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makeup monday
Hello loves! Sorry for not posting in awhile 💕 today I made a list where I could write down every makeup product that I want to try or buy, and I showed some of my favorites as well 😊 what are your makeup faves?

hurtful words and broken plates

a/n: I had two nate requests, so I just kinda mashed them together. Hopefully you guys like it. 


Being with Nate definitely wasn’t easy. Yeah, we had plenty of good times together. And 8 months together in Hollywood, the two of us might as well have been married. It was so rare, and we were well out of the infamous ‘honeymoon’ phase.

Like every couple, we definitely had your share of fights. Lately, they had been about Nate going out, getting drunk and high at the club and photos being released the next day of him with some girl at the club, rumors of them fucking spreading like wildfire.

Now I know he’d never cheat on me. Nate was a lot of things, but flat out dumb wasn’t one of them. I were the biggest name model in the country, my fame helping him boost his career. And damn right we loved each other.

It’s just lately, our schedules being so different, we didn’t spend as much time together. Not that we needed too. Thus why he would be going out to the club with the boys late at night while I was at home in bed for my shoot early in the morning. But regardless our hectic schedules, we always woke up every morning next to each other in the same bed.

But here I was, standing in the kitchen with a glass of vodka and whatever you could find to mix it with. Orange juice, pink lemonade, anything. A few drinks in, I was so pissed. I didn’t have to work tomorrow, finally a day off, and Nate wasn’t even home to spend time with me.

Granted, had you been 100% sober, I wouldn’t have been this mad. But, 4 drinks in, I was getting angrier with each passing second he wasn’t home. I mean, for fucks sake it was 2 in the morning. I mean, all I wanted was for him to be here, us to have some rough sex, pass out, and then wake up in the morning and have some lazy Sunday morning sex. But that wasn’t the case. Hell the last time we had sex was like, 3 days ago. This is the longest either of us has went, and I was going insane. I wanted him, hell I needed him.

I stayed up, pacing, and just getting angrier and angrier every minute he wasn’t home. Until he finally waltzed in at 3:38 in the morning. Being much more intoxicated now, I finally had the courage to speak my mind. And boy, did I have a few words for my oh so lovely boyfriend.

“ma, what are you still doing up?” Nate laughed, clearly alcohol still running in his system.

“what am I still doing up? Waiting for my boyfriend to get home.” I huffed.

“you didn’t have to.”

“I wanted too Nate. Maybe you didn’t realize that, while you were out with your boys, I was sitting at home, waiting for you to fucking show up so maybe we could actually spend some time together.” I said with such an attitude.

“chill out ma, you’re overreacting.” Nate chuckled, walking over to you, trying to wrap you up in his arms.

“no Nate, fuck you. I finally have a day off and you can’t even sacrifice one night out to spend it with me.” I rolled my eyes, getting out of his grasp.

Yes, he was right, I was overreacting, but the alcohol in my veins made me a very stubborn, irrational person.

“seriously (y/n), chill. We got all day tomorrow to do whatever you want” he smirked, staring at my body hungrily.

“Are you seriously suggesting that we’re having sex tomorrow? After I stay awake all night waiting for you. I’ve been so damn horny all day and wanted nothing more for you to come home and let me fucking ride you and have you fill me entirely and have me screaming your name in seconds, but you were out with the boys at the fucking club with all those skanks, which you seemed to really enjoy.”

Yes, he was out with the guys, and whenever he was out with them, girls threw themselves at him always. Yet, despite being with you, he never seemed to make any move to push them away, yet he never made a move on them, not that you had ever seen or heard about. But then again, alcohol made you say all kinds of shit.

“(y/n) chill. You know there’s nothing with those girls.”

“no, I don’t actually. You say there’s nothing, but how can I be so sure? They’re always all over you and you like it.”

“(y/n) babe, come on, you’re being ridiculous.” Nate sighed, rolling his eyes at your childlike behavior.

“no, fuck you Nate. If I’m being so ridiculous, why don’t you just leave and go fuck one of your skanks. I mean you might as well, you’ve been out with them all night.” I huffed. I was so angry. Like really, all I wanted was a night in with Nate, with some wine, some sex in the tub, in bed, the hallway, the stairs, the kitchen, the living room, out back by the pool, literally I was craving him, and I’ve never needed anything more than I needed him, yet he had to be out with all those, Crayola faced, plastic chest skanks.

“seriously (y/n)? you’re being so fucking childish. Clearly I don’t want them. If I did, I could have them easily, trust me. But I haven’t. Instead I come home to your psychotic ass every night.” Nate raised his voice. “fuck this. I’m going to bed.” He continued, turning to go up to bed.

Maybe it was the alcohol. Maybe it was the fact that Nate just really pissed me off saying that. Or the fact that he raised his voice at me. Maybe it was even the way he didn’t really deny the skanks, but rather kinda took their side, defending them, but you were pissed. So pissed, you grabbed the nearest thing to you, which happened to be that empty vodka bottle and you threw it.

Crashing against the wall right next to Nates head and shattering, causing him to cover his head. Clearly this was not what he expected, and I even was surprised myself. Yeah, it wasn’t my brightest idea, but I was just so angry. How could he just be so relaxed about this? As if I was totally wrong.

“ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!” Nate yelled turning back around. Rage was written all over his face.

Nate was pissed. So pissed, I saw him do what he’s never done before, completely throwing me off.

He started throwing plates at the wall. Cups. Anything he could find, against the wall as he yelled. He was screaming, not at me particularly. Just out loud, but kinda sorta because of me.

“I WORK SO FUCKING HARD.” Plate against the wall.

“FUCK THIS.” A cup.

“SO FUCKING RIDICULOUS” he seethed, taking a bowl this time, throwing it, causing it to ultimately shatter.

“ALL THIS FUCKING SHIT.” He yelled, ripping cabinet doors right off.

“Nate.” My voice weak. He was getting closer, and he was still rampaging. I’d never seen him like this. Yeah, we’ve screamed at each other plenty of times, but never has he been like this.

“FUCKING HELL” he screamed, throwing a plate. In your direction, but not directly at you. He didn’t want to hit you, he was just so mad. He hated the accusations. He’s never loved anyone more than he’s loved you. Always the love em, leave em type, but the second you walked in his life you changed it all.

But nevertheless, despite our undeniable love for each other, knowing we’d never do anything to hurt one another, I screamed. I was terrified he was going to hurt me, and the plate only fueled that thought. I closed my eyes, tears falling from them as I shook uncontrollably as I fell to the floor, trying to protect myself.

“Nate.” I sobbed. “please, stop, you’re scaring me.” I said, just hoping he would hear me.

I peeked up at Nate, still unsure of how he would react. But he looked at me with eyes full of pain. I’d never seen him like this.

“babygirl.” He whispered, kneeling down to my level, wrapping me up in his arms.

“babygirl, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you like that. You know I love you. And I’m not making excuses for my behavior, but I’ve been stressed lately with the studio and stuff, and all the shit in the news and stuff.” He said, hugging me tightly, placing a light kiss on my forehead.

“I’m so sorry (y/n) I didn’t mean any of it. You know you’re the only girl for me. All those girls are just that, just random girls. I don’t want them ma, I want you.”

“No, Nate, don’t be sorry, it was my fault.”

“don’t blame this on you. I shouldn’t have got so angry. I shouldn’t have scared you like that.”

“No, I shouldn’t have overreacted. I mean, just cause I wanted to have sex and shit.” I sighed.

“I shouldn’t neglect you to go out with the guys though.”

“I guess we both have our faults in this situation. I’m sorry I started it though.” I sighed, looking up at him.

“don’t be ma. We wouldn’t be ‘us’ if we didn’t fight.” He laughed.

“True.” I laughed.

“so we good now?” he asked, looking at me hopeful, stroking my cheek with his thumb.

“yeah. We’re good.” I smiled.

Nate smiled at me, and then brought his lips to mine. I couldn’t help but smile into the kiss. I loved him so much. Despite all the shit we go through, all that matters is that we get through it. Together. And we don’t give up.

“I love you ma.” He breathed out, resting his forehead against mine.

“I love you too Nate.” I smiled, meeting his lips again, happy as can be.

anonymous asked:

Which type of girls DON'T the 2ps want as s/o (character traits that some dislike while other like for example)

2p France: He doesn’t want an obnoxious s/o.

2p England: Someone who’s literally always negative and has nothing nice to say and no manners.

2p America: A girly girl.

2p Canada: He too, does not want a girly girl.

2p China: a spoiled no respect having brat.

2p Russia: Someone who’s very unintelligent and close minded.

2p Italy: Someone who’s very lazy and unmotivated because he likes to do shit.

2p Germany: He’s not really down for the ones that put no effort into anything and are TOO introverted.

2p Japan: The incredibly loud ones that look like a crayola gang banged their face are not for him.

2p Prussia: Ones that are very inconsiderate and seem to live with out purpose tend to bother him.

2p Romano: They ones that don’t put any work into themselves to not be a better person and don’t work hard to better themselves at all.

2p Spain: The ones that are super super needy, never want to work, and expect him to hand everything for him.

vanilla twilight

summary: a beautiful, riveting tale of teenage!dan and phil and also a park

that’s…a great summary.

word count: 1.4k i wrote this in like an hour idk i was bored

warnings: there’s like, cursing. like there always is. also idk badly written fluff?? i’m good at angstin’ but i am not as gr8 at this side of it.

i need to stop with the song titles as real titles wow i just i dunno here take this thing.

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