cray paper



sorry I was so late for this cause up until now i still don’t know who’d take Navy’s place for the next perilette & paper lazuli ‘episode’ HALP

Welp I just printed off a test sheet to see how accurate the scaling is within my art program to my printer! So I did the test run with the line art of the button designs I’m testing with! (Yay it’s a 1:1 ratio!) But here, so everyone can see who’ve I’m made into a button design. 

 Ok… From left to right, top to bottom- the creators of these characters are: Myself, @cereusblue, @feth, @cartoonimal, @askinfresh, @reyindee, @weezy-pup, @little-noko, @azraeltree, and @skoopskoop

Holy moly that’s a lot of tags. 0_0

(and the weird filter is on there for reasons -_-)