crayon drawing artists on tumblr

Ok uhm… I … I found this artist on tumblr ( @konoira ) and you all should really check him out, I looooove his Art style. And bc I’m such an OC-trash I wanted to draw one of his OCs (hope he’s not mad now :x) and uh… yes.. yes, Fanart basically.
Bye!! *runs away*



final project for my first traditional art class

about dorm life: about getting birth control from the local planned parenthood: about the dining hall’s dreadful excuse for 3 bean chili: about staying home for the weekend: about driving back: about art and my dog, two very rewarding challenges: about how it doesn’t matter where I am or what I’m doing: 

nothing can make me smile like you do, mahal.

charcoal, conte crayon, ink, and mixed media collage on Strathmore 18x24″ paper.