crayola daleks

The Crayola Daleks: I figured it out!

DIPLOMACY! It’s all about being able to open lines of communication with species that were once just objects of eradication. Look at the Pandorica. Diplomacy. “Oh no, I’m not a rolling engine of genocide. I’m a sportscar. VROOM. VROOM.” Yes, it makes them less intimidating. Totally deliberate. They are the rank and file of the new face of Dalek-kind, the illusion of a kinder, friendlier face. Davros was a brilliant fellow. A brilliant fellow with a partly cybernetic brain. A partly cybernetic brain that would be immune to, say, a biological forget-me field. However prolonged exposure to said field would drive any kind of organic mind insane… like a Dalek… “SILENCE WILL FALL”