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 Hello friends, Here’s another Caleb rambling post!! This subject regards these panels and the relationship between Toshiro and Matsumoto. Now in these panels, Toshiro is talking about how it’s great that there’s been peace for ten years. He’s smiling, expressing his contentment around his peers. Then you see a panel of Rangiku looking at him in a form of admiration? Proudness?

 As you all know, Rangiku encountered Toshiro back in the Rukongai district, Jurinan. Back then he was nothing but a snot - nosed brat with an attitude. —— She’s the ONE who guided him in becoming a soul reaper as  to forbear his  grandmother’s death. Then a YEAR later he becomes her third seat. Then a few YEARS after that he becomes her captain. — Rangiku has been there, Watching Toshiro’s progress since the very beginning of his soul reaper venture. She’s seen his growth. She’s seen him get out of his shell little by little. She’s  seen him  become this amazing leader && you can see it in her eyes that she’s proud of him. 

 He’s stuck by her for so long, to boot && has proven that he wouldn’t leave her behind anytime soon. It makes me happy because, despite the stress  these two give each other, they are  jovial and recognizes each other’s improvements or negative flaws. They’ve been through so much together and survived it as though nothing as even occurred. They teased HISAGI as a team and I loved that moment. Anyway; The point of this post is… Rangiku is proud of her captain’s development just as we are and her panel, to me, expresses that so clearly.  ♥


i was tagged by the lovely @you-got-noo-jams to do the selfie like your bias tag! thank you so much and sorry i took so long to post~~ i still have one more round of the selfie like your bias tag to go and a couple of army and other bias tags to accomplish as well♡