Augustus is bae has become a beloved mantra of mine while I’ve been working on this short paper on the Res Gestae. He’s been my bae since the first year of my undergrad and usually when i write about him I get all the As. (It might have something to do with him being the patron saint of west edmonton mall and the jubilee auditorium; he’s always watching over me.) I tried to give him flowers relevant to his patron Apollo (hyacinth, sunflowers, heliotrope, marigold) but they all turned out like blobs so imagine xD;

so here is a quick doodle of a kawaii Augustus hoping that you pass all your classes and don’t resort to adultery

my initiative to draw less trash and more classics


Closet Door Of Art And Such

So, I was bored and thought to myself

‘Dude…I should replace those video-game posters on my closet with my art’


Featuring some fan-art that i’ve drawn for @sleepisfornerds and @askroninapplejack! If we ever meet eachother then i’m totally gonna give them too you! :D

Chemistry Crayons Represent the Hue of Each Chemical Element

Independent boutique Que Interesante prides themselves in creating a union where art and science meet. The artist’s goal is to create an everyday children’s object into an educational and fun experience. She gives each color, its designated chemical element label under the flame test. For example, when lithium undergoes the flame test, it creates a red flame; thus the red crayon is renamed to “Lithium,” the color of an apple.

Instead of naming each crayon after the ordinary colors we have come to learned since childhood, she instills a chemistry experiment, where color theory is far more fun and intelligent. With chemistry expertise and careful attention, she appoints each crayon’s color its appropriate chemical label.

She confesses: “Children play and draw with crayons practically every day, so why not make the experience more educational? This listing is for a set of 48 labels to stick in the crayons in a basic 48 pack of crayons so that while children are coloring, they are also exposed to the names of chemicals that will make those colors! So instead of thinking ‘I want green’ they will think ‘I want Barium Nitrate Ba(NO3)2 Flame’ and then when they take chemistry in high school and their teacher sets some gas on fire and it makes a green color and they ask the class what chemical it was your student will know it was Barium! Genius!”

Find the entire collection of crayons in her Etsy shop.

Ok I Just Had The Most Adorable Thought

I heard the head canon about where Inktale and ErrorTale Sans are mortal enemies because one creates and one destroys, and I thought of an AU where Inky and Error are just little kids and they are having a play date. Inky builds a cool block tower, and Error knocks it down. Inky gets a little flustered, but forgives him. So he builds another, and Error knocks it over again. OMG I’m sorry this is just too adorable/hilarious not to post. @askerrorsans @loverofpiggies @comyet