have it your way peps~ (~=7=)~
finally got to express his actuall personality lmao

like I said; feel free to ship him w/ anyone! <33

Timber by @wolfy4rt
PJ by @7goodangel
Cray by @weezy-pup
Outertale!Sans by @2mi127
Lilith by @insane-ej-blog

it had been a really long time since i drew aj and she really wanted to see cray so tada!

I feel like she really loves her other dimension brother and would cling to him alot especially around new people

Aj belongs to me (kinda i still feel weird claming that shes mine even though i didint make her lol)

Cray belongs to @weezy-pup


I got bored so have some shipping art :’D
Based on these songs:
-Andy Grammar “Fresh Eyes”
-5SOS “Girls Talk Boys”
-Jason Derulo “The Other Side”
-Nightcore “Fuck U Betta”
-Minature Tigers “Like or Like Like”
Fell!Goth (Pepper) and Goth belong to @nekophy
Lust!Goth belongs to me
Swap!Goth (Sugar) belong to @blogthegreatrouge
Palette and Fell!Palette (Pudding) belong to @angexci
Spray Cray belongs to @weezy-pup