I got bored so have some shipping art :’D
Based on these songs:
-Andy Grammar “Fresh Eyes”
-5SOS “Girls Talk Boys”
-Jason Derulo “The Other Side”
-Nightcore “Fuck U Betta”
-Minature Tigers “Like or Like Like”
Fell!Goth (Pepper) and Goth belong to @nekophy
Lust!Goth belongs to me
Swap!Goth (Sugar) belong to @blogthegreatrouge
Palette and Fell!Palette (Pudding) belong to @angexci
Spray Cray belongs to @weezy-pup

Suddenly, Palette raises his knife to meet Cray’s neck. He stares up at the older skeleton, eyes glinting dangerously. “This is my only warning. Stay away from Goth, or things will get messy.”

Cray chuckles, looking down at the knife then to Palette. “You’re crazy.”
“No shit sherlock i’m holding a knife to your throat.” Palette retorts back, glaring daggars at him.

“No, not just that. You’re crazy if you think i’ll back down so easily.” Cray smirks, enjoying the anger seeping through Palette.
More Yandere!Palette!! :D
This time he confronts Cray, his only remaining rival
Hmmm, maybe I should make a Yandere Sim! crossover with these kids X3
Ah well, just have this photo and a snippet of writing for now -w-
Palette belongs to @angexci
Cray belongs to @weezy-pup

it had been a really long time since i drew aj and she really wanted to see cray so tada!

I feel like she really loves her other dimension brother and would cling to him alot especially around new people

Aj belongs to me (kinda i still feel weird claming that shes mine even though i didint make her lol)

Cray belongs to @weezy-pup