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What's your ideal man? Ps you are sweetest lady ever and I could watch you all day:) xxx

Hmmmmm good question. 

My ideal man is strong willed with good morals and a kind heart. He is protective without being smothering. He can make me laugh and will lol even when my jokes aren’t funny. He doesn’t mind when I have a big cry and is patient when I’m moody. He loves adventures and will hold my hand on them all. He is happy to stay out the extra hour at night to have fun, even if it means he’s tired the next day. He is open minded to my cray cray job. He accepts that I have had a past. He works hard and has ambition. He is smart and can solve problems. 

He will love me for all my foibles and encourage me in all the things that matter for my life. He will allow me to love him completely. He will be kind, gentle and caring to Darcy. He will respect Matt. My ideal man will FaceTime me goodnight and text good morning and be interested in my day. He’ll enjoy that I’m interested in his day and want to be a part of it. He will value my time and energy and won’t lie to me or conceal things from me. He will accept that shopping, cats and Downton Abbey are all worthy hobbies.

Ideally, he will be tall, with kind eyes and nice lips and dark hair you can run your fingers through. He’ll think curves on a woman are sexy and will be proud to tell his friends and family about me. 

If you find this man, pur-lease send him my way and I’ll let you be a bridesmaid at the wedding hahahaa. 


“Your Bracelet,“ she said. "Acheronta movebo.’ It doesn’t mean ‘Thus always to tyrants.’ That’s 'sic semper tyrannis.’ This is from Virgil. 'Flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo.’

If I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.” 

Can I tell you how cray cray I am for Tay Tay it’s so much that I can’t even say say and she makes my day day. I really like it that way way so don’t say say that she’s not our bae bae or you will pay pay cause we’ll go cray cray for Tay Tay all day day.

why do I do this



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hey Cherry, sorry to bother you, but what lipstick are you wearing in your latest selfies? it looks so pretty! x

i’m wearing the stila lipstain! i forget what shade it’s in D: but it’s like the reddest one u can finD LMFAO  

is it just me or are you wearing Quay My Girl sunglasses????? :D

nOPE i’m wearing aldo accessories shades LMFAO <3 they were like 2 for $20 and it was #noice 

cherry <3 you’re so gorgeous!!!! i have a question for you. so i just tried putting on liquid eyeliner for the first time and i fucked it up so bad my hand couldn’t stay steady at all and then it took forever to get it off. do you have any tips? yours is always on point :D

sldkfjsdi thaNK T^T makeup helps a lot tbh HAHAH okay–first off, dont start with liquid–start with pencil, and then gel, cause liquid is a BITCH and i still ????? with it most of the time LOL so work your way up to it. pencil is the hardest to fuck up tbh but it smears, gel is slightly better, liquid is the hardest. 

i think the trick is legit just to practice a ton? and it also depends on what “style” of line you want? i do the wing cause i like sharpass wings – so i’d start from the corner of my eye and make a flick on either side that goes up towards where my eyebrows end and then I would go backwards from there :) there are LOADS of tutorials on youtube you can watch tbh and like google images and pinterest that have like nice pic by pic thingies on how to do them and that’s honestly how i learned to do my liner? trust me, it wasn’t pretty when i first started doing it LOL so just !! practice a lot and don’t be afraid to fuck up ! :D 


LMFAO makeup and HUGE shades ;D 

Can I tell you how cray cray I am for Tay Tay it’s so much that I can’t even say say and she makes my day day. I really like it that way way so don’t say say that she’s not our bae bae or you will pay pay cause we’ll go cray cray for Tay Tay all day day.

why do I do this

Day two

A day had passed since Pit had first been turned into a vampire. He was starving. He hadn’t moved from his room all day, and in a bit of a panic after forgetting his situation this morning, was in a circle of broken glass. Because of that, he couldn’t see his physical changed. Yesterday, the change from angel to vampire had been very subtle, but today, it was a little more obvious that something had changed. His eyes had gone from a glowing, bright blue, to a darker shade. They still glowed, but now they had darkened into a sort of deep oceanic color. His teeth had sharpened to the point where it was a little hard to close his mouth without poking and injuring himself. Even his ears had changed. They were sharpening a bit at the tips.

Last night, Pit had found that he was able to leave his room when the sun had gone down. That had probably been his opportunity to eat, but when he had gotten close to someone, his normal self had kicked in and he had ran away. Even if he was hungry, he’d wait until it was one hundred percent necessary and he was on the brink of starvation before he hurt someone. What kind of hero hurt someone on purpose? Definitely not Pit, that’s for sure. Already, Pit knew it was going to be a long, long five more days.