From The Crayon Initiative website:

“The wax from crayons is not biodegradable and will never break down, leaving a waxy sludge in our landfills for centuries to come. The Crayon Initiative supports environmental efforts by diverting crayons from the landfills.”

“Annually, between 45,000 and 75,000 pounds of broken crayons are discarded in landfills throughout the country. By collecting unwanted crayons from restaurants, schools, as well as other locations, and recycling them into new ones, The Crayon Initiative is doing our part to prevent crayons from depositing in the landfill." 

Here’s how you can help out by spreading the word or collecting crayons from schools and restaurants in your town.



These little figures were created by artists Hoang Tran. Using Crayola crayons, the artist carved these figures of popular culture and melted wax for the different colors.

Famous Cartoon Characters Carved in Crayons

A master at the art of carving crayons, California-based artist Hoang Tran has gained a reputation for replicating your favorite childhood and adulthood animated figures with the help of a Crayola box. Featuring iconic figures, such as The Simpsons, Winnie The Pooh, South Park, Star Wars and Spongebob among others, Tran carves each figure by melting the wax. With impressive detail and technique, Tran has gained a following on Etsy! At his shop, you can find other popular cartoon characters, as well as request a customize sculpture with your name!

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