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You must trust this person, and do whatever that must be done to live!

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I'm Sorry Part 4


Idle climbed the last set of stairs as he finally reached the rooftop. Going up was tiring especially when you have a backpack.

Idle sighed and opened the heavy rooftop door. He remembers this place.

“At least she got her happy ending…?”

He could still remember Colonna’s smile when she said that. It’s what inspired him to write more stories.

“Hey, Idle!” Colonna waved, sitting on a bench nearby.

“Hey, Colly!” Idle smiled.

“Remember this place, Idle?” She looked down, reminiscing the past.

“Yup. Thank you.” Idle said.

“For what?” Colonna wondered.

“I was inspired to write more stories when you suggested it. Remember?” Idle looked at her.

“For only one suggestion? Oh, please. Does a small suggestion affect so much?” Colonna raised her eyebrows.

“Yes. And I thank you for it.” Idle said.

Colonna looked down as a few tears strayed down her cheeks. “Thank you, Idle.” She hugged Idle tightly.

“Colonna? Did I say something wrong?” Idle said in worry.

“No. No, you didn’t. Just….” Colonna released her hug. “Thanks for being my friend. Despite everything.” Colonna was starting to have doubts in her plan. Why did she choose the rooftop again? It will make her regret this decision.

“Here. These are homemade cookies.” Colonna pointed her thumb at her. “My specialty.”

“Thanks.” Idle said as he opened. “Can’t wait to try it.”


“Almost there, guys!” Siren shouted.

“Right behind you!” Cray shouted back.

“We need to hurry or it’ll be too late!” Fresh panicked.

“Kindly explain?” Cray frowned.

“We have no time!” PaperJam said.

He and Siren pushed the heavy door of the rooftop and got out.

Once it was fully open, they saw Idle on the west part, hugging Colonna.

“We need to hurry!” Cil ran and opened the doors for them. Fastest way from east to west is the south hall. Since the shape of their school is like an upside down trapezoid, then it’s faster on the south hall.

“Oh no! Colonna gave him something!” Swifty panicked.

“Let’s go!”


“You sure you don’t want some?” Idle asked.

“Nah. I’m good. I just want you to try it.” Colonna said.

“It doesn’t have a weird ingredient, does it?” Idle closed his eyes, acting like he’s inspecting it with a giggle.

“What? Of course, not. What do you take me for?” Colonna acted offended.

“A friend who likes to feed friends with food that has weird ingredients.”

“Hey! I’m not that cruel!” Colonna pouted.

“Yes, you are. Remember the choco with frog meat?” Idle complained.

“Of course, I do. And Xahji avenged for you through mashmallow with pig feet.”

The two of them laughed.


“Why are they laughing?” Fresh wondered.

“I dunno.” Siren frowned.

“Maybe… False alarm?” PaperJam said.

“No! Fika would never lie about this!” Cray protested.

“Then let’s keep going.” Dance said as they headed for the last door. Which is locked.

“Great! Just GREAT!” Cil said irritated.

“So. Very. Great.” Siren kept banging himself against the wooden door, hoping to destroy it.

“Guys, let’s help Siren.” Dance also pushed against the door.

While PaperJam kept punching it in a tantrum.

“Guys, I see a poison bottle in Colonna’s pocket!” Swifty shouted.

“Oh no…..” Siren said and pushed at the door as hard as he can. “Idle!”


“I hope this tastes good.” Idle said as he picked up a cookie.

“Of course, it is. You will feel like you’re in heaven.” Colonna said. ‘Literally.’ She thought.

“Ok. I trust you on this.” Idle said as he opened his mouth to eat.


Just then, Siren and the others finally brought down the door.

“Idle, don’t!” Siren shouted as he grabbed Idle’s wrist to prvent him from eating it.

PaperJam, Cil, Cray and Dance tackled Colonna down to the ground.

“Siren? What’s the meaning of this?” Idle wondered.

“Good thing we got here in time. Colonna was about to poison you!” Fresh informed him.

“What?! But that’s not-” Idle started but Swifty cut him.

“Here is the poison.” Swifty took the bottle in Colonna’s pocket and threw it to Idle.

“Oh, Idle. I thought I’d lost you.” Siren hugged Idle who was stunned.

“Colonna? Is it true?” Idle looked ar her with sad eyes. His friend betrayed him?

“And so what if I did?!” Colonna shouted. “You took everything from me!” She was crying. And angry. With the hint for great envy. She only wanted to be with Siren.

“What do you mean, Colonna?” Idle asked conserned.

“Siren…..” Colonna looked at Siren with sad eyes. “He was supposed to be mine….” She let her head relax as she cried more. Her tears were staining the ground, the cookies long forgotten.

“She was behind all this.” Xahji said from behind them.

“Xahji! Snazzy!” Swifty said.

“Is your leg ok now?” Fresh asked.

“More or less.” She showed her leg to them which now has a bandage.

“We found out that Colonna was behind all that happened to Idle.” Snazzy said.

“The time where Siren found Idle all beaten up.” Xahji started. “We looked for the culprit in Snazzy’s class and asked for the caller’s number. He was still pretty spooked but he gladly gave it to us.” She explained and continued.

“I thought that the number was familiar but I didn’t stop yet. That time when someone destroyed Idle’s things.” Xahji stopped and lwt Snazzy continue the rest.

“I somehow managed to force it out the three of them. They gave me a crucial clue during the ‘interview’. They said that sounded like she was a classmate of theirs.” Snazzy crossed his arms.

“Xahji scrolled down her phone and finally saw a matching number. The number actually belonged to Colonna.” Snazzy said and glared down at her.

“And all those times where Idle was involved….” Xahji’s fist tightened.

“It was all her?” Swifty looked at Colonna with a mix of fear, hate and remorse. Where is the sweet, cheerful Colonna they once knew?

But the grips on Colonna loosened up a bit which gives her the opportunity to escape. Dance, Cil, Cray and PaperJam got knocked back by her incredible strength.

“So strong!” PaperJam groaned.

Colonna stood up, lifting her skirt up to reveal her trusty knife. She pulled it out of it’s sheathe.

“Siren-senpai noticed me…. At the worst time….” Colonna mumbled, her face covered in shadow. “I should have killed Fika from the start.” She looked at them, her left eye glowing a bright orange.

“Guys, be careful! She’s holding a weapon.” Xahji warned.

“Understood!” Everyone shouted in response.

Are you serious? You can never escape me!“ Colonna screamed.

“Colly, stop this!” Cray called for her.

“And why should I?” Colonna glared at him. Cray got scared and hid behind Cil.

“Y-you shouldn’t. Hurting others is bad!” Cil stuttered.

“Do you think I care? I already killed before!” Colonna bragged. She slashed her blade diagonally.

“This is dangerous! Stop this, please!” Dance called to her.

Colonna giggled creepily. “I think I’ll start with you.”

In a flash, Colonna was suddenly infront of Dance and slashed him across his stomach.

“Dance!” Xahji ran to him. “D, you ok?”

“J…. I’ll be fine….” Dance caressed her cheek. “I promise that I’m fine.”

“Xahji….” Dance looked behind her and saw Colonna ready to strike.

“Look out!” Dance shouted but it was to late. Colonna slashed down. They anticipated pain and blood but…. Xahji looked up and saw….

Oh no….

“Zee!” Xahji cought Snazzy as his arm bleeds rapidly. “Zee, please no…” Xahji hugged Snazzy and cried in his jacket. She looked at Colonna and widened her eye.

“Cry baby….” Snazzy teased as he felt Xahji push him down.


Colonna giggled as she licks the blood off of her knife.

“Poor Xahji….” Colonna sarcastically said. “Got her one good eye slashed by my knife.”

“Xahji… Xahji, oh my gosh….” Snazzy gasped.

“Zee…. I can’t see….” The blood was staining Snazzy’s jacket but he didn’t care. All he cares about is comforting his girlfriend.

“I’m right here, Xahji. I’m right here.” Snazzy hugged her tightly as she buries her head at the crook of his neck. “I gotcha.”

“We… Both do….” Dance was gripping his wound.

“We’re still not finished yet~” Colonna raised her arm to slash them again but PaperJam punched her in the face.

“Stay away from them.” PaperJam looked at her with hatred and anger.

“Or what?” Colonna teased.

“Or I’ll kill you!” PaperJam dashed to Colonna and was ready ro punch her but she dodged to the side.

“Kill me? How?” She said mockingly. “You can’t even land a punch on me.”

“Somehow….” PaperJam answered. In truth he is only buying time for Cil, Swifty and Cray to go to Dance, Xahji and Snazzy.

“Xahji, Snazzy, Dance!” Cil, Cray and Swifty ran to them while Colonna is busy fighting PaperJam.

“Oh my gosh… Xahji, your eye!” Cray touched Xahji’s eye. She hissed in pain. “Oops. Sorry…”

“Help me, please! I don’t wanna be blind…” Xahji begged.

“You will still see. I promise.” Cray assured her.

“Dance, oh my stars…. You’re bleeding!” Cil has a worried expression.

“I’ll be…. Fine….” Dance said, voice hoarse.

“No! You’re not fine!” Cil said.

“Prioritize Xahji… Please…” Dance begged.

“No… You should go first.” Xahji answered. “You suffered more than I did.”

“But J….”

“I’m perfectly fine… See? It’s just my eye….”

Dance didn’t answered but just nodded.

“What about Snazzy?” Xahji turned to him.

“I’m right here.” He pat Xahji’s head.

“I still can’t see you….” Xahji complained….

“He’s fine. It was just a scratch on his arm. Nothing unusual.” Swifty said calmly.

“How could you be so calm about this?” Cil asked.

“I am freaking out inside but I prefer to not show it.” Swifty responded.

“Oh…  I see…” Cray facepalmed.

“PJ, be careful!” They hear Fresh shout.

They look at the fight and it was very one-sided.

PaperJam already has many cuts and bruises but Colonna has none. That gal is skilled in fighting.

“Give up, PJ!” Colonna adviced him.

“Never!” PaperJam ran to Colonna and tried to punch her. But to no avail.

Colonna sent him flying to 5 feet away from her.

“PJ!!” Fresh ran as fast as he could to PJ. Colonna grinned and dashed.

Colonna raised her knife and slashed down.

Fresh screamed as he was cut diagonally across his back.

“Aaah!” Fresh stumbled and fell but PaperJam catched him.

“Fresh!” Idle and Cray ran for them to save them. But not before Colonna hits PaperJam.

She stabbed his left leg deeply while smiling crazily. She giggled as she hastily removed the knife that made PJ scream with pain.

“PJ….” Fresh mumbled before fainting.

Cil can’t stand to watch his brother and friends get murder by this…. Yandere! He was done. He won’t let his friends die because of her!

“Swifty….” Cil murmured before looking at his friend with glassy eyes. He doesn’t even bother to cover his blind eye anymore.

“Take care of them for me….” He asked and dashed to Colonna.

“Cil, no!” PaperJam tried to reach out to Cil but his injured leg hurt. He cain’t move even if he wanted to.

“Idiot.” Colonna smirked before she stabbed Cil on his right shoulder. Oh, how his screams were music to her ears.

“How stupid of you to try and attack me.” She pushed him down and stepped on his injured shoulder which made him scream louder. “Why even try?”

“Oh no…. Our friends are down…. What do we do?” Idle asked Siren as they slowly made their way to Swifty and the others.

“I…. Don’t know….” Siren looked down. “If only I had a weapon.”

Idle looked shocked at that. “W-what do you mean a weapon?”

Siren looked at Colonna and down at Cil. He can’t stand seeing her torture him anymore.

“Colly….” Idle looked at Colonna and ran to her.

“Idle, don’t!” Swifty shouted. Colonna look at his direction and smiled widely.

“Idle! It’s been a pleasure.” She faced him, completely abandoned Cil who’s slowly recovering from all the pain he’s feeling.

“Colly, let’s talk about this…” Idle stepped closer.

“Y'know, you should have let me kill you.” Colonna took a step forward. Cil took this chance to slowly stand up and sneak out of the rooftop.

“Colly?” Idle called for her. She didn’t answer and just raised her knife. “Don’t do this.”

“Too late.” She struck down but instead of Idle, she slashed….

“S….senpai?” Colonna regrets what she has done. She quickly dropped her knife as she lost her balance. She can’t believe that she slashed her very own senpai.

“Siren!” Siren fell down as there were many blood dripping down his chin.

“Idle….” He held Idle’s cheek. Idle’s tears were dropping to his face as he passed out.
Idle sighed and set Siren down with Swifty.

“My brothers….” Swifty murmured.

“Take care of them, Swifty. I’ll handle her.” Idle said to his best friend and walked to Colonna.

“I’m sorry…. I’m sorry…. I’m so so sorry….” Colonna kept apologizing to no one in particular. She looks straight at Swifty holding Siren. Her own tears are staining her now bloody dress.

“Colly?” Idle came close to Colonna and hugged her.

“Wha-” Colonna wondered. Why is he hugging her.

“I…. Forgive you…” Idle hugged Colonna tighter.

Her tears bursted again, flowing endlessly. But she can not live with the guilt of having to have hurt her senpai… And almost killing her closest friends…. She gives up.

She sees the shine of her very bloody knife. As she thought of something.

She slowly took it and pulled it between the two of them.

She repeatedly apologized over and over and over again. Idle noticed, of course. He noticed Colonna’s change in movement.

“I’m…. Sorry…. Idle….” Her last words before stabbing the knife.

Idle gasped, eyes widening.

“Colonna… You….” Idle slowly let go of the hug to confirm it. He felt it. He definitely felt it.

He felt Colonna stab the knife to herself. She gave one last smile before falling front.

Oh no…..

Please, no…..


“What happened here?!” The voice of Error was suddenly heard. Idle and Swifty looked at him, seeing that he has companions. Palette, Goth, Qiull, Mr. Ink and Mr. Nightmare were with him.

“Mr. Error… I….” Idle’s tears have gone dry. His pupils have no emotions at all. His different colors are completely drained to gray.

“Call Ambulance. Now.” Ink commanded to his son.

He last saw was Nightmare going to him.

Hey… Can you hear me?


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Fic by @kojo-asuka127

Mun: DDUHHHHHHHHHRRRMMM!!!!! *flips table* WHYHYYYY!!?!??!?

NAJ, Collona by @blogthegreatrouge
Idle by @reyindee
Siren, Swifty, Snazzy by Me


WESTWORLD | 1.04 | Hector & Maeve

Now, my lovely friend, what deal is it you wanna make?

nobody was posting solrezi so i decided to take initiative and just draw the dang ship myself 

oh god the anatomy is all so wrong isn’t it

Random Pezberry Thought of the Day #81

“I’m reading.”

“Oh, c’mon.” Leaning her head back, pressing it into Rachel’s thigh, Santana grinned up at her roommate. “You’ve been hiding yourself away for weeks now.” She pouted. “I needs my clubbin’ buddy. Who else will hold my crap if stuff gets cray?”

Rachel rolled her eyes. “I’m sure you’d have plenty of admirers willing to.”

Raising her hand and closing one eye, Santana slowly, and waveringly, poked Rachel’s nose, her arm pushing Rachel’s magazine back, into her chest. “Stop deflecting,” she hummed, “Or does Auntie ‘Tana have to pull out the big guns?”

“Excuse me,” Rachel batted Santana’s hand away. “I was reading that.”

“Sweetie, with my head on your lap, I’m sure you could barely concentrate.”

Clearing her throat, Rachel ruffled her magazine. “Your attempts to derail my thought processes by insisting on talking to me have been distracting, yes.”

Santana smirked. She rapped her fingers on her stomach. “And how does that sound familiar, hmm?”

Rachel ignored her. “Aside from that, your head in my lap’s just…” She shrugged, “Warm. That’s all.” She turned the page in her magazine. “A presence.”

Santana’s eyebrows rose. “Hmm. And we both know how long it’s been since you’ve had a presence between your legs.” Shifting, rolling a little with her arm ending up on Rachel’s lap and her knees bent on the couch under her, she smirked up at the face Rachel made. “Another reason to go out with me! Find someone to unkink all the prude out of your formerly virginal and sweater-clad body. Wait.” Her eyes traveled down Rachel’s chest. “Still wearing sweater body.” She sighed. “Really?”

“It was chilly today!” Pushing herself back, and pulling her legs out from under Santana, Rachel huffed. “Another reason I would rather not go out.” Giving Santana a pointed look, she shook her head and went back to her magazine. 

Sighing, Santana pushed her hair behind her ear, sinking back into the cushion next to Rachel. “You know, if you’re cold,” she drawled, “Sex’s good for that, too.”

“I’m still not going.”

Santana narrowed her eyes. She shifted to face Rachel again. “Fine. Forget potential cray. What if I said I needs my wingbabe?”

“Again, I’m sure some of your many admirers would be happy to fill in or volunteer.”

Reaching out, Santana snagged the top of Rachel’s magazine, pulling it down. “You’re awfully concerned with my ‘admirers’, Rache,” she stated. “I’s not asking them. I’m asking you.”

Rachel pulled her magazine back, almost slapping it down as she glared mildly at Santana. “I know you’re asking me. All I’m doing is trying to redirect you by reminding you what other prospects you have. I truly do not wish to go out tonight, Santana. That’s all.” When Santana didn’t seem mollified, she sighed. “Please. Go out. Have fun. But without me. Today’s my scheduled downtime. Did you even look at the calendar?” At Santana’s expression, she rolled her eyes. “Santana! We have that calendar for a reason!”

Fine. Don’t say I never listen to you,” Santana stood up after more protests and attempts to sway Rachel’s mind were unsuccessful, shaking her head and crossing her arms; walking over towards the kitchen and the calendar, she called back over her shoulder as she grabbed up the hanging pen, “But just know I’m schedulin’ club time on your next free day! And you will be excited!”

The Story of Spray Cray

Might want to see this before reading to get a understanding of how Cray was ‘born’.

Cray was just a baby when Fresh started to give him off to people to watch him as his father went off. Cray would always be happy to see his father come back, even as a baby who didn’t understand. Though it wouldn’t be long before Fresh dropped him off at a new person’s house to be watched.
This first time Cray cried was when Fresh had left him with Toriel of Outertale. She agreed whole heartily to watch the small skeleton child. Of course Cray took to her quickly because of her mother like aura. It started off a peaceful day with Toriel baking in the kitchen and Cray on the floor. He looked down at his scribble proudly and excited to show his father. “Da! Da!” Cray looked around happily. He then remembered Fresh had left him here with the nice lady. He then looked down at the picture and was no longer happy. He instead began to cry. This was the first time Cray felt very lonely.

After that day Cray tried his hardest to go out to find his father. Though his sitter would stop him but he kept trying. His attempts got better as he grew older, though he didn’t age like normal skeletons. He aged a bit quicker over the span of three years. Once he reached three years old he looked more of the age of seven. Though he stop aging quickly after his third birthday.
He decided he was old enough to try to find his ‘mother’. His father was vague when he describe his ‘mother’. Cray assumed he was meaning it to be a surprise when he met his ‘mother’ but really Fresh was unsure if Cray would ever meet Paperjam.
Cray had being practicing his magic little bit on the side when no one was around. Though he couldn’t due much he did learn to make portals. One night he sneaked out from his sitter’s house and made a portal, hoping it would lead him to his ‘mother’.

Though this was a very bad idea because Cray knew not where the portals lead to, just that they were safe to go through. At first he went to familiar places that he had been before. He knew his ‘mother’ was around any of these places so he tried harder to make the portal go somewhere he hadn’t before.
And it worked. He landed in world he’d never seen before, but there was something very wrong with the world. Cray began to look around but found no one around. The only thing he saw was dust, though Cray wasn’t sure why there was so much dust. He just kept walking until he made it to the castle. He wasn’t sure if his ‘mother’ was in there but it was worth a try.
As he entered the castle he heard voices. He was excited that he finally found someone, he began to walk to the noise. Cray came upon a skeleton talk to no one else. It was like it was talking to someone but there was no one there. The skeleton quickly turned to Cray. Of course recognize the skeleton as Sans from all the other Sans he had met. Though this Sans was grinning creepy like at him and his eye glowed a dark purple color.
Cray began to back away from the Sans but this made the other teleport in front of him quickly.
“Look here Papyrus we have a guest.” Sans grinned manically. The Sans then scanned Cray up and down. “You’re a weakly aren’t you? You only have half a soul but you’re still functioning.” Sans said curiously. “I wonder….” Sans brought out several bones the were sharped. “What color do you bleed?”
Cray began to panic. He was unsure what Sans was doing but he knew it was bad. But Cray was trapped and to scared to make a portal. Suddenly the bones rushed at him and his eye widen as it flared up with purple magic.

The ink on the scarf deflected the attacks. This just made Sans laugh as he got for more attacks. Even as far as to summon some gaster blasters. Cray stared in fear as tear of ink streamed down his face. He knew he wouldn’t be able to block this attack. He stared to cry as he watch the gaster blasters charge up. As they fired their attack Cray closed his eyes but nothing had happened. He then opened his eyes to see a tall figure standing in from of him.
“Tch you’re no fun” Sans growled at the new stranger.
The stranger stared at the Sans calmly and bravely. “Out of respect for my father I will let you live, for now. But touch this boy again and I’ll show you how I use to deal with AUs like yours.” He glared down at the Sans with a warning.
That was the last thing Cray remember before he passed out. That was the first time he met his Papa (mother).

man sex with doctor strange has to be like off the walls bananas good right? like. he can literally make you see stars or fireworks when you climax. or if you want to fly through space and whizz past stars while you do the do he can do that too. did you want to literally have sex on a rainbow? he will take you to an alternate universe where rainbows are just corporeal enough for sex to happen on them. wow.