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You know, sometimes when I see stuff from BB’s Alive era float by on my dash, I still kick myself a little for missing out on it. For not getting involved back then. Because I totally could have, so easily. So easily. I adore everything from Alive: the sound, the visuals, the attitude.

What gets me today is how close I came to stumbling across BB during that time period, all without realizing it. It was the Fantastic Baby MV that got me interested in them, though not until I watched it for the first time in late 2015. But it was released March 2012, yeah?

Well, when Gangnam Style came out in the summer of 2012 and took the world by storm I was, of course, well aware of it. I saw the video, watched it a handful of times. But I left it at that. Heard the song on the radio in the mornings and afternoons– on mainstream radio– and couldn’t believe it. I’ll always remember that first time I caught it on the radio on my way to work early one morning. The beat started up and, alone in my car, I shouted, “Oh my GOD. This is huge!” Because it was! A song entirely in Korean playing on a major hit music station during high traffic hours? My mind was blown.

Thing is, I liked the song well enough, but the video didn’t exactly grab me, and PSY himself just did not interest me at all. However, to know that if I had explored just a little further… had clicked around a bit… Ahh! Even the slightest interest in PSY likely would have led me straight to BB. And from there I would have been sucked right into the black hole that is Big Bang, I’m sure of it.

Because the timing would have been perfect, really. I had just fallen away from the Glee fandom in the spring of 2012 after playing in that sandbox for about 2 years (I’m a one-fandom-at-a-time kind of person). Following that, I drifted until nearly the end of the year, feeling a little lost without a fandom to immerse myself in, searching for something that might catch my interest. Something to pour my time and attention into. And all the while, BB was at the height of their Alive Tour. I just didn’t know it at the time. Didn’t know them. 😭 😭 😭


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anonymous asked:

How is GD problematic? Jw

omg it’s 2017 y'all…

he says the n word
has done blackface MORE than once
imitated blood gangs wit bigbang
has worn cornrows n has had afros
called himself a gansta n called taeyang his homie
has used black n latina children in his mv for props
have you watched coup d'etat
ableism in crayon mv
romanticized gender violence in one of his mvs

sure you could call him “the problematic king”