Angelic Hair V1 + V2 from @wildspit

recolored in 25 Pooklet’s Unnaturals + 24 Crayola Naturals;
More Info + Download below.

I will reupload & redo all my old recolored cc hairs (changing the secondaryindex, preview pics) and repost them (: I’ll place a link into the old posts. Redownload if you want too :)

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Searching for more blogs to follow!

So if you reblog/post photos or pretty much any kind of posts with any of these:

  • AoA
  • F(x)
  • 9muses
  • Sonamoo
  • 4minute
  • Crayon Pop
  • Orange Caramel
  • Hello Venus
  • Girl’s Day
  • BTS (Bangtan Boys)
  • GOT7
  • Block B
  • 2AM
  • Korean and Japanese hip-hop and rap artists (can be indie too)
  • Miyavi
  • Dir en grey
  • the GazettE
  • Other J-rock and Visual kei artists (again, can be indie too)
  • Toned down Harajuku fashion
  • Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc. fashion street snaps (Drop Tokyo, Solsol, SGS etc.)
  • ^I really don’t mind western fashion either, but it has to fit that aesthetic

please like or reblog this post and who knows, maybe I’ll follow you if I like what I see ;););)

I’m also looking for some music blogs so if you reblog/post music from artists such as Shiina Ringo, Advantage Lucy, Wakusei Abnormal, Urban Zakapa, Sugarbowl, Crush, Zion.T, Young the Giant, Tom Rosenthal, Panic! At the disco etc. etc. you’re also included in the list of blogs I want to follow because my thirst for good music is r e a l.


And that last video brought this one to mind, and this is a Black Cab Session of Fleet Foxes performing a Judee Sill song called “Crayon Angels”. 

Kind of a silly story, but unless my memory has tricked me this is the first time I truly ever heard Robin Pecknold(since it is just essentially him in this video). At the time I had a bit of a chuckle wondering who this guy looking vaguely like Jesus was, and just why he could sing so well. 

And in truth it reminds me of a much nicer time, so enjoy this lovely little song. 

Magic rings I made have turned my finger green.
And my mystic roses died.
Guess reality is not as it seems,
So I sit here hopin’ for truth and a ride,
To the other side.

Phony prophets stole the only light I knew,
And the darkness softly screamed.
Holy visions disappeared from my view,
But the angels come back and laugh in my dreams,
I wonder what it means.

Costumes for the Signs

Aries - Hot Cheeto

Taurus - I’m in Me Mom’s Car Girl

Gemini - Two-Headed Turtle

Cancer - Grandma Squarepants

Leo - Rotting Cheese

Virgo - White Crayon

Libra - Fat Angel Baby

Scorpio - Naughty Santa Claus

Sagittarius - Sarah Palin

Capricorn - Paul Revere

Aquarius - Walking Encyclopedia

Pisces - Their Sixth Grade Self