NEW MCAT. Well, not soo  new.[2016]

So far,here is what I have learned about this process:

  1. Study Materials: Do NOT underestimate Kaplan. Kaplan came out with a biochem book that just put khan academy to shame so hard. I am cross referencing with kaplan as my primary source- that is how good it is. I also heard this from other people on the interwebz who did well.
  2. On resources: We live in a time where we almost have tooo many resources- this can make it hard to pick and choose. But, simplify and stick to one set of books knowing you may have to go to another book/source if you are weak on a subject. But,don’t try to do it all- there just isn’t enough time.
  3. Spaced Repetition: Trust me, I continue to try to get better at this so my comments with a grain of salt. It is SO EASY to forget stuff I read 3 days ago. Look back at the concepts you learned last as you move on to the next-just for shits and giggles to see if you remember. What I am doing now is going through different concepts and as I get deeper into next concept, I will start to make flashcards on stuff from the last concepts to jog my memory/form of review/making flashcards to review later. [ for you techie incline people, Anki  program-google it-is great for this] Personally, I am as old school as they come- pen and paper <3.
  4. Mental Game: Honestly, it took me quite a bit-maybe a month- to get the intimidation factor out of my system. I am somewhat prone to be anxious BUT I know even those who aren’t as prone go through this. Assign some time to get this out of your system. The hard work is the easier part. The mental game is the hard part. I tried to get opinions from like everyone and anyone- and it drove me insane for a bit. Gather some opinions-some- and formulate your own plan from it all without trying to over complicate things.
  5. Stay healthy: Again, I am working on this. I am good at the eat healthy part but need to go work out more. Staying healthy will not only keep stress at bay but also put you in a positive mood. It can either be a great way to start your day or a great way to get a pick me up in the middle of the day to continue on to the next half of the day. Drink Water!

disclaimer: I am a newbie at mcat studying but thought I would share what I have experience and stole time away from me. hope this helps some of you guys out there!