craymen  asked:

Hi! One of the cutie samoyeds in my neighborhood has a cone of shame on. Has Skookum ever had to wear one?

Poor guy! Yep Skookum wore one when he chopped his little balsie walsies off, he kept trying to lick the stitches so we got him this soft cone that’s more comfortable and a little flexible so he didn’t knock (quite) as much stuff over!


Just got my strategy guide in the mail. I expected it to get here tomorrow instead of today, but I’m glad it got here earlier than I expected. A few minutes ago, I accidentally ran into my mom because I was walking around in her room looking at that page with Craymen on it.

I assume that one picture to the left is Craymen when he was younger, but I’m not 100% sure since I can’t read Japanese. If so, I definitely prefer him looking older.

Well, I may be getting a Craymen plushie after all. I talked to my mom about it. I commissioned it from someone on Etsy. I feel more comfortable asking someone on there than someone on DeviantArt. I won’t be ordering a canvas print this month because this plushie costs about the same amount.

The person who makes the plushies is also close by. She’s in Atlanta.

I’ll probably be checking Etsy all day to see if she replies back, because I’m very excited.