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Current Deals on Amazon - Cheap Stuff for Littles!

So, Amazon has started their Countdown to Black Friday sales. There’s some really good stuff on sale, so I’m sharing what I’ve found that’s got good discounts. (Some of this stuff is more than 50% off!) 

These could be gone in as soon as tomorrow, so jump on these deals while you can! (Post contains affiliate links. I get a little stuffie money if someone buys something. Thank you for supporting my blog! <3)

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🎀 30″ Teddy Bear$49.99 $25.87 (48% Off!)

🎀 Interlex Cozy Micorwaveable Stuffies (Varies)

These stuffies can be put in the microwave to warm them, and they smell really soothing! Like lavender :)  They’re really soft and cuddly, too. They have sheep, cow, panda, pig, monkey, kitty cat, frog, and horse. 

🎀 Gund Kikis Delivery Service Jiji Stuffie $16.99 $12.18 (28% Off)

🎀 Aurora World Flopsie 12″ Flamingo Stuffie $12.99 $10.17 (22% Off!)

🎀 Melissa & Doug Puppy Stuffies (Yellow Lab, Scottie, Dalmation, or Bichon Frise) $14.99 $9.99 (33% Off!)

Arts & Crafts

🎀 100 Gel Pens $20.99 $8.29 (61% Off!)

🎀 360 Gel Pens $49.00 $29.99

🎀 64 Crayola Sidewalk Chalks $11.99 $9.99 (17% Off!)

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🎀 32 Crayola Crayons  $5.99 $3.78 (37% Off!)

Toys & Games

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🎀 Disney Lip Balms $9.49 $8.54 (10% Off!)

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This also comes in Blue Sheep and Brown Bear for $15.99 ^_^


The fact that Joyce was the only one to tell El that it was all right to stop if things got too bad while she was using her powers will always kill me. 

More than any other character who met El, Joyce had everything riding on her using her powers to find Will. She had more reason than anyone to look the other way on how it was hurting her. But instead of trying to push her to extremes to find him, she was the only one (besides possibly Mike) who really seemed conflicted about letting El help by using her powers. (And unless I’m mistaken, the only one to actually thank her?)

Joyce is a wonderful mother and a beautiful person and I wanted her to adopt El so bad, and for El and Will to get bunk beds and become friends and for Joyce to buy them a big box of 64 Crayola crayons with a built-in shapener so they could make all the drawings together and bond over their shared trauma.

banasiakj123  asked:

Sizzy prompt: Simon takes Isabelle to the carnival as a first date. Simon finds out that Izzy is good at playing games so he challenges her. Izzy wins every time and gets Simon cute little stuffed animals as a reward for winning. When they get back to the Institute, every one asks them how their date went and think that Simon won Izzy the stuffed animals but they find out that Izzy won them for Simon.

For all the times Isabelle has bought a new box of Crayola 64 just so she can open up the box and stare down at the perfect rows of rainbow and all their potential, she thinks walking through a carnival is the closest human experience she’ll have to living in a crayon box. Candy Apple Red, Popcorn Yellow, Cotton Candy Pink, Rainbow Ferris Wheel Kissing Swirly Blue Sky. No matter how much grease she has to smear off her face at the end of the night, or how many dollars disappear from her wallet, there’s always the color trip she gets to go on when she buys a ticket to the carnival. She calls that worth it.

Simon’s mentality is about the same. When he was a kid and came here, his family would always complain. Complain about the heat, about how expensive everything was, about the bathrooms being gross. At some point, he realized that complaining bores him. He loves everything about the carnival. The deep fried foods, the lights, the ice cream cones, the way he can look up in any direction and see a framed picture – ferris wheel against sky, Fun Slide against sky, bundle of balloons against sky. Here, nothing matters. Hair’s a mess because the wind ruined it on the bigger rides? No big deal. Spilled your lemonade all over your clothes? Shucks, who cares. Smell like goats and sweat and chicken poop? Welcome to the club. Carnivals are for letting go and having fun, and that’s it.

For years, this place has been something special to each of them, but this year it’s even better, because – amid grease laden dust and carnies hollering, “Everyone gets a prize!”, between cotton candy stands and carousels and the canopy of prize trinkets and ferris wheel glow – they’re together. And they find the pulse of their love. In the loudest, most distracting place, that pulse still shines brightest and sings above the competing sounds.

After devouring funnel cakes and riding the Raptor, the Vortex, and the Scrambler, Simon tosses an arm around Izzy’s shoulders and points at the wide avenue of game booths that line the midway. “Wanna play something?”

Isabelle sips from her lemonade and follows his gaze, then smiles. “Of course,” she says enthusiastically.

One of the carnies notices Simon, and points back at him. “C’mon! C’mon!” He shouts. “Step right up, brother! Win a prize for your girl!” He gestures wildly to the awnings of giant stuffed animals above him. ‘FLUKEY BALL,’ his neon sign boasts.

Simon and Isabelle nod at each other and approach the booth. The carnie goes wild. “That’s what I’m talking about!”

They toss some coins at him and he hands each of them three wiffle balls. From what they gather, the objective of the game is to bank the ball off a slanted board and into a basket below. It seems easy enough to Isabelle, but – “Don’t be deceived,” Simon warns her. “These games are always tricky.”

“With the right technique, you can dominate!” The carnie counters.

“Can we lean over the railing?” Izzy asks, to which the carnie’s eager answer is, “Absolutely!”

They both lean forward as far as possible, and Simon throws. His first two balls bounce off the board and onto the ground, and his third flies over it completely.

“You’re too aggressive,” Isabelle says pleasantly, batting her eyes at him. “Let me show you how it’s done.” She describes every step of her method. “Toss the ball as lightly as possible so that it just grazes the board. And instead of having it hit on the way down, aim it so that it hits the top of the board on the way up, instead.” She tosses her ball. “Then it’ll arc back down into the basket!” She says in triumph, as it lands successfully. Her next two balls do the same, and Simon stares at her in awe.

The carnie is beside himself. “Incredible!” He screams. “Winner, winner, winner, winner, winner!”

Isabelle picks out a giant stuffed turtle, and the carnie’s assistant offers Simon a dinky Chinese finger trap as a consolation prize.

“Aww,” Isabelle grabs Simon’s chin with the hand that isn’t occupied by her enormous turtle, half her size. She plants a kiss on his lips. “Here, babe,” she says, passing the stuffed animal to him. “He’s for you.”

Simon wrinkles his nose and smiles, taking the turtle. “Aren’t I supposed to be the one winning prizes for you?”

“You’ll win the next one,” she shrugs, and takes his hand, leading him toward the Rope Ladder game.

“Ah,” Simon says. “The Rope Ladder. My childhood nemesis.”

Izzy jumps into her instruction. “Keep your center of gravity as wide as possible. Don’t grab the rungs, grab the rope. Keep your weight forward, and counterbalance every move on the left side of your body with a move on the right. You know, like the way a dog walks? When he moves his right front leg forward, he moves his left rear leg, too, and vice versa. Got it?”

“I think so.” Simon hands the turtle to her and pays the guy running the game. Izzy cheers him on, and he tries to do what she said, but four rungs up, his knee catches and he finds himself spinning upside down and being tossed onto a mattress. Defeat never tasted so bitter.

A crowd of onlookers groan their dissatisfaction and holler that the game is rigged. Isabelle steps forward. “Can I try?”

“Of course!” The carnie replies. Isabelle passes the turtle off to Simon on her way over to the ladder.

“Good luck,” he says, and Isabelle grins at him.

As Izzy surmounts the ladder, Simon can see every muscle in her body working, tensed and rigid. The ladder wobbles a little in the center, but she gets past it and, in a moment of utter shock and amazement to all those watching, she rings the bell at the top, shouts for victory, and spins herself down to the mattress. The same onlookers run to get in line for their turn, and this time, Isabelle chooses a large inflatable crayon as her prize.

This goes on for the next three games, only one of which Simon actually wins (Rubber Ducky). By the time they walk away from the midway, their arms are full of stuffed animals, an oversized comb, and of course, the crayon.

They leave the fair at closing – dirty, tired, over-fed, and well spent. They pile the prizes into the backseat and hold hands over the console in the car, and Isabelle declares, “That was fun.”

“I had no idea you were so good at those games,” Simon says for the fifth time tonight, glancing at their entourage of guests in the back.

Isabelle crosses her feet over the mess on the floor. “I learned it all from my mom,” she reveals.

When they get back to the Institute, they find Clary, Jace, Magnus, and Alec downstairs. They’re all staring at a screen that shows locations of recent demon attacks, but they turn to greet Simon and Izzy when they walk in.

“Wow,” Alec comments. “That’s a lot of stuffed animals.”

“Did you win these for Izzy?” Jace asks Simon, investigating the giant turtle.

“Nope, she won them for me,” Simon says, laughing.

Isabelle nods. “I think I’m going to give up demon hunting and pursue my true calling as a travelling carnie.”

Jace takes the inflatable crayon from Simon and jabs Isabelle with it. “Oh yeah?”

“Stop,” Izzy knocks the tip of the crayon away and scowls good naturedly.

Jace grins, and pokes her with it again, and before long he’s chasing her around the room, trying to hit her with it. She’s screaming at him to stop through laughter, throwing her other prizes at him.

“How was the carnival, other than Izzy’s successful game day?” Magnus asks.

“It was great,” Simon replies as Isabelle crashes against him from behind and grabs his shoulders, using him as a human shield. Jace chases her in circles around him for a few moments before she darts off again.

“I’m done!” Jace concedes, throwing the crayon into the air. “Damn it, how do you have so much energy?”

“Sugar high,” Isabelle laughs, holding onto the stair railing and panting. The carnival prizes are littered all over the room, and other shadowhunters knock them out of the way as they pass by.

Izzy meets Simon’s eyes and smiles wider. It was a great day, indeed. She loves when she feels the pulse of their love beating strong and loud above the noise and color and flashing lights of the world.

And if they can find it at the carnival, they can find it anywhere.

A/N: Send me an ask if you have any Sizzy or Malec prompts! 😉

Coloring Pages! Success!

I’ve been interested in the whole adult coloring book trend (yes, I know it is ridiculous…but life is ridiculous)…. and I’ve purchased a few ….. and I’ve been given a few. (Coloring books were the in xmas gift for middle age ladies in 2015). While I’ve enjoyed playing with crayons, pencils and markers again …. the subject matter of these modern coloring books just didn’t capture my imagination. Mandalas? Gardens? Cats? Skulls? Great works of art? When I was a kid my coloring books were full of thing I wanted to be …. things that fueled my fantasy life …. people I found exciting …..Batman, Captain Caveman, Casper and even Barbie- all of them went on adventures.

So I decided to make my own coloring pages….. full of what I like to dream about ….Glee …. and the cast of Glee. I ran a dozen photos through a filter called an edge tracer, saved the Jpgs, printed them out on standard office copy paper, cracked open my Crayola 64s …. and went to town.

It was relaxing … was fun …..I enjoyed the tiny challenge of finding the right mix of colors for Kurt and Blaine’s skin tones…. and it cost nothing. Maybe next Saturday I will try this again ….and maybe watch cartoons at the same time. Speed Racer are you still out there?


Join me on a jazzy journey through Mister Rogers Neighborhood

This morning I was reminded how much I love Mister Rogers (present tense), and how much that show influenced me as a kid. Fred made me the curious adult I am today. Well, Fred and Sesame Street, but I refuse to pick favorites.

I especially remember the above video, about how crayons are made. It must have had a hell of an impact to stick in my noggin after all these years, eh? But as awesome as the story of the classic Crayola 64-pack is (remember the built-in sharpener?), today I want to talk about the music.

I never realized it until now, but most of the “how it’s made” segments on Mister Rogers had no sound. That makes sense, because factories are horribly loud places and are a nightmare to film in. But listen to how the iconic Mister Rogers jazz soundtrack takes the place of sound effects! The clicks and whirrs are really just the drummer using brushes or percussion blocks. And the piano runs match the action so well!

Reminds me of the Dutch filmmaker Bert Haanstra, whose 1958 film Glas won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short. Glas features a bunch of glass-blowers doing their glass-blowing thing, but instead of live sound their motions are blended perfectly with a peppy, beat-driven jazz soundtrack. Watch it below and compare to Mister Rogers:

See the similarities? I wonder if the influence was intentional. The virtuoso pianist behind Mister Rogers iconic jazz arrangements was Mr. Johnny Costa, whose trio recorded the music live as the show was videotaped! It’s pretty progressive music for a children’s show, but I think by pushing the boundaries Rogers and Costa were able to create some really special experiences, and prove that kids have no problem enjoying complex creativity.

Here’s a short chat with Johnny Costa (man, those fingers!) about what it was like to work on Mister Rogers Neighborhood:


Y/N didn’t make any friends until the third day or reception, spending the first two days sat in the corner colouring away, so when little Michael Clifford sat across from her with his two toy cars (one red and one blue) it was quite the surprise
“What’re drawin’?” He smiled brightly.
Y/N just smiled and shrugged pushing her paper to him
“It’s supposed to be a city with aliens attacking it but the colours are wrong”
“Well why don’t you do it in other colours” he was quick to respond, a small frown etching onto his face
“I don’t have any crayons” and with a shrug she just went back to her art
The pair didn’t talk until two days later when Michael came running up to the table, cars in one hand and a small, poorly wrapped package in the other.
“I thought we could colour together maybe today” he, more proposed than asked but it still brought a small smile to the face of the young girl
This was all Michael needed, in his eyes now, the two were best friends who would spend every moment together.
“This is for you” he rushed pushing the wrapped box toward the girl.
Tentatively, she unwrapped it to see a unopened, pristine 64 crayola crayon pack “so you have all the colours you need” he have a small lopsided smile and from that day on the pair were inseparable


“You wonna come over for tea? my mum said you could and we can even bake cakes!” The now 7 year old Michael (though more commonly, mikey) called to his friend Y/N as she waited alongside her mother in the playground before school started
Y/N’s eyes widened at the offer, quickly looking up at her mum for a ‘yes’
“Well I don’t see why not” came the warm smile from her parent who then began a conversation with the boys mother
“I got blue, red and green decorations cause I know you like them” mikey grinned taking his friends hand pulling them into the classroom, not forgetting to wave goodbye to their parents.
By 5pm the inseparable pair were covered in flour and edible glitter, giggling away as they sat on the bathroom floor instead of cleaning themselves up as they were supposed to
“Promise well be best friends forever” Michael all but demanded in a soft voice
“Yeah, 'course we will!” came Y/N’s soft reply
“Good, cause I got this” there it was, the devious smile he got when he came up with one of his schemes. Holding up a simple ring “but don’t worry, my mum said I could have it” he added quickly knowing y/n would certainly not approved of him taking it without permission


Loose tie, no blazer and scruffy hair. That’s how Mikey turned up to his first day if year 7. Pristine white shirt, slightly oversized blazer and knee length skirt. Y/N was quite the opposite and yet they still managed to be best friends, getting split up into different lessons or a seating plan was their worst nightmare. They’d barley ever let anyone into their alliance but on the 5th day on the new school year. 11 year old Calum hood introduced himself, quickly becoming the pairs third member and new friend. Flirting to his hearts content with y/n untill the next year when he realised he wasn’t getting anywhere.
Luke came about in year 10, turning the trio into a foursome and bringing music into the scene


Prom was all the rage, albeit most people had dates already Y/N was sure set in not going
“I don’t like anyone besides you guys and you’ve got dates so I’ll be alone half the time!” She would constantly protest
“Come on, you know that won’t happen y/n” Michael was the one who wanted her to come more than the others
“Stop trying to make me change my mind, I’m not going” it was obvious to most that the still young girl was going through changes. The 16 year old was growing into a young woman, but at a slower pace than anyone else she knew, she still had the body of an adolescent causing her to be self-conscious. That was the problem with being friends with 3 boys, they were boys, not very sensitive, oblivious to even the slightest of feminine things.
“I’m not going anymore, to prom, that is” Michael mumbles into his best friends shoulder blade as they cuddled on his couch watching spongebob
“Why not?” Came her soft reply. Moment like these were rare, just the two if them.
“Don’t want to go without you”
“No, your my best friend, sure Luke and Calum are too but you’ve been there since I can remember. I mean come on, you still wear my mums ring” he sighed
The pair didn’t move for a good half hour. Michael was almost asleep when y/n’s voice interrupted
“I’ll go, as long as you don’t abandon me when we get there for some girl” she muttered
“I wouldn’t dream of it” he mumbled as the two fell fast asleep


Walking around her flat in nothing but a 5sos jumper and her underwear was not uncommon for y/n. By this time the band (now including ashton, a new friend) had a large following and had even toured with the world famous boy band One Direction
“Movie night? Just the two if us, like old times” Michael stood at the door holding up a bag of foreign sweets and three of y/n’s favourite movies.
Tears welled up in her vision
“God I missed you!” She all but yelled flinging her arms around the boy
“I realised something when I was gone” he muttered, the items now on the floor so he could wrap his arms securely around his friend
“I don’t ever want to leave you behind again, y/n, I’m pretty sure I’m completely and madly in live with you”
Love was something y/n had thought about. How, if she got into a relationship she would want it to be like her relationship with Michael, how she wanted a best friend. After all, that’s how she saw couples, best friends who were more intimate and therefor had came to the conclusion long before this interaction she she indeed, was also in love with her friend of 14 years
“I live you too mikey”
He needed no more, cupping her face in sheer joy, love and compassion he pressed their lips together


“When I first met Y/N and Michael, I couldn’t understand how close they were, if never been that close a friend with anyone before and it sort of baffled me. When we were about 16-17, Michael had mentioned how he thought he had feelings for her and it all made sense. It’s like, when you don’t know what true love is, you can’t spot it. So when he told me this it was like "yep, yep, I get it now!” Eventually Luke found out and then Ashton and we came up with a plan to set them up. It didn’t work, failed miserably actually, the two of them didn’t even know it had happened. Actually, I think this is the first time they heard about it. Regardless, I couldn’t see them with anyone else now, they’re perfect for each other" Calum’s speach had somehow brought tears to Y/N’s eyes. After seeing Michael and Calum himself release each other from their hug she took him tightly in her arms
“Do you realise how god damn beautiful you look today” the pair swayed on the dancefloor. Ashton and Luke dancing like dads, drunk of their asses at the bar while Calum was hailed into a dance with Ashton’s little sister “I’m so lucky to have you”
“Trust me, you look just as handsome too” she laughed softly
“I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, watching you grow only and ugly and stuck with little bald me cause trust me love, you really are stuck with me” he smirked looking down at his now wife
“And I wouldn’t have it any other way”

Gahhhh, cheesy ending and I’m not that sure if I like it but I wanted to write something. It seemed like a much better idea in my head but I’m not that good of a writer.
I’d live any feedback from it and so yeah, hope you like it :)

fatherbaldur  asked:

how would hancock act in our time

You and Hancock are out at a store. He goes to the bathroom. 20 minutes later, he’s not back. You go to the bathroom (fortunately it is unisex) and he is absolutely fucked up high. Where did he even get that bong? You try to convince him to leave the store with you. He wants you to smoke with him. You say no. Absolutely not? In a public bathroom? You’re out of your mind, John. You find yourself smoking in the bathroom with him. Damn you, Hancock, for being so persuasive.

On the other hand, as you’re leaving the store, he sees a man yelling at his son. The kid wants to buy a coloring book. The man says drawing is for girls and little gay kids, and he didn’t raise no gay boy. The boy is crying. Hancock body slams the guy into oblivion and buys the kid the coloring book and some crayola crayons. The 64 pack, because you can’t fuck around when it comes to coloring, you need to fuck that page up with every hue known to man. You kiss his cheek for being kind and he blushes and says it was no big deal, but he wouldn’t mind more kisses.

evanst*n is what happens when two nice quiet kids who get along reasonably well are put together as project partners because the teacher just assumes they’re best friends even though they don’t really talk outside of school and they were both hoping to get paired with the outgoing funny dude on the other side of the room because he has the crayola 64 pack and his mom packs him good snacks