, while Sam bent down, and picked up a piece of paper.

“Guys, this is Y/N’s handwriting” he said reading off the list. Castiel snatched it and placed it in his pocket. “I think I am able to sense where she is” Castiel said, looking down the road where the demons drove you away. 

“Cas, you’re going to have to think straight. Stop being so crazed, please? We want Y/N back just as much, but nothing will happen if we don’t think straight!” Sam said, his puppy dog eyes apparently not working. “No!” he said, voice deeper, “I need her back safely. Now!”, and once again his fingers were pressed to their foreheads, and they were stumbling onto a muddy patch of grass. Dean picked up his feet huffing and puffing about the dirt. Sam looked at the building, “How are we supposed to get in?” he turned to Castiel. Dean spoke up, “I’ll knock down the side door, got your angel blade Cas?” Dean could hardly see either of their faces in the dark. Just the moon light allowed a frail silhouette to be formed. 

Castiel went ahead of the two boys, trench coat flapping behind him in the wind, angel blade gripped tight enough to make his vessel’s knuckles go white. Dean’s jaw was clenched as he constantly checked behind him, and Sam just stared straight at the building, a strong worry pulling at his stomach. The only sound was their heavy footsteps padding in the dewy grass, and the same crickets you had heard earlier. 

Castiel held his hand a foot away from the door and it blew down in pieces, Dean’s eyes grew wide and Sam smirked from astonishment. Quickly the brothers followed Castiel in, “Sam follow me to the right, Castiel you keep going straight and check it out” Dean had waved for Sam to follow, and Castiel nodded.


Your thigh burned, each tingle leading to another tear pooling in your eyes. The bastard left you alone for five minutes before returning, this time with a blade, new and frighteningly sharp. The cold blade was up from your chin, scraping a thin layer of your skin, until he reached you ear and tucked your hair behind your ear with the knife. Then the burn kicked in as a thin layer of blood trickled down you face, you bit your tongue not to wince. But your chest was heaving up and down from heavy breathing, “Ready to tell us the whereabouts of your buddies now?” he sickeningly whispered while hit hot breathe tickled at my neck. “Go to hell” you said again. “Oh sweetie! I’ve been there far too many times, soon it’ll be your turn” he cocked his head to the side before he plunged into your side with that same blade. Every muscle in your torso burned with pain, tears free flowed down your face and dripped onto your tattered jeans as you screamed in pain. 

Either you were hallucinating, or a bright light was gleaming under the door in the far corner. The door slammed open, hitting the wall so hard the concrete cracked underneath it. Through your tears you saw a trench coat, and your heart swelled up with hope. The demon turned around at the sound, lunging at Castiel who just tilted his head to the side and held the demon by the head when he charged. A glow emerged from his face as he screamed, then he crumpled at Castiel’s feet. 

The angel walked over to you, untying the ropes at your feet without moving his eyes from yours, then he untied your wrists. 

“Castiel” you whispered weakly into the air, you tried to stand, but your knees gave in, the blood loss was too much. Your vision turned white as you felt yourself drop into the angels arms.


“Y/N, Y/N please wake up” you heard Castiels voice dripping with worry. Fluttering your eyes open you were met with oceanic blue orbs looking down at you and you gave a weak smile. “Thank you” you whispered before placing your head back on the soft pillow. Slowly you felt a warmth start at your face and travel down to your feet, Castiel was healing you. You felt the wounds close, and pain dissipate. You grabbed the side of the couch and lifted yourself up, Castiel was quick to put his arm on your upper back and lift you up. 

“Are you alright Y/N?” he asked, looking at you with something in his eyes you’ve never seen before, and couldn’t identify as anything other than love. “Thanks to you Cas” you said, louder this time. He picked up a glass of water to your lips, and you drank slowly. 

You sat upright, and saw how Castiel immediately turned full body to you, sitting on the edge of the couch. “You know I almost died back there” you said, and Castiel nodded “I know Y/N, I was so worried” he said, placing a hand on your knee. “But Cas” you began, and put a hand on his, “The-the weird part was the whole time…all I could think about was that I would never see you again” you said, suddenly hyper aware of what just slipped your mouth. Worried that Castiel wouldn’t look at you like he used to you turned your head and looked down. 

“Oh Y/N” he said, cupping your cheek oh so humanly, “I could only think that if I didn’t find you I’d lose you too.” he spoke softly, his voice a deep song. 

Whatever tugged at your heart this time wasn’t pain, but an urge, an urge to kiss that angel right there an then - which is exactly what you did. You grabbed behind his neck and pulled him in. The cold and hot sparks from his angelic lips hit yours like a current. One hand on the small of your back, and the other in your hair was absolutely perfect as  both of your hands held his neck tightly. 

“Never do that again Y/N” he whispered, and placed his forehead on yours. Softly you exhaled, and rested your head on his chest. Castiel held you tight, running a hand through your soft locks until you fell asleep once more, this time safe and warm.