crayon up the nose

I kinda think that, had Gravity Falls been a complete farce with little to no concern for continuity and character progression and the like, a third brother/Stantonio character would be funny.

Like the twins would go, “Grunkle Stan how many secret brothers do you have?!”

Smash cut to Greatgrandpa Pines wading through identical Stan babies asking his wife “Have you seen Stanthony? I can’t find him”  

“I thought he was next to Stanfred, no, not that one, the one with the crayon up his nose.”  

“That’s not Stanfred, that’s Stanton.”

“Don’t talk back to me, I gave birth to two dozen boys at once, I will end you.”

“Oh here he is, he switched name tags with the puppy Stanimal.”

Henry sighed at his eldest daughter. One alert from Dipper, a trip to the nearest urgent care clinic, and three hundred dollars later, they were finally home. 

He looked at Acacia, sitting at the kitchen table, legs swinging because she couldn’t reach the ground, and looking not the least bit remorseful. Henry knew he shouldn’t expect the entire truth from a four year old but he had to try. 

“Acacia, why did you shove a blue crayon up your nose? I know you know better.”

“To blow blue snot!”

“And you ate all of Mommy’s glitter because-?”

“I wanted to puke rainbows like Jeff does when Mommy kicks him in the stomach and tells him to stop being creepy!”

The apple of his eye, the light of his life, burst into giggles, and Henry pinched his nose. 

How on earth was he going to punish this child?