The episode ends with some lovely art, Rue/Crayhe (still quite unsure on this name, but I worry looking thinks up will expose me to spoilers) having a bit of a breakdown and then saying she will take what she wants by force, and a lot of crows. Honestly, Rue reminds me of a parent having to face a child who has grown up and no longer is dependent and now has close ties to people outside the family. Some parents deal with that very well, of course, but some do not. I really can’t see her interest in the prince as romantic love.

I think we’re setting things up to want all of the characters to wind up with happy endings, even if those endings aren’t the ones they wanted. The antagonists are too sympathetic to be simple villains. I like that. There are some real people that do seem utterly awful, but most people aren’t. Most people are just confused people muddling through life trying to do their best.