cray man

Whoever said INFPs were the emo ones

No but like if you hate on Rhack why are you not also blaring your unnecessary horn about how Rhys was a HARDCORE FAN of Jack despite knowing EXACTLY what Jack was like and what a ruthless murderer he was. So by default you must therefore hate Rhys and be very shocked/saddened/enraged by what a “disgusting”/“wrong-minded”/“abuse-fan” Rhys is.


no one has a problem with Rhys….

….Although he idolises a canonical psychopath…
…tell me………..where the sense is………..

And where the hate…….should be……in the Rhys tag…..

So stop pls

Also like have you seen the Hannibal fandom shipping Will and Hannibal I mean come on dudes a cannibal you don’t see me vomiting a shit storm their way LET PEOPLE ENJOY WHAT THEY WANT

i don’t cry when I see shit I don’t like in tags
I do a thing


To all my Ichiruki shipmates, my fam:

I never thought I was gonna have to write this post, tbh 😂 

It seems like Kubo has chosen to write an end that wasn’t consecutive to the story he’s been telling for 15 years. That he did a disservice to both Ichigo and Rukia’s characters. That he’s sidelined not only Rukia but their relationship for the last 4 years. 

Well my friends. Kubo can’t take away what he’s built for so many years. He wanna erase what Ichiruki means to so many of us? He can’t! I don’t care if the man went cray and wrote that shitty ending forreal or if he planned to shut ichiruki down all these years. Because he didn’t get to do it! No interaction for years and all we’re still the biggest, most prolific fandom in the Bleach community. 

Ichigo and Rukia are bigger than that. 

I really tried to keep it together all this time and I was so wrong about Kubo’s intent. He shitted on his own work, all those 15 years of development meant shit to him. I want to congratulate the ships that were confirmed. You got the last chapter. But I have 685+ chapter to back what I still think is the most wonderful relationship.

if you wanna be upset or mad or sad you’re totally entitled to and I won’t stop you if you don’t wanna have anything else to do with this ship. But if you wanna stay, things won’t change over here. 19 pages of a chapter can’t compete against hundreds of chapters and thousands of fanworks, this last thing is what kept and will keep the fandom alive. I will be here like I’ve been all these years to pay tribute to the most wonderful relationship ever.

Oh, and you won’t see anything about the last chapter on this blog. I’m rejecting it -won’t be the first time-. This is BS free zone.

Love u all, haters gonna hate etc.