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I wanna cry...

I just saw this blessed image on the SU Reddit.

This is exactly the sort of thing I wanna see in the show. I mean… the sci-fi stuff is an absolute treat but aaaaah! Gems and humans chilling out.

Peridot finding a kindred spirit in Onion?! (Mebbe cause Vidalia is a meep-morpist he’d take to Peri quite well?) Peedee being chill enough to muck about and stick his family’s precious fries up his nose?! Lars unknowingly wrestling Purple Puma?! And it looks like Pearl’s politely telling Ronaldo to shut it so she can pitch a new play idea to Jamie?! XD Aaaahhh!

Why are these comics not available in the UK?! At least in digital form?

Held by a Friend~

I got super inspired by @cheapcookiez‘s Invoker!Jack drawing and wanted to redraw the design as a character study! ۹(ÒہÓ)۶ My Oxenfree Sammy even made it into the drawing (▼)~

I’m super happy with how it turned out and I want to digitalise it too.

I even have some ideas of my own along similar veins with this sort of AU. You’ll have to wait and see Ⴀ͡კႠ͡

Music I listened to while drawing down below

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der Aufkleber - sticker/adhesive label
die Büroklammer (Büroklammern) - paperclip
der Bleistift (Bleistifte) - pencil
der Buntstift (Buntstifte) - coloured pencil/crayon
der Druckbleistift (Druckbleistifte) - mechanical pencil
der Füller - fountain pen
der Farbstift (Farbstifte) - coloured pencil/pen
der Filzstift (Filzstifte) - felt-tip pen
der Fineliner - fineliner
das Gekritzel - scribble
das Gummiband (Gummibänder) - rubber band
der Hefter - stapler
die Klammer (Klammern) - staple
das Klebeband - sticky tape
der Kleber - glue
der Klebestift (Klebestifte) - glue stick
der Klebezettel - Post-it/sticky note
der Klebstoff - glue
das Klemmbrett (Klemmbretter) - clipboard
das Korrekturband - correction tape
die Korrekturflüssigkeit - correction fluid
der Korrekturstift (Korrekturstifte) - correction pen
die Kreide (Kreiden)
die Kreidetafel (Kreidetafeln)
der Kugelschreiber - ballpoint pen/Biro
der Kuli (Kulis) - ballpoint pen/Biro
das Lineal (Lineale) - ruler
der Locher - hole punch
das Mäppchen - pencil case
der Magnet (-en) (Magneten) - magnet
der Marker - marker
der Notizblock (Notizblöcke/Notizblocks) - notepad
das Notizbuch (Notizbücher) - notebook
der Ordner - folder
das Papier (Papiere) - paper
die Pappe (Pappen) - cardboard
der Pinsel - paintbrush
der Post-it - Post-it
der/das Radiergummi (Radiergummis) - eraser/rubber
der Rechner - calculator
die Schere (Scheren) - scissors
die Schere (Scheren) - scissors
pl Schreibwaren - stationery/writing instruments
der Spitzer - pencil sharpener
die Splinte (Splinten) - split pin
die Stecknadel (Stecknadeln) - pin
der Stempel - stamp
der Stift (Stifte) - pencil/pen
der Tesafilm - Sellotape/Scotch Tape
der Textmarker - highlighter
das Tipp-Ex - white out/liquid paper/Tipp-Ex
der Wachsmalstift (Wachsmalstifte) - wax crayon
der Winkelmesser - protractor
das Zeichendreieck (Zeichendreiecke) - set square
der Zirkel - compass

RFA (+V and Saeran) as pre-schoolers


  • sweetheart alert
  • cries all the time
  • another child told him a ghost story once and he didn’t sleep for weeks
  • obsessed with board games
  • bubbly and giggly
  • eager to please
  • so hard to tell off
  • like this boy just cries and whoever yelled at him just feels like they’ve kicked a puppy
  • takes forever to do anything


  • has a mirror in his bag and you can’t tell me otherwise
  • party animal
  • has soooo many friends
  • mostly girls tbh
  • determined child
  • loves being read to
  • especially the stories where the handsome prince saves the beautiful princess from the evil dragon
  • dress up is his favourite activity


  • prefers the company of adults over other children
  • never makes a mess
  • super independent
  • spends all of her time hosting fake tea parties for all her doll and cuddly toys
  • one of the only kids in the world that enjoys nap time
  • her favourite game is sleeping lions
  • blunt child
  • tells it how it is
  • when she’s fed sugar she becomes some sort of devil child
  • hyper!Jaehee could rival Saeyoung


  • carries a white cat plushie everywhere
  • wore a tie before he could talk in sentences
  • is openly disgusted when around most other children
  • hates shopping
  • he’s that child that can’t swim
  • he has nemo on his armbands
  • has never been allowed sugary treats
  • barely even knows what sugar is


  • no
  • please
  • please no
  • he cannot be controlled
  • sugar is a no go
  • will burst into song if it is silent for even a second
  • charming in a bizarre kind of way 
  • cackles
  • loves to touch and explore
  • particularly likes to touch things that say ‘DO NOT TOUCH’
  • sobbing one second, laughing the next
  • likes to draw the stars


  • every adults dream
  • soooooooo polite
  • once a butterfly landed on his finger and he cried for like an hour
  • he felt Blessed
  • will sit and draw for hours
  • if someone praises him this boy freakin beams
  • ray of sun pls protect him
  • arranges his crayons in colour order
  • likes hugs
  • and the colour blue


  • u know those temporary kids tattoos
  • yep
  • covered in them
  • how can someone that small make glitter so threatening
  • also how are he and Saeyoung twins
  • likes quiet places
  • hates it when other children are too loud
  • yes that includes you Saeyoung
  • he just wants ice cream is that too much to ask
  • who hurt this child